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Chapter 4


Lily observed the group of searchers that included her parents and herself as they found her father's bicycle. She could hear their irritation at the thought that Jonas might have died and "escaped justice"! Lily started to climb the hill that the path continued up.

"Mom, Dad I found something," Lily yelled as she saw the community down in the valley. "A community, perhaps they will be able to help us." At her words her parents followed her up the hill.

"Your right Lily! That is a very insightful idea." Her father exclaimed as her mother continued down into the village below.

As they entered the town the searches saw a group of girls about Lily's age playing a game where they kicked a black and white ball around.

"Excuse me." Her mother began "but we are looking for a missing member of our community. Has anyone strange come through here?"

The tallest girl looked to another girl the answered. "No, I'm sorry." Then another girl who was identical to the first came over and muttered something in an unknown language in her twin's ear. "Wait about three months ago two kids where found outside the town. They had nearly frozen to death. They were taken to the St. Maria Children's Hospital in Berlin."

Really? Could you please point us in the correct direction? Lily's mother asked.

"Of course. Follow the main road. When you arrive at the first turning in the road go left." The girl directed.

"Louise! Maria! Mittagessen !" Someone shouted from one of the houses. The twins turned around and answered

"Kommen Mutter!" (Coming Mother) And disappeared back into the village.

As they hiked on a conversation about all the new things they had seen began and thrived. Lily's father seemed most interested in the twins Louis and Maria that they had run into. After all Lily guessed it was one of her father's jobs to release the lighter of identical twins. Lily herself wondered how she could find that warm feeling she longed for. She had sensed it between the twins. Then they rounded a corner and saw Berlin. Buildings that seemed to touch the sky loomed above them. For about four hours they wondered around searching for Jonas with little hope of finding him. When they were about read to give up they heard a female voice inquire were Jonas wanted to have lunch. Turning around Lily was Jonas, Gabriel and two other girls both of whom were facing them. One of the girls had fiery hair and golden eyes. The other had black hair with purple streaks and Blue eyes.

Her mother walked over and grabbed Jonas's arm as she said." Jonas you are coming back to the community with us. Jonas jumped as he turned around nearly dropping the sleeping Gabriel he was holding. Before he could do anything else however the red head glared at Lily's mother locking eyes with her. "Could you please unhand my brother to be?" Her voice was like that stream Lily had fallen into in the way here: cold.

"I'm sorry, but I can not. Jonas you see is an wanted person in my community." Her mother explained starting to pull Jonas with her.

The other girl snorted. "From what Estarile and Jonas tell me your "perfect" "here she made air quotes "World is not even close. Who would want to go back to a place like that?" Then Lily knew what she had to do. After all even though the first girl's voice was cold, she could still feel that warming feeling when the girl Estarile talked about Jonas.

Lily took a deep breath and walked over to Jonas saying "Excuse me Ms. Estarile? Would it be too much trouble if I come with you when you and Jonas return?"

Estarile smiled saying it would be alright. For some reason the searchers left. Grumbling about people breaking their promises. Lily looked after them and smiled, let them condemn the wrong things. She wouldn't!