War of the Television show worlds, by Androidfish7

First off, let me tell you how this all started. One day, back way long ago, the characters from "Jimmy Neutron" invaded the characters from "Spongebob Squarepants", and took them completely off guard, and with their AK47s, the characters from Jimmy Neutron won rather easily, combating the enemy. In the battle, Carl Wheezer was killed by a grenade Squidward Tentacles had thrown, and on the Spongebob Squarepants side, Jim the Fry Cook was killed by a headshot from an AK47. I will retell the battle that happened after that point, where there are still plenty soldiers on both sides, leaving for a good and long chapter.

Jimmy Neutron put a breaching charge on Squidward's door to his Tiki house, where he knew Squidward would be waiting, with his M82 Sniper Rifle, with anything else Squidward had. Cindy Vortex went to the other side of the door, with the charge, and pulled the charge, but when they knocked the door down, Squidward had planted at least a dozen blocks of C4, and he pulled the charge, which sent Jimmy and Cindy flying backward, as Squidward dashed to grab his Beretta M12 SMG he had placed on the floor above, and when he got down, Jimmy and Cindy were still dazed from the explosion, and Squidward took aim at them, when he realized one thing. "Those are decoys!" Thought Squidward, as he tossed a Flashbang grenade at the decoys, and they exploded, taking off half of his house, as Squidward was forced to run out of the house, Beretta M12 still in hand, as he dashed out of the house, as it crumbled. Squidward then saw a huge RPG shot soar right over his head! "Mr Squidward! RPG! Get down!" Mr Krabs yelled, as he, for some reason, was apparently here. Mr Krabs took out his Death Adder, and put a bullet right in Cindy Vortex's head, as apparently Cindy was sneaking up on Squidward with a knife. Cindy's head exploded as the body fell to the ground. Mr Krabs and Squidward then jumped to the ground, as another RPG Shot missed them ever so barely. "What do we do?" Squidward asked. Mr Krabs grabbed an SVD Dragunov out of a backpack he was carrying. "This is what we do" said Mr Krab, as he crawled into plain sight, but the RPG user was too far away to notice this. Squidward jumped up to grab the RPG user's attention, then hit the deck again, as another RPG shot was fired, and from this, Mr Krabs found the user in his scope, and pulled the trigger, right on the user's head. The user was later identified to be Hue Neutron, Jimmy's dad. "Good job Mr Squidward! Let's move, quick! Before they steal me money!" Mr Krabs cried, as they ran to the Krusty Krab. They found there, Goddard, Jimmy's robotic pet dog, was looting all the money out of Mr Krabs' safe, along with the secret formula for Krabby Patties. Mr Krabs tossed an MK3A2 Concussion Grenade at Goddard's spot, and Goddard whimpered a bit, as the grenade exploded, sending robotic parts flying in all different directions. "That's what you get for touching me money!" Mr Krabs yelled. Spongebob then came running into Mr Krabs' office. 'What's happening Mr Krabs?" Spongebob shouted. "A lot more than an invasion from Plankton" Mr Krabs said, as if on cue, the Chum Bucket exploded, apparently from an RPG shot from a different user. At that moment, Jimmy kicked the door down of the Krusty Krab, with an M249 SAW, and began strafing, as all of his bullets hit Spongebob like an MMA Fighter hits a punching bag, as Mr Krabs slammed his door, and they dove behind his desk, as Jimmy busted that door down. "Nobody hurts, or even kills Goddard and gets away with it!" He yelled, as he began strafing again, as Squidward tossed a smoke grenade, which blocked Jimmy's vision, and then Squidward tossed a C4 at a wall leading outside, and blew the wall down, as he and Mr Krabs ran outside and concealed themselves to the left of the explosion, as the smoke cleared, and Jimmy began strafing again, yet he did not have any real idea where Mr Krabs and Squidward were, as Mr Krabs aimed at Jimmy with the Death Adder, but did not pull the trigger, as Jimmy ran off to a group of about 10 other people. "I can't find them, thought I saw them, but they threw a smoke, blew down the door, and got away" Jimmy told to the group. "Mr Krabs, don't shoot!" Squidward whispered. "No kidding" Mr Krabs whispered back, as they walked away, quickly yet quietly. They noticed the group all carried AK47s on them, and they appeared to be military brand, which meant Mr Krabs with a revolver had no chance. Even with the SVD Dragunov, they still had no chance. Even with the Beretta M12 Squidward, they still had no chance! They reentered the Krusty Krab, where they saw Spongebob, lying on the ground, completely bleeding out, torn to shreds beyond repair, and they saw Sheen on the ground, dead. "I had a revolver, I came to about 5 minutes after he shot me, just wanted to go out honorably" Said Spongebob, as that was the last breath he would have. Mr Krabs put a bullet with the Death Adder into Spongebob's head. "I wanted to end the lad's pain." Mr Krabs said, as they left the Krusty Krab, where literally all hell had broken loose, and the characters from "Jimmy Neutron" were wreaking havoc, robbing from citizens of Bikini Bottom, and tearing down whole buildings! But then, Mr Krabs and Squidward looked at Sandy's Treedome, to find Sandy had a Scoped Hunter Compact, military edition, and she was taking down quite a few enemies! She had taken down about 20 people before they finally noticed her, but by that time, Sandy put on her dome helmet, and ran back into her treedome, as an RPG shot blew a huge hole into the treedome, letting tons of water in, and annihilating the treedome, as Sandy found that person in the scope and took him down, as this person was later identified to be Mr Wheezer, Carl Wheezer's father. At that moment, though, Sandy identified a Sniper on top of the Krusty Krab, and before Sandy could even react to this, the Sniper hit Sandy's dome helmet, blowing a hole in the helmet, and being over 2,000 feet underwater, this was a problem, as Sandy couldn't breathe underwater, and couldn't even really swim very well. Sandy began to choke as she ran oout of breath. Realizing this was going to be her end, Sandy grabbed a C4, strapped it to her chest, and ran as fast as she could over to the enemy troops, as they shot her down quickly, but not before she could pull the charge, and it blew up with such a long proximity, it killed 4 enemy soldiers. However, Spongebob was dead, Sandy, Spongebob's 2nd in command was now dead, Bikini Bottom had almost no choice but to surrender. It appeared that everyone around them realized this. Jimmy then came out from where he was, and found Mr Krabs and Squidward. "WEAPONS ON THE GROUND, HANDS UP!" Jimmy yelled, as he pointed the M249 SAW at both of them. Mr Krabs responded by putting a Death Adder bullet in Jimmy's chest, sending him to the ground, as they barely eluded gunfire coming from a different squad, as they reentered the Krusty Krab, unsure of whether or not Jimmy was even dead, but at that moment, the Mayor of Bikini Bottom, using a loudspeaker, shouted "We surrender!", as the enemy soldiers laid down their arms, and this was how the first war had ended. Mr Krabs ended up escaping enemy oppression, as he made his way to New Kelp City, but Squidward, in the future, played a much more significant role, he led a massive revolt against their captors, killing 85% of the characters in "Jimmy Neutron", and driving them out. Jimmy Neutron ended up living, but he could never do any serious physical activity ever again, which was an impediment escaping Squidward's revolt, as Squidward, while searching houses, found Jimmy, with his walking cane, and put the final bullet right in Jimmy's head. Goddard's remaining parts went to helping rebuilding the Chum Bucket after Squidward's revolt, and Mr Krabs would end up returning to Bikini Bottom after the revolt. Squidward, after it was all said and done, was named Mayor of Bikini Bottom, considering the Mayor before him had been killed during the revolt. In the end, the characters of "Jimmy Neutron" won what was later called "The Battle of Bikini Bottom", but would lose far more people than they killed, in what was called "Squidward's Revolt"

Note from the Author: None of this stuff actually happened. This is not a future episode of "Spongebob Squarepants" or "Jimmy Neutron", nor will it ever be. This is a Fanfiction. I do not own any rights to "Spongebob Squarepants" or "Jimmy Neutron".

The next war: The characters from "Fairly Godparents" take on the characters from "The Simpsons". Please note that none of the magic powers from "Fairy Godparents" will be used, just Real-life guns.