It was still dark outside; the lights just wouldn't turn on. Ren wanted to go check the switches, but he couldn't, someone in his chest had fallen asleep, Kaoru.

"Jeez, this girl is a heavy sleeper" Ren whispered to himself as he let her hair down, her hair was longer and it touched the floor. Suddenly the light switched on,

"Mm?" Ren heard as Kaoru got up and stretched.

"Finally the lights went on, hmm? How did my hair get down?" She asked as she rubbed her eyes.

"Go to bed" Ren said as he got up, "Hurry up" Kaoru just stared at him with sleepy eyes.

"Okay, I'll blow up a mattress for you" Ren looked at her shocked,

"Who said I would sleep here" Ren said annoyed.

"It's too dark outside, and it's late" she said as she started to blow up the mattress. Ren sighed. Once she was finished she got up and went to her room


"Night..." Ren said. He took of his coat and then he top (he doesn't wear a shirt to go to sleep) he lay on the mattress and fell asleep.

Once Kaoru was in bed, she felt scared, like someone was watching her.

"Damn it, I just can't sleep..." Kaoru said as she got up. Kaoru went to the kitchen to get some warm milk, but it didn't work. She sighed as she went back down to see Ren sleeping peacefully. Kaoru tried to wake him up but he wouldn't.

"I wonder what Ren's dreaming off" Kaoru asked herself. Kaoru eyes widened as a huge white flash covered her eyes. When she opened her eyes she found herself floating in the air...

"Waaaaa, I'm too young to die!" She yelled, she just kept floating.

"Superman!" She yelled as she did a pose. Suddenly she saw Ren and her, Kaoru was 8 and Ren was 9 at the time this happened

"Huh, I remember this...this is when..." Kaoru watched younger Ren and kaoru talking.

Kaoru watched as Ren pulled the younger Kaoru into a kiss. Kaoru just watched, she hadn't felt Ren's lips since she was 8.

"That was the last time Ren kissed me" Kaoru said to herself. Kaoru watched as Ren and Kaoru broke apart. She landed on her feet and watched.

Younger Kaoru leaned on a tree and sighed.

"This is the last time we'll ever kiss" younger Ren said. Younger Kaoru just stared and younger Ren is shocked.

"W-what do u mean?" Younger Ren walked passed younger Kaoru

"We can't be together...please forget about me" Younger Ren then disappeared

"I remember that" Kaoru said as she looked at younger Kaoru crying.

"WHAT DO U WANT?" kaoru heard a voice. A flash of light came out from nowhere as she saw a pair of golden eyes staring at her dark blue eyes...

"Ummm..." She looked around to see she was home.

"You know you're really annoying me, well what do you want?" Ren asked again.

"Oh...umm...c-can I sleep with you" Kaoru stuttered. Ren blushed slightly and sighed,

"Fine..." Kaoru crawled in and felt straight to sleep. Ren stared at her and ran a hand through her black hair then fell asleep.

Next morning Ren woke up to see Kaoru wasn't there anymore. Once Ren got out of bed he put on his shirt on. Kaoru was in the kitchen cooking some eggs.

"Hey..." Ren said. Kaoru turned to Ren

"Mornin'" she said yawning. Ren watched as Kaoru put the eggs on a plate. He looked at her dark blue eyes. They looked clouded with worry. 'What's she worried about?' He asked himself. 'What's happening to me?' Kaoru thought. 'First it was that vision, now it's me seeing Ren's it puberty?' She asked herself. Kaoru was cutting the crust from her bread when she accidentally cut herself.

"Ow..." Kaoru said. Ren noticed the blood flowing from the cut.

"You're an idiot Kaoru" Ren said as he took a hold of Kaoru's hand and started to lick the blood then the wound. Ren just kept licking the wound. Kaoru just stared at him with misty eyes, and had a bit of a pink blush on her face. Once Ren was done he got out a plasta and put it around her finger.

"Be more careful" Ren said staring into her dark blue eyes, they didn't realise what they did next. They both started to lean it when their lips finally touched. Kaoru's eyes closed as she wrapped her arms around his neck, Ren on the other hand was surprised on what they were doing. He stared at Kaoru with her eyes closed; Ren put his hands around her waist and closed his eyes. He pulled her deeper when he licked her bottom lip for entrance. Kaoru opened her mouth without hesitation. They suddenly heard the door of the house open

"Were home, Kaoru, I bought someone u might like to seee!" Seji, here dad yelled. Ren and Kaoru broke apart quickly and sat the table eating. Seji came into the kitchen.

"Hey look who's here" Seji said as someone came out with sunglasses. She ran up to Kaoru and hugged her.

"Look how much you've grown princess!" The women yelled. Kaoru just stared at the women

"Umm...who are you?" She asked. The women sweat dropped, she took her sunglasses off.

"Now do you recognise me?" She smiled. Kaoru shook her head

"It's me, your mother, Misa" she said smiling

"Okay...? Dad, I'm going out" Kaoru said. She got up and went to her room. Kaoru's mum, Misa glared at Ren

"Ummm...yes Mrs Hanabishi?" Ren asked

"You better be nice to my baby, breaking up with her without a reason. I don't want to hear that she cries because of U, do you hear me Tao!" Misa yelled and Seji had to pull her back

"Call down Misa"

Kaoru opened the door to her bedroom and got some clothes out; she had a quick shower then put on a light pink top with light blue shorts and red convers. Kaoru put her hair loose, for once; her hair was up to her knee. Kaoru went into the living room, her mum and dad were there, but...there was no sign of Ren

"Hey, where's Ren?" Kaoru asked them. Misa stood up and patted Kaoru's

"Honey, do you still like that Tao boy?" Misa asked. Kaoru stared at her with misty and lazy eyes

"No...why would you think that?" Kaoru asked.

"Well you were with him and you haven't seen him in ages, so I thought you might have...started to like him again..." Misa said to her daughter.

"Don't be silly, I don't like him anymore, were just friends" Kaoru said

"So...where is he?"

"He left for home" Misa said.

"Okay, well I'm going out" Kaoru waved to them and left. She was walking to Yoh's house when she saw Ren behind a tree looking around, he started to head somewhere and Kaoru got curious, 'I'll follow him, see where he's going" kaoru watched as Ren went to monument hill and stopped. Kaoru felt an awkward feeling, when she turned around she saw ghosts looking at her strangely

"G-Ghosts? What the hell?" She yelled, Ren must have heard her since he turned around and walked towards to Kaoru who was leaning near a tree.

"What are you doing here?" He said in her ear. Kaoru jumped at the surprise of Ren's voice. She turned around

"D-Don't do that!" Kaoru cried. Ren glared at her then his expression changed and pointed at the ghost that she saw

"Can you see them" Kaoru nodded

"So are you a shaman...? Like me?" Kaoru looked at him oddly

"What's a shaman, and ur a shaman?...whatever that is" Ren sighed as he explained what a shaman was and the shaman tournament too. Next thing they knew Kaoru was watching Ren train with Bason. It started to rain slightly when it went even harder, Kaoru's breathing went heavy and she felt hot. Her face was flushed and her vision started to go fuzzy

"R-Ren I..." And Kaoru collapsed. Ren turned to face Kaoru, his eyes widened as he ran towards Kaoru

"Kaoru!" he picked her up and saw her face flushed. He touched her forehead and noticed she was hot

"A fever..." Ren whispered to himself.