Hi! This is my second story, my first one is finished yet but I wanted to start a new one. So, a few of Joe/Cammie stories have come up, and some are good. So I wanted to try them but instead of a whole story, I'm just going to do a collection of one shots, except when you read them all together they are like a story, just with bits missing. I hope you like them!

Quick note: For this one I want to keep it anonymous who is speaking, and who is speaking about so I will refer to the other person as 'they' or 'them' just as a quick header.

Story one:

The realisation.

I never thought I would be thinking of that person like I am now. I always thought we would just be mutual. Turns out my mind and my heart have different ideas.

They say that a spy's worst enemy is love. I would know, I have experienced it once, and promised myself never to let it happen again. It can destroy you, break you or heal you. However it's up to you which path that loves takes you down. I ended up on the break path, though I nearly stumbled onto the destroying path. What I did was risky, and shouldn't have been done. But to those who have fallen in love, you know that it is hard to control. Even as a spy. And that's the scariest part.

After the tombs, I realised that they are strong, but not strong enough to stand on their own two feet. No one is. Everybody needs help sometimes, and for that person, I want to always be there to help. Through the smoke, I watched as they fought, what could have been their last battle. They risked their live for others. They could have died, but they didn't care because they wanted the others to be safe. And that's another scary part of being a spy, knowing that someone would risk their life for you, but would you risk your life for theirs?

That question would always have the answer yes for me. I wouldn't have to even think, the words would just come out. Because I love them.

People don't like to tell certain stories, they like to keep them from others and have it as their own personal story that only they themselves know about. That is what we call a secret. Along with that, people don't like to admit secrets. And spies are no different, if anything spies are worse. Because for us, we are the secret. Our whole lives are the secrets, and for us admitting that secret could lead to the death of us. But for me, my secret that I have kept for a month now, I don't mind finally admitting:

I love them.

I love her.

I love Cammie.

Okayy, so did you guess who it was? Sorry it is a bit weird, it's just I wanted to write it as if Joe is finally coming to terms with his feeling for Cammie, but I also wanted to keep it anonymous for fun.

Please tell me what you think in the reviews!