It's Cato's favourite time of the week. Training. He clambers out of bed and pulls on his sweat pants and a strapless t-shirt. He races downstairs to be welcomed by pancakes and treacle sauce a rare occasion in his family. Mum must of got given a pay rise. Cato thinks.

"Morning babe, sleep well?" Cato's mother asks.

"Morning, yes I did, this breakfast looks delicious." The pancakes are rich with sauce and it explodes in Cato's mouth. He scoffs his face full with food and grabs a jacket and makes his way to training with previous hunger games victor Enobaria.

Cato arrives promptly at 11 am.

"Morning everyone." Enobaria's voice bellows around the room. This morning Enobaria makes everyone work together for an hour. Today everyone will have to split into teams and participate in a obstacle course, the fastest team wins a sliver 20ich bladed sword.

Cato teams up with some boys from his area: Dean, Sean, Dylan and John. The obstacle course consists of: a tall loose structure to push through, a net to crawl under while being submerged in mud, walls to climb over while the opposite team members try and hit you with padded sticks after you pass that you have to climb to the top of a rope and ring a bell which ends your turn. Each member of the team will be at each section of the course ready to be tagged. Cato's team goes first, Dean starts then Sean, Dylan, John and then Cato will climb the rope. Cato's team finishes the course within 3 minutes. Then the next team starts.

"I'm going to the swords." Cato says until he is interrupted by a evil laugh.

who is that girl? She's beautiful. Cato is staring across the room at a girl roughly aged 15 with lovely long brown hair which is tied in a loose ponytail. She's sniggering at another girl who has fallen from the rope. Cato sees her huge evil smile. This girl is going to be mine, she is gorgeous how have I overlooked her for this long?

"Cato, dude thought we were going to the swords so we could have some fun?" Dean curiously asked.

"What? yea I was just on my way." Dean gazes to where Cato is staring,

"I wouldn't take a gander at her mate, she'll annihilate you with those knifes she has. She never misses a target."

"I wasn't looking at her, give me some credit." That was close, dean can't know I like her he'll run up to her, tell her and if she's as vicious as he says she'll kill me.

Cato wanders to the swords and examines each one with care, he chooses two wide bladed swords to play with, he flips them around in his hands wondering where to throw them. He scans the variations of dummy's and his eyes find a group of five which will do great for practising hand to hand combat.

Cato slashes the first one in the neck while stabbing the next one in the heart, he turns and stabs the other two in the lower chest area, just as they were moving towards him inches from his body, he lets out a slight sigh of relief, turns to stab the last one he just missed stabbing the beautiful girl who he was watching a while ago.

"Watch where your pointing that big boy, you might hurt someone." She says in a seductive voice it turns him on. I want her so bad he thinks.

"Well, I was aiming to hit the dummy you are leaning against sweetheart."

Her tone changes as she address Cato again.

"I am not your sweetheart!" She snags a knife out of her long brown hair and points it at Cato's neck before saying "Got it."

"Feisty one aren't you, just the way I like them but fine your not my sweetheart." She removes her knife Cato continues "You will be soon enough though." He quickly swoops in and kisses her gently on the cheek and he walks away.

Cato is heading to the door to leave when he hears a shout.

"Cato we won, here take the sword." Dean is running after him.

"Na, you keep it." Cato turns back to the door.

"Cato look out!" Cato freezes in the spot when he hears the whistling of a knife skim past his left ear, woah that was close he thinks, he turns around and there she is inches away from his face.

"Careful sweetheart, you might hurt someone." Cato looks her up and down undressing her with his eyes, he goes to turn away when she jumps on him which causes him to stumble to the ground. She pins him down and takes a little knife out of a pocket in her sleeve and traces the tip of the knife around his lips.

"I'm going to tell you one more time don't call me sweetheart."

Cato can't help but laugh at this choleric girl on top of him.

"Well SWEETHEART, tell me your name and I might stop."

"Names Clove, yours big boy?"

"Cato, your name is nearly as pretty as you are." Cato tries to be alluring.

"Ha-ha flattery will get you nowhere"

"Good thing I'm happy here then" she replaces her knife back in her pocket and stands up, Cato also stands but once he is up on his feet he pulls Cloves body close to his and looks deeply into her emerald green eyes, her eyes are like snares and I'm her prey. Cato thinks.

"Looks like someone is falling for me." She sniggers. God he is hot! she thinks.

"You have as well, otherwise you wouldn't be still here staring into my beautiful sky blue eyes."

"Don't flatter yourself, why would I look at you when I've just tried to kill you."

"Main word tried, meaning you didn't succeed in killing me plus I know by what people say about you is that you never miss a target so I know you never intended to kill me, you just wanted a way to be on top of me."

"You've done research on me?"

"No im just observant and so are my friends."

"Stalker much." Cato sees a trace of a smile as Clove quickly releases the gaze and walks away muttering under her breath. Cato sighs and decides to go home.

Cato lies in his four poster bed trying to sleep but all he can think of is Clove, how pretty she is , how fit her body is and the way her eyes intrigue him to enter into a gaze, I mustn't fall for her he thinks to himself its nearly reaping day so it's too risky. He cant stop thinking about her. He just pulls up his cotton sheets to his eyes and dreams of the girl of his dreams.

Meanwhile Clove is in bed playing with a short handled knife while daydreaming. I cant fall for a guy like Cato, guys like him never look at girls like me, Everyone is scared of me! He might change all that and turn me into the vulnerable girl I was before I started training with Enobaria. I can't go back to that Clove. I must stop this feeling stuff I cant like him end of!

"Cato, are you off to training this morning?" Cato can hear his mum shout from downstairs as he slowly comes back from dreamland.

"Errm, yes mum probably, since its reaping day tomorrow."

"Okay honey you better hurry up then" Cato looks at the time and realises shit I'm running late only got ten minuets to get there he rushes out of bed and gets dressed and wonders why am I so eager to go training today? I know reaping's tomorrow but still, I'm not this eager any other year but realises its because of clove I have to see her.

Cato is deep in his thoughts walking to training, about how tomorrow could turn out, when he hears running behind him he turns around quickly and is surprised yet in a happy way to see Clove standing in front of him smiling.

"Hey, fancy skipping training and coming for a walk." She asks.

Cato can't believe she's asked him, she must like me he thinks to himself and smiles slightly before saying.

"Yea sure why not, I'm the best in district two anyway so I don't need to train just look at my arms." Cato shows off his 'guns' to Clove who laughs at him. He looks at her confused till she replies.

"I'm laughing because I'm the best in district 2 not you and just because you have big arms doesn't mean your good, look at me I don't have bulky arms and I'm a ace fighter."

she's so confident and Cato loves it. They walk down the street chatting about nonsense really until Cato finds a nice tree

"Fancy a climb?"

"Go on then, Race to the top?" Clove rushes off and gets to the tree first and climbs with ease and she settles into a large fork in the tree and awaits a slow Cato.

"Took your time big boy." Clove laughs at an out of breath Cato.

"Be quiet you." Cato has his legs either side of a branch and clove sits in the same position closer to the trunk, Cato pulls clove closer to him and holds her tightly, he moves his head closer to hers, she does the same What am I doing? I decided to not like him, oh but look at those lips Clove thinks, their lips find each other and they kiss endlessly not wanting to stop the magical and wonderful kiss but Cato pulls away and begins to kiss her chin then moves lower towards her neck when Clove starts laughing hysterically.

"What?" Cato questions her.

"I'm sorry, It tickles." With that knowledge Cato carries on kissing her neck and her chest, he moves his hands from her waist to move her white strapless top up to kiss her stomach, he can hear her release a little moan so he stops just to tease her more.

"Don't stop, I like it" she begs, Cato picks her up so she's sitting on his crotch and her legs are around his waist, he moves his left hand and strokes the top of her left leg, she begins to moan and Cato moves in for another kiss she accepts and he wont stop kissing her. He kisses her softly at first and then he makes the kisses harder and more passionate he licks her lips and moves his tongue into her mouth they both sit in the willow tree kissing for what seems ages when Clove pushes away and says.

"Cato I'm not like this, I don't do this sort of thing, I really like you and I want more than this one day with you I'm not a silly girl wanting kisses from one lad and easily goes to another the next day." Cato looks deeply into eyes and says.

"Babe, I want you all to myself and forever to be with you and I'm not letting you go okay?" She smiles and agrees to be his, Clove claims Cato's lips for one last kiss.

"I've got to go." She jumps out of the tree and runs off.

Cato climbs down from the tree when he catches sight of dean.

"Hey Cato why did you skip training?" He shouts as he walks closer to Cato

"Oh just fancied chilling in the tree today not really up for fighting today."

"Well I just saw that Clove run of where you two together?"

"No I was on my own."

"Cool bro, anyway must be off, ma mom's making stew can't be late she'll smack my bottom" He runs of laughing.

Later.. Right I need some pebbles Cato thinks to himself, he has a gander around and finds three small pebbles but just before he throws them he sees a tree next to the window, he climbs up and bangs for Cloves attention.

"Clove, It's me Cato"

"What on earth are you doing Cato I'm trying to sleep" clove staggers to the window half asleep as she rubs her eyes.

"I had to see you before reaping day, can I come in please?" she opens the window wider so Cato can enter. Cato grabs clove and gives her a big cuddle and then throws her on the bed, he lays on top of her careful not to crush her while she wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him closer and kisses him.

"Babe, I'm not in the mood for that I'm really tired just lie with me and go to sleep." She says and of course Cato lies down and Clove moves her head so it rests on his chest.

"Before I sleep, how the hell did you know where I lived?"

"Oh sweetheart, that would be telling" with that they fall asleep in each others arms.