Drabbles of Annie Cresta

A/N: This is my first Hunger Games Fanfiction, it's just going to be short around 200 word drabbles about Annie's life in her POV because I love Annie and Finnick! Thanks for reading.

My First Reaping

I stand there physically shaking with fear as the weird Capitol women flounces around on stage and Mags is sitting down, the victor from years ago who's always been a close friend of the family. I know more often than not people volunteered in District Four but sometimes there were none. A name is pulled out. "Inya Horrabs." Calls out the weird Capitol Lady. I sigh in relief as a nervous girl walks out but it's not long until someone says that they volunteer. I don't know either of them.

Now it's the boy. "Finnick Odair." The Capitol women calls out and many girls gasp in shock. Finnick Odair, possible the most handsome boy in Panem was reaped. I however don't show it not like all the girls obsessing over him. As if I have a chance in a million years. My heart still drops a little when I find out that no one volunteers and Finnick Odair, the fourteen year old heartthrob will have to compete in the Games. I cross my fingers in hope he may win, then the District will receive presents at least but he'll probably move to the Capitol. Not like I care about him, there are plenty more fish in the sea. I'm just relieved that I wasn't reaped.