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Thanks for all the reviews from last time. SO SORRY it's been so long since an update...hope this will keep you going! I've pasted the ending of part 4 at the start to act as a recap.

In Main Mission, Commander Koenig was pacing up and down...he was churning out what was to be the on the agenda, " ...this is what's going to happen...we NEED TO KNOW every there is to know about that planet...I want another eagle made ready for immediate lift off...the team will be made up of..."

He stopped in mid flow...Dr Russell was standing in the doorway with her case, " John...why don't you come back to the medical unit..."

Koenig cut her off, " I have no time for that Helena...we need to collect data from that planet..."

"You've already DONE that John...your eagle was thrown out of orbit and your co-pilot died!" she raised her voice a tad...but it was the mention of Marshalls death that got her his full attention.

Helena could clearly see John was confused...he was ticking over what she had told him in his mind.

Helena stepped closer, hands held out in front of her " You do remember, don't you? Jack Marshall was killed...and you have no memory of how that happened..."

Koenig swung around putting his back to her. All in Main Mission were looking at him. Wondering why their commander was acting like a total loon.

He closed his eyes and all he could see was darkness. The darkness was infinate.

"Where am I? Helena!"

There was silence...only silence was his answer.


But now the silence was broken...a voice spoke to him...a voice that he recognised because it was his OWN voice speaking back at him.


"WHO ARE YOU!" Koenig raged...instantly on his guard...but the voice had been hiding out in the darkness.


Forcing Koenig to his knees and having to put his hands over his ears...


Helena Russell screwed her face up in sheer concern, as Commander Koenig rolled around the floor with his hands clamped firmly over his ears.

Tanya went to go help him, but Helena stopped her, " No wait..."

Everyone was gathered around, as John suddenly relaxed and opened his eyes...blinking several times...his focus blurred at first, then gradually getting clearer.

Paul Morrow and a male data techncian, named Luke, grabbed an arm each and pulled the commander to his feet.

Helena was already scanning him over, but there was nothing showing up on the device that could determine what had just happened to him.

Forcing his gaze, she broke the silence, " John?" her eyes searching his face.

Koenig swallowed and met her gaze, "The planet...we need to get down to the planet"

She took his arm gently, " You need to come with me..."

Bob Mathias was meeting her at the doorway. John managed to pull away from her at the sight of the sedation needle in his grasp, "WE NEED TO GO DOWN TO THAT PLANET!", he cried pointing to the big screen.

"NO JOHN!" cried Helena, she pulled her hair back and tried to remain calm, " You need to rest, PLEASE LISTEN TO ME!"

John sighed, he could see the worry on her face, so he relented, there was always later " If I must...but I MEAN it's imperitive we get down to that planet"

Paul Morrow watched on, as they disappeared out into the corridor to the medical unit. He turned his attention to David Kano at the computer, " The commander is DETERMINED to get down to that planet! Do we know anything new?"

David shrugged at him, "'s the same old readings every time...but there IS something odd...I couldn't put my finger on it before..."

Paul came over to him, "What? What have you found?"

David shook his head as he leaned back, "Not me...Luke imformed me..."

Luke came forward, he was eager to get his finding across, " Mr Morrow, we have been hanging around this planet for hours..."

"We know that"

"Then why is it in the same position as it was when we first encountered's as if the moon has..." he shrugged his shoulders, because obviously it was impossible, " if the moon has stopped, sir..."

Paul pulled a face, and was already at his desk checking their current status, " That's impossible, we'd all know it, if we caught up in it's orbit.."

David tapped a finger over his controls, " No it's nonsense, Computer is telling me that we are STILL on the move..."

Sandra looked up at the big screen, she begged to differ," But Luke IS right paul...I have not needed to alter the scanner reading of that planet...usually I have to swing the angle of the scanner reader, as we pass by a planet..." she informed.

Paul looked at her, " and you've ONLY just realised that, now?"

Sandra sat down, that was puzzling her too, why HADN'T she noticed that before...?


Eagle Three was on the launch pad, ready for immediate lift off.

Professor Bergman came into Main Mission and looked up to it's image on the big screen, "who have you got on board?"

Paul turned his head, as he joined him at his side, " pilot Hayward and Anthony Crane...WHY Crane, can I ask?"

Bergman folded an arm around his waist and one hand to his chin, "...I've found some strange readings on Eagle One's flight computer..."

"What sort of strange readings?" questioned Paul, with interest.

The professor raised his eyebrowes, " ...the sort that tells me, that Eagle One hasn't actually been anywhere..."

David Kano breathed out a: "What? But that's impossible, professor"

The professor shook his head, deadly serious, " No, you'll find i am not mistaken, I've checked and double checked...according to the on-board flight computer aboard Eagle One...the ship never left the launch pad..."


Dr Russell turned from her desk and gazed out to the lunar surface from her office window, then looked up at the massive planet, they had been passing by for what seemed an age now...she could see her reflection in the window of her looking up at it...and it made her tingle with cold, like there was some unearthly presence nearby.

Shrugging off that feeling with a sigh, she turned around and looked on at John. He laid resting in a bed along the opposite wall, the other beds were empty. The medical unit's lighting was quite moody, a tinge of light blue.

She stood up and went to fetch herself a cup of water from the machine.

Cup full, she put the polycarton to her lips and dropped it, eyes wide. John was gone. She hurried over to the bed, and realised to her horror, that someone was still lying there on the silky was as if that body was invisible, she felt a tingle of cold again, the unearthly presence was back...she backed away shaking, then ran from the medical unit to raise the alarm.


Eagle Three blasted off the launch pad.

And inside pilot Hayward, and specialist scientist, Anthony Crane watched as Moonbase Alpha grew smaller behind them.

From the helm at Main Mission, Victor Bergman and Paul Morrow stood watching at the big screen. The Eagle looking like a small arrow enroute to it's target, the planet.

Sandra had opened up a communication channel with the Eagle, "Hayward, can you confirm for us what YOUR onboard flight computer is telling you..." asked Victor.

"Now professor?"

"Yesss right now..."

Haywards reply came back at them, " It's telling us we've just left Alpha, professor...everything seems normal...there's nothing to tell, it's all pretty much standard"

Paul glanced at Victor, " Maybe it WAS just a fault on Eagle ones computer..."

Haywards voice was back, " Wait! There's something wrong, it appears we are being..."

There was a sudden static haze, blocking the signal.

Paul shot a glance to Sandra.

Sandra sat and tried to get them back, " Moonbase Alpha to Eagle Three...Come in Eagle Three...COME IN EAGLE THREE...", she met Pauls gaze, and them they looked up at the screen...Eagle three was still in range...heading to the planet.

"Maybe it's a problem their end..." suggested Luke, checking if it wasn't their own end that was the problem.

The professor leaned over Sandra, " Keep trying Sandra...Paul" Paul joined him as they moved away from the others, " If Eagle Three makes it to that planet, I have a hunch the same thing is going to happen all over again..."

Paul nodded, " that maybe so, professor...but WHAT happens if they DO manage to penetrate the atmosphere? We've LOST contact, they are totally on their own"

Victor sadly smiled, " that's what I'm worried of..."