Chapter 1

It was just another normal day in Seireitei. It was so calm that some of the squad members had actually forgotten that they were still at war with Aizen. It was sunny and warm and most people were outside enjoying the weather while they could. All in all, it was peaceful and quiet.

Well, mostly anyways.

One squad was unusually loud. Or not so unusually, since it was Squad 10. The noises that were coming from the squads' office were so loud that people could hear them from three divisions over. The squad members were starting to get worried because of that. Their captain had been out in Rukongai the whole morning but it was already afternoon, so he could be back any minute. And everyone knew how captain Hitsugaya felt about Lieutenant Matsumotos' sake parties in the office.


And captain's back. And yelling to lieutenant Matsumoto. Again.

"Captain, hai! Wanna have some sake?" Matsumoto asked, waving a sake bottle In front of her. Hitsugaya could feel a vein throb on his forehead. He glanced around to see who else was there. Hisagi, Renji, Kira, Kyoraku and Kenpachi were all there.

"Matsumoto. What have I told you about having sake parties in the office?" he asked as the room temperature started to drop rapidly. The buxom lieutenant sweat dropped and laughed nervously. The other lieutenants started to shiver in fear. The child prodigy could be really scary at times. The only one who didn't even budge was Renji.

"Come on captain calm down." he said as he took a sip from his cup. The vein on the small captains' forehead throbbed again.

"I'll calm down when you people get the hell out of my office." he said with a freezing tone. Kyoraku just chuckled and looked at the younger captain.

"Abarai is right you know? You should learn to lay back for a while." the brown-haired captain said as he poured more sake for Matsumoto and himself. Hitsugaya sighed and rubbed his temples with one hand.

"I don't have time to lay back, thanks to my lazy lieutenant and her constant partying." he said with an annoyed tone as he walked to his desk and picked up some papers. "Just look at this, these were supposed to be done yesterday!" he said and gave Matsumoto an icy glare. Renji sighed and took another sip from his cup before opening his mouth to talk.

"You should get laid."

The whole room went silent. No one dared to say anything. For a moment, nothing happened. Even the air seemed to stand still. Then, the temperature in the room fell well below freezing, causing the sake to freeze.

"Out. All of you." the young captain said with a dangerous tone. Renji opened his mouth to protest, but he was silenced by Matsumoto. Unfortunately, she wasn't fast enough.

"GET OUT! ALL OF YOU!" The white-haired captain screamed from the top of his lungs, causing all of Matsumotos' guests to stumble out of the office before they were frozen. Hitsugaya slammed the door closed behind them. They all stayed still in the hallway for a while. Then Hisagi opened his mouth to speak.

"Great job Abarai."

"Yeah. Way to piss him off." Kira added. They all gave Renji freezing glances.

"What? How was I supposed to know he would get that pissed? Seriously?" the red-haired lieutenant tried to defend himself. The others just shook their heads.

"Abarai, you should know that the kid's seriously sex depriv-" Kenpachi started, but never got the chance to finish when a small fist was punched through the office door and the freezing air started to escape through it to the hallway.

"I think that was our cue to leave." Matsumoto said, pointing to the end of the hallway.

"Agreed" The others said in unison and followed Matsumotos trail as she ran out of the office building.

"Captain Hitsugaya? Are you there?"

The door to the squad 10 office opened and captains Unohana and Ukitake walked in. The first thing they saw was the young white-haired captain sleeping on his desk, arms folded under his head to act as a pillow. Ukitake smiled warmly and picked a blanket from the office couch and placed it to the boys' shoulders. He was just about to leave when he saw Unohana try wake the boy up.

"Captain Hitsugaya? Please wake up." she said softly as the boy stirred awake. He sat up properly on his chair and rubbed his eyes. He looked around for a while before looking at Unohana, who was smiling kindly at him.

"I'm sorry to wake you up, but I have to ask what happened to your hand?" she asked and gestured to Hitsugayas injured hand that the boy had (poorly) wrapped with bandages.

"Oh, this? Well… this was…You see…" he stuttered and blushed. He was a bit embarrassed to tell the elder captains what had happened. He stared at his lap and tried to come up with something. Unohana smiled to him softly.

"Does this have something to do with the hole on the door?" she asked, making Hitsugaya blush even more. After a little persuasion from Ukitake, the boy finally told the elder captains what had happened. Once he was done, there was a silent moment. Hitsugaya kept staring at the floor. He felt like a child who was getting scolded by his parents. Then, Ukitake let out a small sigh.

"I understand that you were upset but Renji is right about one thing. No, not the 'you should get laid' thing" Ukitake said quickly when he saw the look on the boys' face. "He's right about you needing to relax. You've been working harder than anyone in the whole Seireitei." he told the boy. Hitsugaya let out a sigh.

"I don't have time for relaxing. I have a huge pile of expired paperwork on my desk and about 70% of it belongs to Matsumoto. I have no time to relax." The boy said and yawned loudly. Unohana chuckled.

"Is that why you were sleeping in the office?" she asked kindly. Hitsugaya blushed a little and looked away from the woman. Unohana smiled and got up from the sofa they were sitting on.

"Go to your room to get some sleep. You need it." she said. Any other time Hitsugaya would've protested but now he was just too tired.

"Alright. "He said, smiling a little. He got up from the sofa and walked out of the office, leaving the elder captains looking after him. There was a silent moment which Ukitake broke with a question.

"Is it just me or has he gotten thinner lately?" he asked Unohana. The woman sighed and nodded.

"I believe he's been so 'busy' with his paperwork that he hasn't the time to eat properly. If he doesn't start eating more soon, I will take him to my squad and make him eat. I won't have one of the captains developing anemiz because he's stressed." Unohana said with a serious tone. Ukitake nodded in agreement but sighed quietly.

"I just hope he doesn't already have it…" he muttered as they left the squad 10 office.

Meanwhile, Toshiro was lying in his bed, staring at the ceiling and trying to get some sleep. After just being there for almost an hour, he got up and walked to the kitchen of his small apartment to make himself a cup of tea. While he was drinking it, he started thinking about what Ukitake had said to him.

'I know I should relax, it's just something I can't do right now. Matsumoto's not actually helpful with the paperwork.' he sighed and took a sip of his tea. 'But,' he thought, 'at least I have less paperwork now that Kurosaki's one of the captains. He may be an idiot, but he does his job.'

Ichigo became the captain of squad 5 right after he managed to get his inner hollow ('Shirosaki', as people called It.) under control. He had also managed to get the vaizards to work alongside the Soul Society, even though they refused to leave the World of the Living. When Kurosaki had first introduced himself to squad 5 as their captain, the whole squad was glad it was going to be Kurosaki taking over their ex-captain Aizen. Okay, almost everybody. Lieutenant Hinamori refused to accept Kurosaki as her captain, and that caused un-necessary tension within the whole squad. It had been three month since then, and Hinamori still refused to accept her new captain.

Toshiro sighed as he thought about the situation in squad 5. He was glad that Kurosaki had told him about it. After all, Hinamori was like a sister to him. He raised his teacup back to his lips in order to take another sip, but realized that the cup was already empty. He got up and placed the cup to the sink. Just as he was about to go back to his bedroom to try and get some sleep, he saw a black butterfly come in through the open kitchen window. It landed to the table next to Toshiro's hand. When the butterfly let out its message, Toshiro could feel his heart slow down.

"Message to all captains and lieutenants of Gotei 13. Please move to squad 1 barracks immediately. The traitor and ex-captain of squad 3, Gin Ichimaru, and an arrancar and the sexta espada of Aizens army, Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, have entered Seireitei and are currently held captive in squad 1."

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