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Three months. Three long months since her world had been turned upside down and she still couldn't help but wonder if it was right side up yet again.

Looking back at those months she wasn't sure why her head hadn't exploded yet. No normal person could stand so much turmoil without turning insane in the process. She thought the break-up would be the end of her, but she hadn't counted in the trouble the divorce would bring with it.

Divorcing Justin should have been a straight shot, it should have been easy compared to the break-up itself. But since her love for Justin wouldn't diminish, the whole signing the divorce papers was taking a toll on both of them.

And then there was Lauren, who was barely older than her and had kicked her out of the firm recently. After she had been fired Kate refused to leave her boat for a few days. If it wasn't for Leo she might have sailed away with the damn thing, but she at least was over being fired and had decided to get back into the firm, since she owned half of it anyway.

Ohh, and speaking of her boat. It got blown up right after she decided to get back to work. Even though she hated to admit it, it was her fault. Out of stubbornness she'd refused to fix the propane leak that threatened her with it's presence for weeks and now that it was gone, she was mourning it's loss and with it the loss of the only thing her father left her that wasn't under Lauren's control.

Now homeless, she slept on the couch in her office for a few days, but that wasn't an arrangement to last forever. Of course Justin had offered her to stay at his place, but with his confession of cheating on her mere hours ago she sure as hell wasn't going to say yes to him.

Leo offered her his couch, too, but his flat was so small and she already took it for granted that he drove her around whenever she needed a lift, so staying at his place was out of question, too. There was always the option of staying at a hotel, but alone in an anonymous place like a hotel she might be tempted to knot a noose out of the bed sheet, just to get out of her misery.

So she slept in the office for three nights until a nagging backache threatened her to find a new sleeping arrangement. And as unexpected as it probably was for both of them, the offer to stay at her place for a week or so came from Lauren. After a few moments of consideration she gave in to her back begging her to take the offer and concluded that it wouldn't hurt to stay at Lauren's for a few nights. She could, after all, get the hell out of there whenever she wanted.

A few days turned into a few weeks and finally into three months though. Her daddy would probably be proud of her. Even though she still resented Lauren a bit for marrying her father, the last few months brought them nearer together. She even considered Lauren to be kind of a friend to her. An awkward kind of friend indeed, but a friend nonetheless.

And as though all of those things weren't enough for one person to bear, there was also Ben Grogan.

Ben Grogan was everything she hated about men and society, but in spite of everything she was falling in love with him, and it scared the living daylight out of her.

Speaking of fate being a fickle bitch. When he first approached her at her favourite bar, said fickle bitch threw him at her right at the next possible opportunity, her first mediation back at work. And dear God was he an annoying SOB, self-centered and money-hungry and overall extremely full of himself.

He bought himself into the firm, which saved them from going under, but that also meant he was now part of the firm and was going to move into the office next to her.

Long story short, he managed to grow on all of them. His general view of the world stayed the same and he still wouldn't pass an opportunity to make a whole lot of money, but he also wouldn't refuse any request from her to help her out with a case. Most of the time that meant he had to care about either the person involved, or about her, and though she guessed that most of the time he did it for her, he also showed general signs of caring for others, which intrigued her.

He seemed to get along with Lauren, too, always pitching a few ideas to her and saving the firm in general made Lauren respect him.

Leo and Ben on the other hand have a kind of relationship she can't really define. They seem to have a silent agreement to like each other, though they mostly tease the hell out of the other. She was sure though, that they sometimes communicate without words and that Leo understands Ben on a whole different level than she does.

So with all this going on in her life, how on earth could a person stay sane and always make the right decisions along the way? That's what Kate Reed asked herself when she was lying next to Justin who was still asleep, in his bed, his arm around her waist, awake at 6.45 in the morning, which was clearly not a time she'd normally be awake yet.

The problem with lying in Justin's arms was that Justin was not the person on her mind at the moment. He did come to mind at times, but always in comparison to Ben. She just couldn't shake the feeling of Ben's lips on hers when he kissed her at the elevator or the shudder that ran down her spine when Ben pulled her into the hot tub in Tahoe, standing only inches from her, even though the water was really warm. Especially the images of Ben's hurt expressions on the plane back to San Francisco and every time she was with Justin were haunting her in her dreams and even now, when she was awake this early.

And then there was Justin, who was the love of her life, who was so sure they could start fresh and new and live happily ever after. Who was so excited when he told her they could make it, that they just both must have the guts to decide to win this one. Who asked her last night to move in with her again…

She hesitated at first, but said yes when he proposed they didn't have to live in his apartment necessarily, but could find themselves a new place, which was another of those thoughts that haunted her this morning. Was it the right decision? Would they work out again? Was Justin the one she wanted to share her life with?

She sighed silently and moved herself slowly out of bed in order not to wake Justin and went into the shower, not knowing, that on the other end of town Ben was also lying awake in his bed, thinking desperately of Kate, torn between trying his best to win her over again and forgetting about her altogether.

The day itself started with a mediation that indicated that DA Davidson as well as Robin Archer were both playing dirty for years. Justin and Kate started looking for a place, though the first few apartments they visited were to cold and sterile for her taste. She wanted French doors and some extravagant features, while Justin was happy with about every place they visited.

When Ben found out about her and Justin looking for a new place he offered to ask a guy he knew who owns a few apartment buildings, but she didn't want to accept the offer, since this would make the whole situation even more awkward.

Later that day Justin called her that he found another place to live in, but if they wanted to look at it, they had to move quickly. So she grabbed a cab and was at his office in about 15 minutes. Justin drove them to the place and after the landlord gave them the keys to the flat they took the elevator to the 4th floor. When Justin opened the door and they entered the open living space Kate was amazed. The room still had to be refurbished a bit, but the open fireplace and the cute doors and windows were right up her alley. Not to speak of the old-school furniture and the awesome terrace with a wonderful view over the city and the bay.

Justin was not as happy as she was about the place and when she asked him how he got notice of the flat being available, he answered that Leo called him and that Ben had arranged for them to have a look at the place.

Shocked at so many levels, she somehow felt the urge to leave immediately, not without noticing a coffee cup from her and Ben's favourite coffee dealer standing on a shelf nearby.

So even after telling Ben not to, he had taken some time to look at places for her and Justin. What the hell was he trying for with his behaviour? Helping Justin, that was just not his thing. Had he given up on her? But then again, how did he know that this place was exactly what she was looking for? Why was it Ben who noticed the small things about her and not Justin?

While Justin drove her back to her office there was a pregnant silence in which Kate's brain was running in circles and which was only broken by Justin when he stopped the car in front of Reed&Reed, giving her a goodbye kiss and asking her to meet him at his office when she was done for the day.

Later, back at Justin's office, he asked her if it was OK to blindfold her, since he had a surprise for her. She consented to it and he steered her to his car, drove them somewhere and guided her up a flight of stairs. She smelled something familiar but couldn't put a finger on it. When she heard a key unlocking a door she got excited, since she thought that Justin had found the perfect apartment for them, but when he removed the blindfold the was stunned. The surprise was his old place, which sucked majorly as a surprise.

He explained to her how she could put her own touch to the place and make it more Kate Reed, but she only half listened. The only thing she could think about was how Justin didn't get at all what she was longing for, while Ben gave her the apartment of her dreams in a blink of an eye.

Though she can't really remember all the details anymore, they got into a fight about what she wanted out of life, out of him, until Justin told her if she left now it would finally be the end between the two of them. And she left. Telling him she loved him, while thinking it was true, just not in the way she used to.

She cried herself to sleep that night.

Waking up the next morning, late as always, she finally made up her mind. It was time to get a fresh start and the fresh start couldn't happen in Lauren's house. So why not buy an apartment then?

She called Leo, who gave her the number of the beautiful place she visited the day before with Justin and bought it without thinking twice about it. She then packed her stuff and took a cab to the office, where she put everything else she needed from the office into yet another box. Before she closed the box though, she put the stone heart she took with her from Lake Tahoe on top. Who knows, it'll probably bring her luck.

Fortunately Leo offered to drop her off at her new place, but knew her good enough not to come up with her. He always knew when she needed some time to herself.

When she opened the apartment, her apartment, she fell in love with the place all over again.

She had no desire to unpack her boxes just yet, so she just got out the old record player and a bottle of wine with one of her whine glasses. She opened the bottle with her teeth, spitting the cork into the next corner, nobody would mind anyway, and poured herself a rather full glass of the red liquid.

Since the weather was good she decided to further inspect her terrace and the view and if she was lucky, she could probably observe one of the nice sunsets over the bay.

Stepping out into the chilly outside she took a huge lung full of the sweet springtime air. It smelled like salt from the bay with a mixture of cherry blossoms. Leaning against the railings she closed her eyes to take in everything around her only with her nose and ears.

That's when somebody next to her started speaking up.


She couldn't believe her ears. There she was, standing on her new balcony and the next door neighbour sounded just like Ben. Her mind must be playing tricks on her, though she really didn't have that much wine yet. Slowly turning her head to her left she saw him standing there, hands on the balcony-railings, smiling one of his heart-melting smiles.

"… neighbour." he said, his grin nearly reaching his ears.

Neighbour? What the hell had she gotten herself into? Not knowing what to say, her mind racing, she turned on the spot and ran inside again.

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