Fionna's Nightmare

Chapter 1

This is my third fic based on "Dante's Inferno" and the first one that is not a How to Train Your Dragon fic.

Anyway, here we go, part two of the Nightmare Saga.

Note:This takes place one month after "The Nightmare Queen".

There is no such thing as a pleasant nightmare, there is never anything pleasant about a nightmare. No, the purpose of a nightmare is to terrify, terrorize, and, on occasion, even threaten a soul.

Nightmares have a way of using peoples' worst fears against them, tormenting them to a point that can be mentally crippling.

Nightmares can be relentless, and the only thing worse than having living one.

"You ready, Cake?" Fionna asked, holding the Blood Sword tightly.

"As I'll ever be." Cake replied.

They were preparing to go to a cave that was just outside of the Evil Forest, it was said that inside the cave lived a reclusive witch that stole and possessively hoarded treasure. Fionna and Cake were hoping they could make the witch return everything that she had stolen.

Currently, Fionna was talking to Marceline, Marshall Lee, Finn, and Jake.

"Well guys," Fionna informed, "we should be back by tonight, if not then we should at least get back by the early, early morning."

"Do you guys have a plan?" Marceline asked.

"We have a goal," Cake said, "as for a plan, we'll basically just make it up as we go along."

"Okay," Fionna stated, "while were gone, Finn and Jake will look after our Tree Fort."

"Yeah, we can handle taking care of both Tree Forts." Finn replied.

"Just stay out of our stuff," Fionna asserted, "Beemo will have the camera on there at all times."

"Got it." Finn said dryly.

"Marceline, take care of everyone," Fionna requested, "keep them safe."

"Sure thing," Marceline responded, "but why are you so on guard, you'll only be gone for the day."

"Remember," Fionna said, "a lot can happen in a day."

"True, true." Marceline replied.

"Marshall Lee," Fionna instructed, "keep a look out for anything threatening, just as long as you stay secure."

"A little contradictory there, but okay." Marshall Lee responded.

"All right, reiterating," Fionna directed, referring to Finn and Jake, "keep an eye on our house."

"Right." Finn said.

"Keep everyone safe." she told Marceline.

Marceline responded with a salute.

Finally, Fionna told Marshall Lee, "Stay outta trouble."

The Vampire King rolled his eyes and nodded.

"All clear?" Fionna voiced, "Good, then, we're off, we'll see you all later on."

"Do you guys really have to go?" Marshall Lee wondered.

For some reason the Vampire King felt that she should not leave.

"Well, yeah," Fionna said, "that witch stole a lot of stuff, and it needs to be returned."

Marshall appeared to be visibly uneasy.

"What's wrong?" Fionna wondered

"Oh, it's nothing," Marshall Lee answered, "just a...weird feeling."

"No need to worry." Fionna reassured.

Marshall shrugged.

"We better go." Fionna sighed.

"Hold on," Marshall Lee said, "take this."

He held out his Axe-Bass.

"Really?" Fionna responded, "okay."

She reached out and grabbed the weapon-instrument.

"Promise you won't do anything stupid while you're there." Marshall Lee implored.

"We won't do anything stupid," Fionna assured, "at least not on purpose."

"Seriously," Marshall said, "because people who usually go to that cave don't leave it empty handed...if you know what I'm trying to say."

"The point of this mission is to make sure all the stolen goods go back to their rightful owners," Fionna explained, "you know you can trust me."

Marshall took his hand off the Axe-Bass.

"Oh yeah, I can trust you." the vampire boy replied.

They looked at Cake.

"What?" she responded, "I'm not gonna take anything."

"Of course you won't." Fionna said, she then told Marshall, "I'll check her before we leave the cave."

"Don't get killed either." Marshall stated.

"We won't," Fionna avowed, patting him on the head, "faith is a virtue, try and have a little."

"Certainty is more of a virtue." Marshall affirmed.

"Nevermind," Fionna said, "let's go, Cake."

Cake made herself bigger.

"I'm ready." the cat stated.

"See ya," Fionna said to Marshall, "and don't worry, everything is going to be just fine, I promise."

Marshall looked on unsurely.

Fionna mounted Cake's back.

"Run on, Cake!" Fionna proclaimed, "to the Evil Forest."

The others watched as they left.

"Something wrong," Marceline asked Marshall Lee, "you seem...tense."

"It's,'s nothing." Marshall Lee replied.

Of course, I won't be able to follow the Dante's Inferno video game plot exactly, but it will be as close as I can get it, the plot itself was inspired by the game.

Anyway, I will get more chapters up eventually, I certainly hope this story can be as good as its predecessor, because it's rare that a sequel out does or even comes close to being as good as its predecessor.