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So ... she had just caught up with him at Waterloo. Onwards, Wendy, onwards.

Never had a journey to Portsmouth gone so quickly.

When she arrived, Wendy realised she couldn't actually recall any of it.

There are some lovely views as you traverse the South Downs, but Wendy didn't look out of the window once. There was only one view she wanted, and that was the face of James Hook opposite her. She could not take her eyes off him, and he, for his part, was only too happy to be stared at. Little Jane settled into a comfortable position on his lap where she soon fell asleep, and the boys were thrilled to be bumping along on a train rushing them headlong towards a new life.

And with them was a new addition: Finn, the boy whom James had rescued from Tremayne. He was a bright, blue-eyed lad with a mop of blond hair, no more than eleven or twelve, who beamed at Wendy when introduced and from then on kept touching her clothing or hand, as if reassuring himself of her presence. Another Lost Boy. Before, in the Neverland, motherhood was only play acting, and it had sat uneasily with her. But now that motherhood was a reality for Wendy, as all mothers do, she would not refuse him comfort.

It was only when she got off the train that she realised she had barely anything with her.

When the impulse to run after James had taken hold, she had managed to hug Pearson, Mrs Pargeter and Miss Stockton and promise that she would write and explain; she had even managed to scribble a note to Lizzie, apologising for being a hopeless friend and stealing her future husband, and to Lily and Olive, telling them that it was they who had given her the sense and confidence to do what she was now doing; but she had failed abysmally to pack sensibly. She had thrown a few items of clothing, mainly for the children, into a bag more suitable for weekend visits to maiden aunts in Godalming, and gone.

As they stood on the platform while the train puffed out of sight, she turned to James. 'I haven't a thing with me. I've left it all behind.'

He approached her, took her head in his hand and planted a kiss on her ever-willing lips. 'I will provide you with riches and silks and laces. You will want for nothing.'

'I don't want anything except you.'

He cocked an eyebrow. 'How abstemious, but you must allow yourself the occasional indulgence.'

'Perhaps … occasionally.'

He leant in for another kiss, but little James' insistent voice called them back. 'Mother, when are we going to get on the boat?'

Hook answered him. 'We sail on the tide for Cadiz. I have only a small boat at the moment, but I will soon recover my ship, and then you will know the thrill of life at sea, boys.'

'Is Tremayne in Cadiz?' Wendy asked warily.

'The last I heard he was.' Hook's face darkened. 'But I believe he sailed from there to intercept ships leaving Spain for the Americas.'

She took hold of his hand. 'Don't worry, James. All will be well.'

For a moment he did not respond and stared off into the middle distance, but then his eyes flittered to hers and he gave a cock-eyed grin. 'Of course it will. I have you. Come, we must go to the docks.'

They took a cab to the quay where James' had moored his two-masted schooner. When they arrived it was late afternoon and James was keen to catch the tide before it grew late.

He hurried them down to the ship. She was not, as he had described, a small boat, but she wasn't the magnificent brig he'd had before. Nevertheless, Wendy was impressed.

'What a pretty ship!'

James lifted the children onto the boat then held out for Wendy as she stepped aboard. 'She'll do until we can recover the Last Star.'

'Last Star?'

'My brig. The one I had after you stole the Jolly Roger.'

'Well, that's what you get for being such a villain. What happened to the Roger? Peter went off in her again.'

'Aye, and lost her to a band of sea dogs who managed to sink her, from what I hear.'

Guilt washed through Wendy. 'I'm sorry.'

Hook sneered. 'But we move on. The Last Star is a fine ship and I have made her mine. You will love her … when I get her back.'

'How much did she cost you?'

Hook gave her a sidelong glance. 'Cost?'

'Yes.' He didn't answer, but his lips curled up a little. Realisation dawned. 'She didn't cost you anything, did she?'

'I find it best to avoid paying for things if at all possible. Monetary transactions … so fiddly and time consuming …' He pouted in distaste.

Wendy stood on the deck and gave the deepest sigh. 'I don't wish to know details.'

'Then don't ask.' There was a brief silence. 'You know who I am, Wendy.'

'Yes. And I wouldn't be here if I didn't.' The look that passed between them needed no further words on the matter. 'Does Tremayne have your crew?' she continued.

'Some of them, including Smee. He threatened to kill him and the others if I did not come for him.'

Two men emerged from below decks. Wendy recognised them as two of Hook's pirates from all that time ago. They exchanged words with James and then turned their stares to Wendy.

'Jago, Solomon, you may remember this lady.'

The two men approached Wendy, their eyes widening as they dragged up a memory from deep in their sun and rum addled minds. One, with brown sturdy curls which stuck out from his head like an abused scrubbing brush, eventually spoke in a breathy whisper of awed recollection. 'The story teller!'

'Aye. The story teller.'

'Wendy,' said the other.

She gave a soft smile. 'I can't believe you remember.'

'Of course they remember. You were the most memorable thing that ever happened to Neverland, to all of us. Nobody ever forgot you, Wendy Darling.'

Hook stepped up, drawing himself to his full height near his men, who seemed to cower in his shadow. Wendy had nearly forgotten how impressive he was in the presence of others.

'Now … you will provide for Wendy and her family in every conceivable way known to man. She will be listened to, she will be obeyed, she will be honoured. If not, you will find yourself keel-hauled within an inch of your life, and only then to make you especially appealing and succulent to the sharks … do you understand?' He finished with an exaggerated grin. The men nodded rapidly and smiled sweetly at Wendy.

'Good, now prepare sail. We leave on the turn of the tide.'

The children had already scampered off over the ship. Wendy suddenly recalled her responsibilities. 'Where are the children? Jane? The boys?'

'There is no need to worry. The deck is carefully enclosed. Let them explore. Finn will take care of them. Children are curious yet imbued with a natural caution. You remember, eh?' He smirked.

It was all coming back. Wendy inhaled deeply and smelt the rope and tar of a ship again. And here she was, standing before Captain James Hook just as she had all those years before. Only now that time had given her the privilege of risk and the temptation of return, she could do exactly as she wanted. And she wanted him. She stepped up to him, her eyes dark with desire, her hands sliding gracefully up over his hardened torso to curl around his neck and pull him down to her.

He was focused on her mouth, which she parted invitingly, but just as those teasing lips promised to meet hers, he stopped short, and instead they curled into a smile. 'As much as you are drawing the most excitingly sinful intentions from me, I unfortunately have a ship to sail. Life moves a little differently on water, Wendy. You will have to accustom yourself to it, I'm afraid. Have no fear. I shall ensure I see to you in good time.'

She crossed her arms and gave him a reprimanding grin. 'Promise?'

'But of course.' He extended his arms to the sides and bowed a little in mock deference, then spun from her elegantly and bellowed to Jago, who was halfway up a mast, 'Is she ready for casting off?'

'Aye, Captain! It's a fair wind. We'll make rapid progress.'

'Good! I want to be halfway to France by nightfall!'

Wendy watched as her captain paced away to ensure the good running of his ship. She stood aside and observed him carefully. She had forgotten what a magnificent commander he was, how his men never swerved in their loyalty to him. This was his home. This was where he belonged. A strange ripple ran through her, unnerving her. It was almost like guilt, guilt that she had denied him his rightful place in command of a ship for so long, and apprehension that now that he was back at sea, he would lose interest in her.

Wendy shook herself. What was she thinking? She was at sea too, and she would make him value her for all she had to offer.

She strode across to him as he leant on the rail looking out over the horizon. 'What can I do to help?'

Hook cocked an eyebrow, clearly not understanding her at first. 'Help?'

'To sail her? What needs to be done? Something, surely? Shall I hoist a sail or lash a rope or scrub the deck?'

His mouth twitched in amusement. 'As much as I would love to see your delightful backside high in the air as you kneel before me, we'll save the deck scrubbing for another time. No, Wendy, go below if you wish. See the children are happy. I have no need for you up here.' He turned from her.

She stood her ground, not moving. Slowly, Hook turned back and noted her curiously.

'I said,' she repeated, 'what can I do to help?'

Hook appraised her with the same intensity that she was confronting him. 'Wendy Darling … as determined at sea as you are on land.'

'But of course, Captain. You seem to forget I spent a night in prison for my determination. I didn't come here to be kept safely below deck.'

His eyes narrowed as he considered the situation. 'No, you certainly did not. Very well. Take the wheel. She needs a steady hand. You are more than qualified in that respect. You see that rock on the horizon?' He pointed ahead to a grey shape which looked to Wendy like a crouching cat.


'Point her about fifteen degrees to the right of that. And keep your eyes peeled for anything up ahead. I haven't got a man aloft.'

'Aye, Captain,' she declared.

A momentary look of surprise passed across his face but then he leant in and kissed her before pulling back with a smile. 'Now get to work.'

Wendy, with a rush of excitement, skipped up to the wheel and took it in both hands. Hook looked on, his feet planted firmly apart, his hair blowing in the breeze. Her children chased each other nimbly round the deck, joined by Finn. The sails took and the schooner moved out to sea. Happiness so expansive bubbled up in her that she felt like crying it out for all to hear.

They sailed on until dusk, then made anchor. The ship creaked and jingled as it was rocked gently on the calm water.

'We will put the children to sleep in my cabin,' James suggested. 'When I have the Last Star, they can have their own cabins. There is enough room for you to squeeze in there too. I will sleep in a hammock with the others.'

'Is there room for me in your hammock?'

He grinned. 'Always.'

Wendy went to prepare the children for sleep. It was a tight fit, but eventually they were all nodding off: Peter and James on the bed, and Jane on sacking and blankets piled high on the floor. Exhaustion overcame them quickly and they were soon fast asleep. Wendy kissed them and left them, closing the cabin door quietly behind her. She passed Jago and Solomon intent on a game of cards below decks and heard the heavy breathing of an exhausted Finn coming from his hammock as she headed up again.

'All settled?' asked Hook as he stood staring out at the setting sun.

'Yes. I haven't known them go to sleep so easily for a while. It must be the sea air.'

As she stood beside him he took her hand in his.

'Am I really here?' she asked.


'Was this your plan? Your plan from the start? From the first time I saw you in Hyde Park?'

'I admit … the thought did cross my mind.'

He turned and took her head in his hand, tilting it up and studying her carefully. 'And now I shall see my plan through fully, Wendy Darling.'

He kissed her, his mouth gentle but certain, nuzzling and opening hers to slip inside and inhabit her again. It was enough for Wendy in some ways, standing on deck being kissed divinely by her pirate captain, but soon she felt her clothes loosening and being pushed off. Before she knew it she was left in only her underwear.


'Where else?'

'What if the others come up?'

'They won't.'

He held her chin and seemed to want to memorise every detail of her as his gaze pored over her. With anyone else, she would have pulled away, but with Hook, she knew the reassurance he derived from her closeness. 'Wendy … how I have longed for this moment, how I dreamed of it. To have you on my ship, to take you here, between the sky and the sea.'

He kissed down her neck, nuzzling and absorbing her into him as he went. Wendy turned her head up to the sky, where the stars were just starting to poke out of its inky wash.

'Do you remember I told you I did not want to belong to you?'

He did not respond but continued to graze over her skin.

'When you came back last time.'

Hook paused, and his voice, rougher than usual, hummed against her breast. 'I remember very well.'

'How is this different?'

He lifted himself from her and looked her straight in the eyes, the blue of his own burning. 'Because here you are free.'

'Free?' She did not let go of him, but she needed to reconcile the last of the niggling doubts.

'Who chose this, Wendy?'

'I did.'

'Aye. This is your choice. This is your will. And you know it.' He returned to his caresses.

Instinctively, her hands held him tighter, as if she may be returned to her life in London if she didn't. She stared up again. The stars were growing brighter and clearer by the minute.

'Yes. My will. My life.'

Wendy drew back but only to take his head in her hands and pull him into her. She kissed him now, hard and forcefully, opening wide for him and letting his tongue in, relishing the probing need of them both.

But soon enough she spun around to lean over the railing, her arms splayed out across it, her stance, bent over, inviting and beckoning.

'Now … Take me, Hook.'

She didn't see the slight tick at the corner of his left eye, or the way his lip jigged a fraction. With uncertainty? Doubt? I will tell you. James Hook's hesitation was borne only out of a need to confirm what he had heard, to replay her words in his mind. She had done it: crossed over to him, and he would never let her go again.

He pulled open his trousers, tore down her drawers with his hook and pushed her legs apart, harder than he realised; she would bruise.

He was inside her before she could next draw breath.

It had been only a few days since he had last entered her, but this was new. Here she was, in his world, the way it was intended, the way it was meant for them both. He would make it theirs. Hook was in to the hilt, and released his groan of satisfaction triumphantly.

Wendy's fingers clenched white on the wooden rail and her eyes fluttered shut as she focused on the man inside her.

'Yes, my Wendy. Yes.'

He had taken her, transported her out of her time and world. He moved slowly, but it would never be slow enough. Could she make it last forever? She stared ahead, as the last remnants of the dying sun turned the sea a dark purple like spilt Claret.

He pulled out so that it was only resolution that kept him in, then pushed forward again, slowly, stretching and filling. She exhaled as she felt her body absorbing him.

His hand was on her clitoris, fingers flittering and rubbing, circling and coaxing. She could feel a cold hardness through the thin cotton of her chemise against her back. His hook. Always so close. If he turned it a fraction it would cut her. She almost wanted it to. But he was too good. It was too perfect. She could not stop the inexorable rise of pleasure.

Hook knew it. He moved faster, insistent groaning plunges deep into her. She clenched upon him, causing him to hiss out as his cock was squeezed by her flesh. 'Yes, do it!' he groaned. 'Take from me. Take all of me!'

She bucked around him again and he thrust, and with that she came. She came so hard the stars above her flew into her mind and swam there, leaving their own trails as pleasure heaved through her, billowing out as far as the horizon.

Then Hook stilled. He went so quiet for a time that, if Wendy had not been delirious with ecstasy, she would have feared for him. But then, from the very core of him, it erupted. With the release of his seed, he let out such a moan of rapture that it seemed to stretch out across the ocean. Hook strained into her, every sinew and muscle thick with pleasure. She could feel the pulse and spasm of his cock, filling her with white hot bliss.

He didn't pull out for an age. Neither did they speak. They simply stood there, Wendy leaning over the rail, Hook embedded within her, staring out into the darkness of the night sea.

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