The night air was restless as it rustled trees and softly whistled around the Titans Tower. It was fairly late in the night as the titans had already been into a couple of hours of sleep. Cyborg was soundlessly recharging for the night in his warm room. Robin had shockingly fallen asleep in his bed this time instead of on his desk in a pile of papers. He was long overdue for a peaceful rest. Starfire was fast asleep, upside down, in her comfy pink bed with Silky right by her side. Beast Boy was snoring loudly and occasionally speaking in his sleep on the top bunk of his bed overlooking the cluttered mess of clothes, video games, and… rotten food? Raven hadn't been asleep for very long, but she was buried underneath her blanket, hoping for a sufficient amount of rest.

Raven woke suddenly when she sensed a presence. One that was very close and not very welcoming. She jolted up erectly and stared into her dark room. "Hello?" She asked, trying to mask her fear. No answer. Her eyes searched violently as she strained to notice the slightest shadow from the moonlight peaking in her room. When she didn't hear nor see a single thing out of place, she left it alone and tried to convince herself that it was her own paranoid imagination, but her gut feeling knew differently. Before she could even get her head to make full contact with the pillow, her window shattered as a large, dark figure leaped into her room with a loud thud to accompany the sharp sound of the crashing window.

"Adonis," she hissed through clenched teeth as her fists did the same. She stood up on her bed and forced the lights on in her room with her magic to not allow the darkness to give her intruder the advantage. "Hey baby," he said in a low voice as he wiggled his eyebrows playfully. "What do you want?" she asked drenched in distain. "Shhhh honey, you'll wake up your friends," was his only response as he started getting closer to Raven. "Wouldn't that be a shame?" She said as her hands began to glow with her dark energy. He began to laugh as she warned "Get. Out."

Without warning, he lunged at her as she levitated over him, making him crash into the wall. The vibrations from impact caused her colossal bookshelves tumble to the ground and violently shook her room. Without wasting time for him to recover, Raven engulfed a piece of the broken book shelf in her dark orb and sent it flying across the room and onto the back of his head. He yelped out in pain as he quickly rose to avoid another unpleasant encounter with flying objects. He rose with a smile on his face and jumped off of her bed to gain momentum to grab her again. She fought back with bolts of black flying in his face and gave her a quick moment of his distraction to move out of his way, but he suddenly turned and hit her hard enough to send her to the ground. Before she even realized what hit her, she felt the shattering crash to the ground and on top of the glass from the broken window. Her vision began darkening in the corners as she felt warm blood trickle down her leg and an overcoming feeling of weakness. She struggled to get up, but Adonis was at her side and viciously kicked her back down. She fell with a grunt as glass cut into the side of her face. Her energy then formed around some glass behind him and let it rush to his skin as it cut into his face too and he let out a loud cry of pain.

She rushed to get up as she saw her door get blown to bits and saw Robin swing through the doorway, feet first into Adonis's back as he screamed "Stay away from her!" He was knocked down as Robin jumped on him, but he was brutally pushed off and fell to the floor. Cyborg barged forward and shot Adonis with his cannon and this time, just Adonis fell. Beast Boy flew in as a hawk and clawed as his face. Adonis grabbed him in midair and Beast Boy formed into a gorilla and smashed a crushing fist into his chest. The loud mechanical breakage was clearly heard. With that, Adonis jumped up with whatever strength he had left and retreated through the window, followed by the neon green bolts of Starfire. Robin ran to the window prepared to jump out in order to catch the criminal, but to his astonishment, the bulky Adonis was nowhere to be found. There was nothing but the darkness to swallow his sight. How could he just disappear? How could we let him get away? thought Robin in his intense frustration with the failure.

Raven began swaying in a circular motion and her eyes were getting heavier. "Raven?" asked Beast Boy after he morphed back. "Raven!" he cried as he rushed over to help her steady herself. Before she got the chance to collapse, Beast Boy already had her arm around his shoulders and his arm around her waist. Her knees buckled and she leaned into his supportive body. She shook her head clear, trying as hard as she possibly could to regain full consciousness. She realized that none other than Beast Boy

was supporting her. The close contact made her want to blush, so she went to drag up her hood when she notice that she wasn't even wearing her cloak, which only made her blush more. Luckily Beast Boy didn't seem to notice and was fixated on the large wounds in her leg and down her neck. Raven quickly saw the worry set in his normally goofy face. "I can heal myself, remember?" she reassured him gently while keeping a blank expression, but her shaky voice could not match.

"Please, we must let her sit down," said Starfire with earnest concern.

"Let's go to the med room to check her out before we do anything else," explained Cyborg.

The five of them walked to the med room while Starfire and Beast Boy securely held onto Raven's weak body. On the table, she allowed the team to run all kinds of tests and was grateful for their lack of questions for a moment's time while she mentally collected herself. She began the sufficient healing process just to patch up the deep wounds and soften the dark bruises.

"Everything seems to be completely normal," Cyborg stated.

"Is this not good news?" questioned Starfire.

"Of course it's good news, but it still doesn't explain why he was after Raven in the first place," explained Robin who, like always, was too concerned with getting answers.

All eyes fell on Raven as she just finished the last of her healing procedure. "I have no idea," she confessed without much expression. Robin narrowed his eyes underneath his mask in confusion and deep thought. Beast Boy, who had been standing as close to her as possible without making either of them uncomfortable, searched her wildly for the slightest clue to any emotion at all. His search resulted in a big heap of nothing. Whatever she was feeling, if she was feeling at all, she was doing a good job at hiding it. Why is this creep following her around? Beast Boy thought as he felt blood rush quicker through his veins in anger as he thought of Adonis seriously hurting her.

Raven thought about his sudden appearance secretly to prevent the others from sensing her worry. It wasn't that she did not trust her friends; she just didn't want them to worry for her. It was already late and she knew they would be obsessing with the attack when they should be resting. She suddenly shot her eyes in the direction of Beast Boy and realized that he was staring… angrily? "What? I'm fine." she said specifically in his direction. He awkwardly looked down, but Raven turned her head in response to Robin's voice.

"You call that fine? Adonis just shows up in your room in the middle of the night for some unknown reason and knocks you nearly unconscious. Raven, that is not nothing..."

"What do you think he wanted with you?" asked Cyborg.

"Did he take something you possess?" suggested Starfire

"Dude, I think it's kinda hard to tell. I mean, he basically trashed your room," observed Beast Boy.

"You mean more trashed than your room?" asked Raven, secretly happy to see him return to his normal self.

"Hey! It's not THAT bad!" exclaimed Beast Boy.

Everyone looked in his direction with vexed expressions on.

"Okay, maybe it is," he concluded in a small voice as Cyborg began laughing.

"Look, it's gettin' even later and I think it would be best if we all went back to bed and figure this out in the morning," said Cyborg once he stopped laughing.

"You guys go, I'll be up in my room to figure this out," Robin stated as everyone sighed in unison.

"But boyfriend Robin, where will Raven spend the night?"

"I'll just sleep on the couch," offered Raven.

"Absolutely NOT. If he's coming back, we're not leaving you alone," Robin protectively said.

"Geez Robin, I'm a big girl, I can handle myself. Since when has Adonis been a threat?"

"Well clearly he's part of something bigger this time. He broke into your room! He's been after you before and we all know what happened then. We're not taking any risks."

"So, shall Raven sleep in Beast Boy's room? You did speak about the last time and was it not Beast Boy who did the saving?" pondered Starfire.

"Ahhh, now there's an idea! He does have that bottom bunk that he doesn't use," pushed Cyborg as he shot a smirk in Beast Boy's direction.

Beast Boy's eyes lit up and jumped nearly in Raven's face. "Yeah Rae! We'll stay up all night! I guess I'll have to clean my room, but that's not a big deal. We'll play video games and eat popcorn and you can talk about your books if you want. I promise I'll listen! I'll show you my sweet moves on the video games and we can tell scary stories and build a really cool fort and listen to music and I think I have a board game somewhere if you wanna play. It'll be so much fun!"

"I'll sleep on the couch," Raven said with narrowed eyes.

"C'mon Rae! Pleeeeeeaaaase!"

"Ra-ven," she corrected.

"Ya know Raven, Robin here is right. You shouldn't be alone," added Cyborg who was playfully stroking his chin.

She let out a long breath before finally agreeing. "Whatever."

"Yeeeees!" yelled Beast Boy as he grabbed her by the arm and basically dragged her to his room at lightning speed. She became irritated as she heard Cyborg laughing. What in the world was so funny?

When they came to a stop at his door, Raven had a rather exasperated look on her face. She was angry that Robin didn't trust her to fight her own battles. Whatever this was about, she didn't want to drag them into it. But what if they already are? she thought to herself when a sudden twinge of fear wound up in the bottom of her stomach. And why of all people did she have to stay with Beast Boy? She couldn't stand the smell of his room and hated how he always gave her rushes of strange vehement emotions.

"Uhhhh, hold on a sec. I've gotta clean my room," he said as he rubbed the back of his neck all embarrassed.

Raven heard clanging and banging as he rushed from one end of the room to the other. She stood out in the hallway patiently with her arms crossed. Internally, she was preparing herself for the worst smell of her life when Beast Boy opened up his door widely and invited her in with a huge smile. "See, told ya my room wasn't THAT messy!" Raven rolled her eyes as she saw his closet doors ready to burst open with duct tape on the front as if it would stop everything from toppling out of his closet. "Fabulous" she said sarcastically. The smell really wasn't too bad either.

"So! What should we do first?" he asked excitedly.

"Sleep," Raven announced flatly.

"Oh please, who needs sleep?"

"You do. Seriously Beast Boy, you need to get some sleep because you know Robin is going to get us up very early in the morning."

"Oh yeah… Well, I guess good night then," he said with the slightest hint of disappointment as he climbed to the top of his bed.

Raven almost felt sorry for being so rude, but she had to make sure he got enough sleep for tomorrow. With that, she nodded and got into the bottom bunk. She started closing her eyes when Beast Boy interrupted her.

"Hey Rae… ven," he quickly corrected himself.


"You know that no matter what, I won't let that creep Adonis hurt you or anyone else for that matter, right?"

Raven bit her lip. She felt the sincerity in his voice and it made her blush.

"Of course I know," she replied. "I will never let anything happen to you either," she quickly added as her face burned. At least she could try, but her heart sunk as she realized that most of what ever goes on in her demonic life is beyond anyone's control and she didn't want him to be dragged into it. Not any of her friends.

Beast Boy beamed from above her, staring at the ceiling. "Thanks Rae," he said softly. He knew she had a rough time trusting people, but it meant the world to him that she accepted his pledge and she returned it. He would do anything to keep her out of harm's way. He yawned really loud and said "Good night," before drifting to sleep.

"Beast Boy?"

No reply. He already fell asleep, so Raven did the same as she listened to his soft breaths and his occasional snore or even voice. It felt good to hear him so close.