Chapter one - I'm curious

Plot: When one of Monroe's siblings comes to visit, it lands the Blutbad and his Grimm in a whole lode of trouble with action, family and a little bit of romance.

Disclaimer: I own none of the lovely characters of this show, just Christina and the idea for the story.

It had been a long night of chasing rouge wesen when Monroe and Nick finally got in the car to go home. They were both tired and really needed a beer; it was a sort of silent understanding to go back to Monroe's place to do that.

"Man, did you see the teeth on that thing?" Monroe said as he climbed inside his yellow VW. Emitting a soft chuckle as the night's events still rang fresh in his mind.

Having a fight with an angry Magischezwerg otherwise known as 'Rumplestiltskin' wasn't his original plan for tonight. However that's what happened and he couldn't help but laugh at the angry dwarf attempting to choke Nick, though that could have gone horribly wrong too.

Speaking of the Grimm, he climbed into the car next to him, also chuckling. "I know, he was trying to bite me. Are you alright?"

Monroe knew the detective was referring to his few cuts and bruises he had attained from trying to pry stiltskin off Nick, he nodded "I'll be fine, I've looked worse. Trust me"

Nick gave him a look; it was his 'Do I even want to know' look, which was answered by a shake of Monroe's head as he started his car. Bound for home.

"So this whole, 'I've looked worse thing'..." Nick started, actually adding the air quotes for effect, or annoyance. It was most likely the latter in Monroe's case. "Was this as a result of fighting?"

The damned man just couldn't leave anything alone could he, Monroe thought to himself as he sighed. He couldn't blame nick for wanting to know, he was a Grimm and this is what he did. "Yes, you know, being a Blutbad and growing up with many, many brothers... There were a lot of fights."

Nick looked shocked, why was he shocked surely knowing the wolf had a violent past would hint to the fact fights occurred. "You have brothers?" Oh, that was shocking him.

"Yeah, I have brothers." Monroe said with a smirk, stealing a glance at the younger man before focussing his gaze on the road again.

Nick shifted in his seat, turning to face him properly, obviously now intrigued by this sudden talk of family. "Plural, how many bothers do you have?"

Monroe smirked; he had no idea if he was to be honest with himself. Blutbaden would usually live in packs, mainly family, he had left his years ago when he reformed and came to Portland. Just like actual wolves, Blutbaden often had litters instead of the one child, though there was the rare occasion where only one pup was born. He himself was an example of this; he was a lone pup when he was born.

"I have seven." Seven brothers, two older and five younger. "Seriously Nick, you should read up on this stuff if you're ever going to be a decent Grimm." He teased. "Blutbaden have litters of pups, not just one."

Nick shook his head at the teasing, also partly astonished. He wondered just how large Monroe's family was. "Seven brothers, damn, your life must have been hell growing up."

Monroe laughed. "Oh dude, you have no idea." He smiled to himself, he did miss his family, but they were still wild. He was reformed and he couldn't go back to his old self, not after what happened. All the damage he could have done had he not sorted his life out was too much to think about.

"So just brothers?"


"Do you only have brothers?"

Monroe laughed, slightly. "No, I had two sisters too"

Nicks face fell slightly at the use of past tense that was never good. "Had, two sisters?"

Monroe also frowned, his tense mistake pointed out he realised he hadn't meant to do it. "Yeah, Madeline was the oldest in her litter and she had a run in with your aunt."

Nick grimaced; his aunt had killed one of Monroe's sisters, brilliant. "Monroe, I'm-"

"Don't bother. I know already." He glanced to the detective with a slight smile, letting the air around them come to a silence, a calming soothing silence that the clockmaker could have gotten used to

"What about your other sister?" Nick asked, his sudden guilt over his sister's death vanishing just as quickly as it had came.

Again Monroe was smiling; he hadn't talked about his family in a long while he supposed it was nice. "Christina, last I heard from her she was turning sixteen."

Nick's eyes went wide again. "Sixteen?"

"Yes... That's what I said."

"How long ago did you last hear from her?"

Monroe gave the detective a questioning look "Two or three months ago, why?"

"No reason, I just didn't know you had a family until just now. I'm curious"

"Yeah, and you're being so subtle with your interrogation." Monroe commented sarcastically

Nick laughed. They kept driving in silence for a little while. Of course that didn't last long, this is Nick Burkhardt. "How come you never mentioned your family before now?"

"It isn't relevant to anything we ever talk about. Ever."

Nick shook his head, "No, it counts as Grimm stuff."

"Just because it's a Blutbaden pack, doesn't mean it's 'Grimm stuff' it's my family stuff."

Nick opened and closed his mouth a few times, resulting in a smirk; he had no idea what to say to that. "We talk about family stuff."

Monroe called him on that too. "No, we talk about your scary aunt and Juliette at most."

The detective held his hands up in defeat. "Okay, fine, I have no right to interrogate you about your family."

Monroe grinned triumphantly, there was something oddly satisfying about the two of them went on like children, especially when he won one of these childish arguments.

"Speaking of Juliette..." He knew they weren't speaking of her, but the silence was killing him. "Won't she be worried you're not home yet, it's nearly nine?"

Nick turned to look out of the window and his whole mood just seemed to shift. Anyone else might not have noticed it, but Monroe did, he could smell the change in his mood, he was distressed, upset, and even... angry. This was bad.

"Nick..." he said carefully, even if this was a friend, of sorts, you never wanted to get on the wrong side of a pissed off Grimm.

However as soon as his name was called he looked round again his usual grin plastered on his face, though even the dumbest of the human race could see through it, he still smelt like upset.

The Blutbad resorted to just looking at him, one eyebrow raised in disbelief to the false sense of 'Nick's okay' because he really wasn't.

"What?" Nick asked, cocking his head to the side slightly

Monroe shook his head, nick wasn't telling for whatever reason. He let out a sigh as he parked his car outside his house and opened the door, watching the Grimm as his actions were mimicked

He climbed out of the car and joined nick on the walk up to his house when he froze.

"Monroe?" he heard his companion ask, he could sense the confusion in his tone but didn't have an answer for what he was doing.

He inhaled deeply; there was a particular smell in the air, a familiar smell. He knew it; it smelt sweet, with a metallic element lying beneath it. Oddly the image that sprang to mind was strawberries and copper pennies. He definitely knew that scent and it was all over his territory

"What's wrong?" Nick tried again, obviously panicked since Monroe's eyes had gone the all too worrying colour of red.

Monroe was looking around trying to see if anyone else was around. "Someone's been here."

"What, who?" whether it was a subconscious habit or he did it knowingly, the detective had suddenly reached for his gun.

Had he been given the chance, Monroe would have answered, but something moved in the trees just behind his home, and that was it, he was after it.

"Monroe!" The Grimm followed behind but not nearly as quickly, wishing his Wesen friend wouldn't run off like that, it made it hard for him to keep up. He had drawn his gun by this point; you never knew what Monroe had gone after.

The wolf instincts were starting to take over when the person he was chasing ran. He knew Nick was right behind him, which put him off a little. It was difficult to follow one scent when another one was behind you.

It wasn't long before he'd caught her, tackling her to the ground and engaging in his second fight tonight, though it wasn't really a fight if he was to be honest. It didn't look that way to Nick.

The girl he had successfully pinned to the floor started to growl and bite at his wrists in an attempt to get free. He laughed at her attempts and moved one arm away, something she took advantage of and shifted her weight to knock Monroe off balance, quickly getting up to run again.

He didn't give up that easily however and grabbed her arm to pull her back, the unknown female didn't take kindly to this and backtracked, shoving Monroe to the floor with an inhuman amount of force, having now shifted to her Wesen state.

She laughed slightly as she pinned him down in some form of dramatic irony. "You're getting weaker." She commented smugly

The man huffed, still trying to wriggle free from her grip "No I haven't!" he retorted defensively.

She scoffed and climbed off him, also pulling him to his feet. The she literally jumped on his back, wrapping her legs around his waist so he was carrying her in a piggyback hold. Growling into his ear "Then how come I beat you?"

Monroe cleared his throat, his pride showing through "I wasn't ready." He said with a smirk, finally acknowledging Nick's presence and looking particularly shocked at the weapon that was still being pointed at the girl on his back.

At the same time, the girl looked up too, seeing the innocent bystander was actually a Grimm, she hopped off of Monroe's back and cowered behind him. Emitting a noise that can only be described as a whimper of fear, "He's a Grimm," she whispered to Monroe in terror.

Monroe nodded, not taking his eyes off nick when he answered her. "I know, he won't hurt you." He motioned lazily to the gun that the other was holding "Do you think you could put that away?"

Nick, still immensely confused by the situation nodded, doing as he was asked and tucking his gun away, he was giving Monroe a questioning look the Monroe was happily ignoring for now.

The girl peeked around from Monroe's arm, checking she was definitely safe. Once she was sure of this she came out carefully from behind him. "How do you know?" she continued, staring at the detective opposite her but talking like he wasn't there.

Monroe was smirking at the teen's interest in Nick like he was a mythical creature, well; to their kind he was like a mythical creature. "He's my friend; I know he won't hurt you." He looked up to nick for confirmation.

It went unnoticed by the Grimm who was watching the slowly approaching girl with interest. She was coming towards him, looking him up and down and things were starting to fall in place for him.

Her thick and curly brown hair was pulled back in a messy pony tail and a few rogue curls had broke free, her eyes were still changing colour from the deep red back to their original colour of a dark brownish shade. Nick found himself beginning to smile, glancing between the girl and his Wesen friend.

She was wearing dark blue jeans and a white t-shirt with a black cardigan over the top and she had thrown a rucksack to the side before she'd started a fight with Monroe, she was also a Blutbad. As far as this evidence went, that confirmed it for Nick.

He looked up to Monroe and caught sight of the worried look. "Yeah, sorry, I won't hurt you. If you're a friend of Monroe's" he hinted about as subtly he could without full on asking how she knew him.

The girl was too busy inspecting Nick to answer so he relied on the other man.

Monroe scoffed, "Yeah sure, she's a friend."

"Hey!" the girl shouted, spinning on her heal to glare at him.

"So who is she then?" Nick asked just simply smiling at him, a smug grin. A grin that showed he already knew who she was.

Monroe narrowed his eyes in response. "Nick, this is Christina, she's my sister."

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