SPACE:1999 Disclaimer:

I do not own Space:1999 or any of it's characters, they are the property of Gerry Anderson.

Hi, I come across some storys of Space 1999 that I had written in the middle/late 1980s.

They are pretty much short pieces, and are in their original paper form apart of a group of stories under the heading "COSMIC ATTACK"

I have slightly expanded the stories and now reproduced them as single entities in their own right. The first I have called "Good verus Evil" and I am uploading it in instalments.

Hopefully enjoy! If not I'm sorry.


Earth's age old Moon drifted on it's lonely path across an even lonier galaxy.

Eagle One was approaching the planet that had been on their long range scanners for the last few days, since it had first appeared on the big screen in Main Mission.

Professor Victor Bergman looked up to the screen, and then glanced across to David Kano who sat at his terminal, readying to gather up as much information he could muster about the planet...

The professor came forward, " Kano what readings have you got?"

Kano looked up at him shaking his head, " Nothing Professor, Computer seems to be playing seems to want to pass on information to us about the planet, but something is bypassing it's output systems..."

Bergman scratched his chin and looked across to Sandra Benes at her desk, " Sandra, see if you can raise the commander aboard Eagle one"

Sandra shook her head and tapped in, and opened a communication link, " Moonbase Alpha to Eagle One, come in eagle one..."

Commander John Koenig's face appeared on the small moniter on the desk, " Reading you loud and clear Alpha, have you got anything for me?"
Bergman leaned forward and took charge, " John, we are having problems down here...Computer is unable to give us anything else about the planet...all we have is the original reading that it has a breathable atmosphere...are your on board computers effected?"

"Negative Victor, everything they're telling me it's what I want to hear"

"John...just maybe that there is something on that planet that is overiding our systems...yours aren't at the moment but if they are..."

Koenig's face was nodding on the display, " No Victor...It's TOO LATE to turn back now...whatever is effecting computer is not touching our on-board computers, it has to be a fault on your I'll contact you as soon as we've touched down on the planet...Koenig out"

Victor looked up at the big screen to see the Eagle get swallowed up by the massive planet, just then, as he turned to confer further to Kano about what it was that was effecting Computer, Dr Helena Russell entered the room.

"I was wondering whether there was any word from John..."

Victor nodded his head and put his hands upon her shoulders, " Yes, we did just now, he's fine...says his on-board computers are working fine"

Helena looked around her, " But ours here on Alpha are not...does he know that? Victor we don't know what's ON that planet waiting for him!"

Victor gave her, or tried to give her a reasuring smile, " I'm sure John knows what he is doing...all we can do is wait for him to contact us...anyway it might be good news he comes back with...lets not worry ourselves yet..."


Eagle One was entering the planets atmosphere.

Commander John Koenig and pilot Jack Marshall stared ahead of them as they grabbed the controls. The eagle was just about to go into planetfall.

Jack Marshall swung around, his face was one of sheer concern, " Commander! The controls...they're red hot!"

Koenig tried his own levers, he snapped his hand up and turned to him, "You're right...we better pull up..."

Even though the thrust controls were burning hot, they both managed to pull them into position.

"They aren't responding commander! We're gonna break up!"

Koenig's eyes were all over the shop as plooms of black smoke started to pour up from the dash area...

...but something was on his side...

...something that seemed to be working him...

...his body wasn't his own, or was it?

The controls weren't hot to the touch was like he was touching them with someone elses hand...he gritted his teeth and pulled down on the thrust control and the eagle hurtled out of the planets atmosphere...

And was spinning out of control back towards the Moon...