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Snow White sat in the tower, alone once more. She watched as a bluebird made a perch of her windowsill, and smiled slightly as it chirped.

"Where are your friends?" Snow murmured, inching off the small bed and stretching her arms towards the little songbird.

The bird chirped again, and hopped closer to Snow. Snow brushed her fingers against the feathery creature and closed her eyes. This was the closest thing she had to the outside world.

Suddenly, there was a bang at the door of her prison cell, and Snow snapped her hand back and watched as the bluebird flitted away. Finn emerged from the shadows, with two guards on either side of him.

"Her Majesty requests your presence in the Throne room," Finn said in an oily voice, wearing a repulsive smirk on his smug face.

"I-" Snow started, her heartbeat racing. The Queen never allowed her to leave the tower. What was going on?

The two guards grabbed Snow by her arms roughly, and she struggled to keep up with their pace as they strode down to the Throne room.

Ravenna lounged on the Throne; her face had no change in expression when she saw Snow, yet the younger girl could see how her step mother's eyes lit with a deep fire at the sight of her.

Ravenna snapped her fingers, and the two guards dumped Snow in front of the woman's feet.

Regal. Horrible. Beautiful.

Snow looked up to gaze at Ravenna with wide eyes. She didn't like situations where she did not know what the outcome would be, yet—everything with Ravenna was fierce, and unexpected, like some kind of storm that took hold of Snow and drew her into it's dark grasp.

Ravenna smiled down at Snow serenely, a facade of gentleness and virtue. The sight of it made Snow sick, but some part of her, some distant yet close unholy part of her—welcomed it.

"My pet," Ravenna cooed, and brushed her fingers through Snow's unkempt hair. Snow blinked back the tears that threatened to fall, and sat silently as the guards and Finn watched. She knew without looking at them that greed was in their hungry eyes.

Maybe she wasn't as pure as they once said she was.

Ravenna's fingers drifted lower, to Snow's bare collarbone, and Snow resisted the urge to lean into the familiar touch. Long golden fingers and perfectly kept nails scraped just barely across her tender white flesh, and Snow almost purred at the contact.

It had been so long since she had this.

Ravenna continued to pet her, and Snow sat facing her. She refused to look at the men who watched them. She only wanted to see Ravenna, her Queen, her only, her everything...oh yes, Snow knew perfectly well that she was molded into this—this darker version of herself, by what had happened to her, what she had witnessed, what she had done.

But if being pure as freshly fallen snow meant forsaking this pleasure, this infinite glorious warmth that filled her aching bones, and coursed through her veins...

Then Snow White didn't want to be innocent.

"Draw us a bath," Ravenna ordered. The guards bowed and retreated from the room, and Finn stepped forward.

Snow couldn't help herself; as she heard the man murmur to Ravenna, she drew closer to the Queen. She took comfort in the fact that the Queen gripped her with both hands then, her nails digging into the flesh in Snow's back, but the girl did not care.

It was almost as if the Queen was protecting her-

No. Staking her claim, more than likely. But still—Snow felt relieved when she heard Finn's boots walking away, leaving the Queen and her Princess alone in the Throne room.

Snow looked up at Ravenna once more.

"Come," Ravenna said quietly. "Let us go together. You haven't had a proper bath in a long time."

"I—I can do it by myself," Snow mumbled. Ravenna let out a soft, tinkling laugh.

"Ah, perhaps you have forgotten how to wash yourself. Do you really want to be alone, with those men guarding the room?"

Snow's skin prickled with goose bumps at the Queen's insinuation.

Ravenna and Snow stepped into the Bath House, and Snow collected the vision for safe keeping. It was beautiful—angels adorning the urns that poured out steaming hot water into the large pool—all golden and white and a mockery of the purity that once was her palace.

Ravenna glanced at Finn and the guards. "Leave us."

The guards retreated immediately, yet Finn paused. It set Snow's teeth on edge.

"Go," Ravenna ordered, and Finn reluctantly left the Bath.

Ravenna watched as Finn turned on his heel and walked out of the Bath House, and Snow let out a sigh of relief.

Ravenna glanced at her.

"It's alright," she murmured. "Nothing to worry about. No one is in here. It's just-"

Snow's eyes widened as Ravenna slipped out of her dress. She was not wearing a corset underneath her clothing.

"-us," the Queen finished with a purr.

Ravenna drew closer, her nude body certainly carved by the Gods themselves—until she was flush against Snow's body.

"Let me help you," Ravenna said, and Snow let the other woman undress her, sighing as she was freed from the confines of her dirty dress and sweat soaked corset.

"Oh," Ravenna breathed, her mouth so close to the Princess's aching peaks...Snow couldn't help but arch closer, and Ravenna took one into her moist mouth and licked.

Snow trembled, barely standing on her quaking legs. Ravenna drew back.

"The bath?" Ravenna smiled darkly. Snow nodded.

Ravenna took Snow's hand in her own, and glanced back at the younger girl, catching her gaze as they sank into the water together.

Snow sputtered as water filled her mouth. Ravenna laughed, and came closer to her. Snow relished the feeling of the warm water, and the sensation of Ravenna's bare breasts against her own aching bosom.

"Feels...oh," Ravenna said, as Snow tentatively raised her arm up to caress the Queen's shoulder.

Feeling bold, Snow leaned into the Queen and placed a gentle kiss on her naked flesh. Ravenna stared down at Snow in surprise, the shock quickly masked by a smirk.

"Even the purest of hearts can fall," Ravenna mused, and a furrow deepened in Snow's brow. She had not fallen; on the contrary, she had risen, she was awakened-

She was invincible.

Snow grabbed Ravenna by the back of her head, and kissed her fiercely, muffling the Queen's voice and swallowing the retort that was sure to come. Ravenna stood as still as a statue until Snow's fingers tangled in her hair, and then-

Then, Ravenna kissed her back.

Passion and wildfire and oh, it was so easy to see now that wars could start because of this feeling, this poisonous cure—Snow could never see another with Ravenna. She would fight, and she would die, to feel this blessed torment forever.

They broke away, breathing heavily, as steam billowed from the bath water.

Snow chanced a glance into Ravenna's eyes for just an instant. Adoration was shining her in her cloudy—sky eyes, until triumph overpowered it.

Snow smiled secretly as she embraced the Queen.

Maybe not everything was as it seemed to be.

To be continued