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Hugged or Tackled?

Though the Asaba twins seem distant to many, for Shun, such is not the case.

Since the twins and Shun first met, the flowery guy has always been special for the two. Unlike Kaname who met the twins in kindergarten, Shun first met the two at a neighbourhood playground.

It was fairly early in the morning and Shun's mother decided to bring him to the park. As usual, his mother chattered away with other parents as soon as they reached the place.

"Oh my, how cute~ What's your name little girl?" One of the ladies leaned down on him as he hid behind his mother. That gesture itself was cute, but he hasn't really realized it himself.

"Isn't my Shun, cute?" The way his mother said those words felt like it was more of a statement rather than a question. "He's my third child though." And she definitely emphasized on 'he.' "Shun, say your greetings."

"Aa… Hello…" Shun was able to force his shy voice to come out but it went relatively small and almost indistinguishable. He ducked his head instantly the moment all the other parents' eyes are on him.

"He's a boy?" The woman asked, quite surprised. "He's so cute~" They almost squealed at the boy. Shun found it quite awkward, even if he doesn't really know what 'awkward' means at his age, all that he know is that it feels uncomfortable.

"But you know what? Those twins are good-looking too." Someone else commented in midst of the commotion. "I'm pretty sure they'll look even better when they grew up though." Another woman added and a few nods were received in affirmation.

Then there was someone who sighed among the crowd of women. "You think so?" She sounded too unsure. For Shun, the lady who said it was really beautiful, and her youth was at a different level from all the rest of the adults. Her curly hair also made her quite stunning. "I just hope they get to interact more with the kids. Yuuta and Yuuki can be quite unsociable." She commented with her smile slightly off.

"Come on," a huge woman from his mother's side interrupted. "They're just shy like this one." She stared intently at little Shun that the boy cowered a little. Shy? He wondered absent-mindedly. Sure, he was shy around adults, but it was a lot easier to talk to other kids.

"Maybe," The beautiful lady exclaimed. Her eyes met Shun's orbs and she smiled. He felt more assured with that, and felt like smiling back. But soon enough, the talk ended up more complicated, it started to bore him out. Shun then tugged the hem of his mother's coat, and knowingly, his mother nodded back to him. He took off to the playground.

Once there, he found a chaotic-but-fun kind of gatherings. But amidst the noise of those playing tag, and those few playing the see-saw and swings, a pair of two silent kids by the sand box caught Shun's eyes. They had the same face, it's like a mirror was placed between them. Shun was absolutely sure that they were the 'twins' that the adult mentioned.

"Hello~" Little Shun approached the two identical boys in the sand box. The one holding the hand shovel was wearing a bright blue coat while the other looked comfortable in the red version of it. The twins looked apathetically to the smiling child, doing their own business all in the while.

"Who are you talking to?" They chorally answered, their high-pitched voice ended up monotonous.

"Yuuki-kun and Yuuta-kun." Shun returned with another wide grin on his face. He was proud that he could remember their names though he just heard it today.

"Do you know which is which?" This time, it was simply Yuuta who spoke up. Each time he says those words, the other kids tend to go away. It's not like he doesn't want to play with them, but he wouldn't need friends who get intimidated by such a simple question, especially if it wasn't meant to intimidate them at the very first place.

"Hmm… I'm not sure," Little Shun trailed off. "Can I just guess for now?" The child gave up on the hard part, which was thinking, and gave the two an awry smile.

"For now?" Yuuki retorted towards the cheerful guy. Yuuta nodded simultaneously. This guy was definitely weird for the twins' eyes. But the boy gave off a very pleasing aura though.

"Because I still haven't got to know you two." And again, he gave the two another bright smile. "Can I?" The innocence of Shun was almost overwhelming. "Then let me try again next time!" But then another expression came out from his face. "Ah… but if I guess wrong, can I try again?" Shun gave a pleading look.

For reasons no one knows, this little child brought smiles to the twins. "No need to guess for now." Yuuta exclaimed, and his counterpart completely agreed.

"I'm Yuuta." The boy on Shun's right then offered his right hand; he was the one wearing the blue coat.

"I'm Yuuki." The other one on the left also offered his right hand but realized and quickly replaced it with his right.

Shun's smile became much wider and brighter with the two offered hands. "I'm Shun. Nice to meet you Yuuta-kun, Yuuki-kun!" Rather than taking the offered hands, he hugged the two together, but ended up tackling them down to the sand. The last part not deliberate though.

"That hurts. What was that for?" Yuuki commented, after being floored by an overly-energetic Shun. His words did somehow lack the actual feeling of being hurt, making it quite questionable.

"I'm sorry, I just meant to hug you two…" Shun immediately got off the two. "Are you alright Yuuki-kun? Yuuta-kun?" His eyes and voice were full of worry. If someone receives a comment like Yuuki's, normally, they probably won't believe it. But Shun is a different subject; he'll take it as it is. And that kind of reaction touched the twins a bit.

So Yuuta looked at Yuuki. Yuuki stare back at his twin. Mischief brewed in their little minds. Shun got worried about getting no reply from the two but soon the twins answered it. Yuuta and Yuuki pounced on the surprised Shun, making him fall back and resulting into another tangle of limbs.

"What was that for?" A confused, almost-shock voice escaped Shun's throat.

The twins gave identical grins. "A hug," Or so they say but they really just tackled the boy to the ground. Yuuta and Yuuki had more mischief in store for their new found friend.

Shun stifled a chuckle as he remembered that day. The twins were so cute, not that they aren't cute anymore, but it is probably safe to say that they're rather good-looking now.

The group gathered at Kaname's house for another sleep-over but the afternoon summer heat was getting into them. Shun lost the rock-paper-scissors game and was tasked to buy ice cream for everyone. And of course, Yuuta decided to accompany Shun, in his relief.

"What's funny, Shun?" Yuuta asked as he noticed the other's little antics. The two of them were walking back from the convenience store when the other laughed so suddenly.

"Nothing," He replied with another one of his smile as he held the bag with the ice creams. "I just remember the first day met you two."

Yuuta, looking quite perplexed but still interested at the same time, grinned. "Me and Yuuki?" Shun nodded in affirmation. "When you tackled us down?"

"Hey! I told you it was a hug!" Shun stepped in the way of other guy. Yuuta noted how cute it was to see Shun like that, with both of his hands on his waist, slightly angry. It certainly is childish, but it was very Shun-like.

"I don't remember hugs to be so… strong, it takes two people down." Yuuta unusually grinned like mad, he was having fun teasing Shun.

The androgynous male pouted and retorted. "So what do you call the action you did back then?"

"A hug, of course." It was almost sarcastically said, as Shun would put it. "It's just that there were two of us, so you weren't able to handle the force and fell to the ground." Yuuta added, as if it actually would make a difference.

"No way! You two pounced on me! That was not a hug!" Shun argued, but then unexpectedly his voice died down as soon as Yuuta inched closer, and there was less than foot space between them.

"I can demonstrate a hug right now, just so to prove it." Yuuta suggested, but in all honesty, he just wanted to hold Shun for all his cuteness, but would never admit such. The suggestion went right through Shun's head that he blushed like mad and almost felt dizzy.

"N-no, it's fine already." His voice jumped, Shun was so sure of it. But it's when Yuuta tease him like this that his heart ends up racing. If only Yuuta knew how he really felt for the guy, then perhaps they wouldn't even be friends anymore.

He inched backward as the other does the opposite with a smile. The cycle continued till he lost his footing because of a stone and fell backwards. Well, almost, since Yuuta was able to catch on to him before he actually hit the ground.

"Careful," Yuuta said to his companion as he had saved the Shun and the ice creams from getting into a mess. "Are you alright?" He asked, but realized the position they were in. He was holding Shun's waist against his own body. He could see the blush reaching up to Shun's ears. Probably because of embarrassment, though Yuuta wished there could be more to it.

With his heart beating more wildly, Shun hardly heard the words from Yuuta. Maybe this was coincidental, but they… they were hugging right? Something they really haven't done in years.

"Y-yeah. I'm fine. Thank you." He finally remembered to answer. Though he would have preferred to stay like that, he found himself slightly disappointed when Yuuta's hold loosened up.

Yuuta, on the other hand, did really want to stay like that. But he thought that Shun might feel uncomfortable, besides, he thought his feelings worked like a one-way traffic.

Silence had eaten up on them, but before things grew awkward, Yuuta forced a small chuckle. That took Shun's attention and questioned it with his eyes.

"I just thought," Yuuta tried to explain. "You fall before a hug. So I guess that means Yuuki and I did hug you, not pounce on you, as you suggested." He smirked at the blushing Shun.

"But there was a stone!" The other reasoned out, flustered due to rage.

"Yeah, yeah." Yuuta sarcastically remarked. "If we don't hurry, the ice cream will melt and Chizuru will complain."

They continued to converse all the way back. Along the way, Shun knew in his heart that the twins was special to him, but Yuuta was in a different kind of special… it was not of friendship. While Yuuta thought that it was far best to be 'just friends' for now. Besides his mischief towards Shun has taken a whole new shape different from when they first met.

One day, surely, Shun and Yuuta would have to come and face the facts. But for now, it's still fun to be like what they are now.

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