Here is the next and final installment of Reunion, although I am going to write some follow up pieces for the wedding and everything after it. Thanks to everyone who has reviewed this story and stuck with it till the end. Especially thank you the ALIMOO1971 who helped me come up with the ring.

Sam was shocked. Sure she loved him but this was unexpected, they had been together only a few days and here he was, down on one knee proposing. She looked him in the face a realised that, yes they had only been together properly for a few days, but they had loved each other for years. She didn't want to waste any more time and it looked like Jack didn't either.

With tears in her eyes she nodded frantically and gave a whispered, "Yes."

Jack beamed at her then slid the ring onto her finger. He then stood and pulled her into a powerful kiss. He pulled back and the rested their foreheads together. "I love you Jack," Sam whispered.

"And I you Sammie, and I you."

Stepping back Sam held out her finger and looked at the ring that was now on her finger. It was white gold and the band was 3mm. The diamond was a one carat princess cut and on either side of the mounting there was and earth symbol. "It's beautiful Jack," she whispered, brushing a soft kiss against his lips.

Jack smiled. "A beautiful for a beautiful person," he answered causing Sam to blush. He took her hand and gently slide the ring off again. Sam watched him confused but then understood when he said, "Look at the inside of the band Sam." She did and smiled at what she saw. Engraved into the ring was earths address and the word always. "So you know that I'm always there Sam, not matter what happens."

Sam smiled again and kissed him once more, "I already knew that Jack but thanks." She slid the ring back on to her finger and when it was there Jack brought her hand to his mouth and kissed it. Sam smiled at him and then the two of them were silent for a few moments before Sam spoke again, "You know that we have an audience right?"

Jack nodded, "Yeah." He turned to the trees where Jacob, Teal'c and Daniel were hiding, his arm around Sam's shoulder, and said, "Come on out peanut gallery."

Sam giggled then full out laughed as a sheepish looking Daniel came out from behind the trees, followed closely by an apologetic looking Jacob and a stony faced Teal'c. Hearing Sam's laughter Daniel smiled and came forwards quickly, pulling both of them into a hug. "Congratulations. I've got to say that it took you long enough."

Sam and Jack both smiled and when he stepped back Jacob came over to them. Looking at his face Sam accused, "You look less surprised than me dad." When he didn't answer Sam looked at him hard then said, "You knew."

Now Jacob nodded, "Jack asked me for my blessing when we were at your brothers, before the water fight."

Sam looked between her father and fiancé, wow that felt good to think, and smiled, "That's actually really sweet."

Jack smiled at her and kissed her softly on the lips. Once they separated again Teal'c inclined his head, "I too must offer you my congratulations. I hope you are very happy together."

Jack and Sam both smiled at him. "Thanks T," Jack replied.

Jacob slid the camcorder back into his pocket. Sam saw the movement and glared at him, "You didn't."

Jacob shrugged, "I did. George wanted to see it."

Sam sighed. Jack shrugged and said, "Shall we go back to the base now?"

Everyone nodded and made their way out of the trees and back to the base, Sam and Jack holding hands the whole way and Jack stroking the ring that was now on Sam's finger. They got back to the base and saw Jenkins coming towards them. He came to a stop in front of them and spoke, "We were wondering where you all went. Some of the scientists here were looking for Major Carter and couldn't locate any of you."

"Sorry Jenkins, we went for a walk and got a little distracted."

Jenkins looked down at their joint hands and smiled, "Congratulations."

Jack and Sam both smiled at him. "Thank you Colonel."

From behind them there came the sound of a worm hole activating. They all ran to the gate and Jack's radio crackled to life, "Colonel O'Neill."

"Yes General Hammond sir?" Jack answered, pushing the button.

"Can I talk to Jacob please."

Looking bemused Jack handed Jacob the radio. "Jacob here."

"We have got a message from the Tok'ra high counsel and they want you to come back tonight rather than tomorrow."

Jacob bowed his head as Sel'mac took over, "Are we coming back to the SGC now General?"

There was a moment of silence then Hammond answered, "If you are done there we would like SG1 and yourself to return."

"We are done here George," Jacob took over once more, "Including what I told you about."

SG1 and Jenkins gave him a confused look but Jacob just shrugged and listened as Hammond replied, "Ok then Jacob, we expect you back within the hour." The worm hole disengaged and Jacob handed the radio back to Jack.

"Sam, why don't you go and see what the scientists want while we get ready to go." He laughed when Sam sighed, "You have twenty minutes Sam, after that we'll come and get you." She looked happier now and made to walk off. Jack stopped her and placed a soft chaste kiss on her lips before releasing her, "Your twenty minutes have already started Major."

Sam gave him one last smile before walking off to the labs once more. Jack watched her go then turned back to the group, "Right we've got twenty minutes to kill before we go and save Carter." Daniel shook his head while Jacob laughed. Taking a step closer to his future father-in-law Jack said, "What did you mean when you told Hammond that everything had been done including what you told him?"

Jacob shook his head, "That is for me to know and for you to find out."

Jack looked at him then shrugged, "Whatever you say," then he added in a joking manor, "Dad."

Jacob sighed, "Oh dear, I'm actually going to be your father-in-law aren't I."

Jack scowled, "You don't have to sound so sad about that Jacob."

Jacob laughed at him and Jack threw his hands in the air. Daniel and Jenkins laughed too while Teal'c smiled lightly.

Jenkins left to go and do some paper work and Jack, Jacob, Teal'c and Daniel made their way back to the Jaffa camp. Once there Teal'c spoke quietly to his son and Rak'nor before wishing them well and coming back to stand by the others. Rak'nor followed and said to Jack, "Congratulations to you and Major Carter Colonel O'Neill. I wish you well." He and Jack clasped arms then SG1 and Jacob turned and left.

Checking his watch Jack spoke, "It's been fifteen minutes, let's go spring Sam."

They made their way slowly to the labs. Once there they all went in to see Sam sitting on one of the chairs, looking at a computer with a face a thunder. "Time to go Carter," Jack said.

Sam flashed him a thankful smile and stood. Behind her an indignant voice said, "We still need her."

Jack turned his gaze to man behind Sam and glared at him. "I don't care doctor whoever you are. We've got to go home and my fiancé," he stressed the word and Sam felt a shiver go down her spine, "Has got to go now."

Sam smiled at him then turned to the doctor behind her. "All you've got to do change to output volume and it should be fine and work a lot better than before."

The doctor opened and shut his mouth a few times before nodding and turning his back on the team. Sam lead the way out of the lab and once outside let out a sigh of relief and hugged Jack. "Thank you for coming to get me. He is such a pain in the arse and couldn't see how damn simple to solution to his problem was."

Jack laughed and hugged Sam back. After releasing her he stepped back and said to everyone, "Let's go home."

They returned to the SGC to a roaring cheer. From the control room they heard General Hammond speak over the loud speaker, "Welcome back SG1 and congratulations Colonel O'Neill and Major Carter on your engagement."

Jack and Sam smiled up at the General then put their arms around each other and kissed each other. The cheers of the men and women of the SGC grew louder.

In the control room Hammond and Walter watched the goings on with smiles on their faces, both glad that the people who deserved it the most could finally find happiness.