How does it feel to be able to fly?

Close your eyes and feel yourself rising. Your toes left the ground but you're not entirely weightless; your core holds you up. You will yourself - no, your core - to rise a little higher, then a little more. You see the ceiling right above you and you put your hand out to touch it, your fingers brushing up against the ordinary surface.

All of a sudden you will that feeling to be gone, and instead of the ceiling pushing back, it gives way and your hand slowly passes through the surface. Your hand feels cold and tingly, but you will your core to bring you higher. The cold, empty feeling travels from your head to your toes as you pass through the ceiling into the cloudy night sky.

You look down at your hand to see it move with a slight glow. You think about flying as fast as you can but it takes a lot of concentration to move your core quickly.

Instead you imagine a surface beneath your feet as if you were standing on the ground. You bend your knees as far as you can and push off. You feel your legs fuse. They form on tail that starts moving in a quick wave-like manner that continues to propel you in the air. Your hair is whipping behind you as you look up and reach for the sky. You feel the moisture splatter against your face as you fly through the clouds. The adrenaline pumps through your veins and you spread your arms out to feel the air moving past you.

You slow down your spectral tail enough to a hover. You slowly turn your head; all around you see all the stars that were once hiding behind the dark clouds that are now below you. You inhale the fresh night air. It's different up here. You're so free; not even gravity can touch you.

Where do I even begin? I remember starting this little idea of a fanfic when I was a freshman and I was procrastinating the studying for my geometry regents. Now I'm going to my dream college next fall! I feel so horrible for taking such a long hiatus... I feel even worse that I don't know where I put my old ipod touch because it has the whole plot for this fanfic! I really hope to make it up by thinking of an even better ending to this fic because everyone has been so kind in their reviews and it motivates me to actually finish this story. I'll start brainstorming ASAP and hopefully I'll have a new chapter up soon! I can't wait to hear feedback from you guys again soon! 3

~Diana Phantom

P.S. This was just something that I was thinking about today and I go to myself "I wish I could just write this for fun" and then I realized that I could start writing again! Thank you, Brain, for reminding of the world of fanfiction ^_^