Fionna's Nightmare

Chapter 18

Here we go, Fionna vs. the Nightmare Queen.

Tantibus sat on her storm cloud chair, eagerly awaiting to see the battle between Fionna the Human and her mother, the Nightmare Queen, unfold.

Fionna charged forward, yelling at the top of her lungs.

NQ used her power to summon down powerful bolts of corrupted lightning shaped like hands with clawed fingers.

The Nightmare Queen sent the lightning at Fionna, but Bronta manage to send it back with her own uncorrupted lightning bolts.

"I have power too!" Bronta proclaimed.

"We all have power!" Glacia added.

The three sisters started using their own powers to attack the NIghtmare Queen, while Fionna made her way up to the palace courtyard.

While NQ was held up by her ex-minions, Fionna used the power of the Axe-Bass to destroy Marshall Lee's restraints.

"I told you I'd get here." Fionna said, lifting him up.

"I knew you would." Marshall replied.

"Nahhh!" the Nightmare Queen shrieked when she saw Fionna taking Marshall away.

NQ tried to make the ground fall apart under Fionna's feet, hoping she would lose her footing.

"No, no, no, no, no!" Fionna said tensely, jumping over the holes in ground while still holding Marshall tightly.

"Not fair!" Nightmare Queen hissed.

Once at a safe distance away, Fionna set Marshall on his feet, he could not yet float, but he was able to stand.

"You good?" Fionna asked.

"Worn-out," Marshall said, "but I'll live."

"Ahh! No more!" Nightmare Queen screamed, "I will have my new king!"

The wicked queen then morphed into a giant humanoid-dragon creature.

"Oh...crap." Fionna responded.

"No more trouble!" NQ yelled in a distorted voice.

She waved her massive, reptilian hand, using her power to trap the three sisters in a magic forcefield to keep them from helping Fionna.

"Please tell me I'm not the only one who saw this coming." Botania sighed.

Glacia pounded on the side of the forcefield, to no avail.

Nightmare Queen let out a fierce roar, then she quickly threw down her mutated hand and snatched up Marshall Lee.

"Hey!" Marshall yelled.

"Oh...CRAP!" Fionna uttered.

NQ held Marshall up to look at him and laughed triumphantly.

"Mine!" she snarled proudly.

"Hey! Whorezilla!" Fionna cried, "Let him go!"

"Make me!" Nightmare Queen hissed.

"Oh Ma," Tantibus sighed, still watching from afar, "you stupid, stupid, harlot."

"Marshall, I'm coming for you!" Fionna called.

Fionna took the gatekeeper's axe and started slicing at NQ monster legs.

NQ shrieked and started stomping her feet, trying to step on the human girl.

Fionna barely managed to avoid getting squashed, she jumped up and slammed her axe into Nightmare Queen's foot. When NQ lifted her foot again, Fionna launched herself upward and hooked onto Nightmare Queen's thigh.

"Horrid, vile, evil, repugnant, monster!" Fionna growled, hacking at NQ's leg.

Nightmare Queen snarled furiously, she reached down to tear Fionna off of her leg.

The human girl was quick to swing the large axe around and catch NQ's monster hand.

"AHH!" she gasped loudly.

When Nightmare Queen yanked up her hand, Fionna was flung up once again and gabbed onto NQ's arm.

"Yep, there it is." Tantibus sighed, as she saw her mother's mistakes.

"Get OFF!" Malicia growled.

She started flailing her arm around.

Fionna held a tight grip on the Nightmare Queen's arm.

She pulled her way toward NQ's hand, in which Marshall was still clutched tightly.

"Marshall!" Fionna yelled, holding out her hand, "Here!"

Marshall Lee reached out his own hand and they grabbed each other's arms.

"Hold on!" Fionna said.

She held out the Axe-Bass, and with powerful blast of positive energy, she blew off Nightmare Queen's fingers.

"EEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Malicia screamed in anguish.

"Saw it coming." Tantibus stated, placidly checking out her nails.

Fionna pulled Marshall into her arms.

"I'm feeling pretty good about this," Fionna proclaimed, "how are you, Marshy?"

"I feel fantastic!" Marshall laughed.

"Great, keep feeling fantastic and grab this Axe-Bass with me!" Fionna replied.

They both grabbed the Axe-Bass, and with the most powerful energy blast yet, Nightmare Queen's face was horribly burned, and she lost her footing.

As NQ fell, Fionna held her vampire friend as tightly as she could as she quickly descended the monstrous queen's mutant body until she reached the ground.

Malicia hit the ground, unconscious, and returned to her normal form.

Glacia and her sisters were freed from their prison.

"Whoo!" Botania responded gladly.

"That was, how mortals would say...awesome!" Glacia stated.

"Yeah it was." Fionna said.

"I can't believe you were able to beat Malicia...twice!" Bronta expressed.

"It was nothing." Fionna replied.

"You realize we may need you again?" Botania voiced.

"When that time comes, I'll be there," Fionna said, "right now, we have to get back to our realm."

"Got it." Glacia said.

Glacia snapped her fingers and an exit portal appeared.

"Wow, thanks." Fionna responded.

"Until next time." Glacia replied.

"Come on Marshall," Fionna said, "lets go home."

"Right behind you." he said.

She grabbed his hand and pulled him through the portal with her.

Tantibus, still hiding while she watched, grinned deviously.

"Ha, Mom has failed," she snickered, "which means, now it's my turn."

The Nightmare Princess quietly fled into the shadows.

~Aaa, Marshall Lee's house~

Fionna had finally brought Marshall back home, like she had promised.

It was now two in the morning, Fionna was relaxing on Marshall's new, more comfortable, couch, with the Vampire King asleep in her lap. Cake, who had caught up with Fionna, was curled up on the ground.

"Oh, Cake," Fionna sighed, "you will not believe what I went through tonight."

"It may have been difficult," Cake replied, "but in the end, you won, again."

"Yeah," Fionna said placidly, gently rubbing the sleeping Marshall Lee's shoulder, "yeah I did."

At that moment, Tantibus was standing, suspended in the night sky, looking down at the land.

"Soon, very soon," she said contently, "I, Nightmare Princess, will have all this. Where my mother failed, I will succeed."

Tantibus laughed quietly to herself as she began to contemplate her upcoming assualt.

Yeah, this addition of the "Nightmare Saga" has come to an end, but this story is far from over.

I will start the next story soon.