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Make My Heart Start Beating


Backed into his room I cling to him and I'm not the slightest bit shocked when his fingers start to unbutton my shirt. Following his lead I undo his tie and start on his shirt.

Piece by piece we strip down, I make him fold my clothes, I don't need them to look like they've been through hell by sitting on his floor all night. Hopping around I get my last sock off and then he sweeps me onto the bed.

Flat on my back with Sebastian hovering over me we kiss and it gets dirtier and filthier, our moans fill the room and when I hear the lube pop I wiggle impatiently for him.

So of course he stops and stares down at me, "What?" I ask him, "Is there something on my face? Do I have something in my teeth?"

"No," he shakes his head, "It's just," now he hesitates, "Did you mean it? This morning in the kitchen? Do you really like like me? It's not just sex for you? Because when I bumped into you in the supermarket you really didn't want anything to do with me and…"

And I'm looking at a very vulnerable Sebastian Smythe. Carefully I cup his face, "Yes, I meant it. I was horrible to you in the supermarket because I thought you knew about me not leaving Lima, I thought you were the same boy, I thought you were being mean to me. Once I realised you didn't know I realised you weren't being mean on purpose."

"Good," he breathes out and I'm engulfed in a hug, "I've been dreaming of you ever since that night in the hotel. God I didn't want to leave you in the morning, no one's ever made me feel like that, I lashed out and I fled. I've been running ever since, I facebook stalked a few people and when I heard the New Directions where going to be in Lima I took a chance you'd be here, god if only I'd been brave enough to stay in the damn hotel instead of…"

At his mention of the hotel and the hateful words he'd said to me I stiffen in his arms, he glances up, "Tiger?"

I just smile and go to hug him tighter but he pushes me away, "You know I didn't mean what I said that morning, don't you? You know now I was just scared? Right?"

"I…" I can't tell him how much they hurt and still sting, not now that we're getting on and this fragile thing between us is growing, "That's in the past," I reach out to him and he dodges me.

"Oh my god, you believed me? All these years you've believed me? After all the shit I put everyone through, all the stuff I pulled and you believed me?" He looks horrified, "Kurt I swear, I didn't mean a word of it, I swear."

"Okay," I think he's more upset right now than I am, "I think I've worked out that you like like me Sebastian," I soothe him, "You realise you went up against my dad for me, you dared to take on Burt Hummel when I was being the idiot and running away from you."

He frowns, "That was easy, he loves you, all I had to do was convince him I love you too, as long as there was a chance you wanted me in your life I was going for it."

"Then I completely forgive you for what you said in the hotel that morning," and this time he lets me close to him and I'm back to being hugged and snuggled within an inch of my life. Kissing his shoulder I nuzzle up his neck and goosebumps run down his arm.

"You are far too nice," he mutters into my skin, "I'm going to have my work cut out protecting you," he grins, "And bailing you out of jail every time you get busted by that cop."

I playfully poke him with a finger and he grunts, "Yes dear," I singsong. He retaliates and tickles me, "Hey," I fight back and we roll over the bed.

With a few moves he has me pinned to the bed completely at his mercy and he smirks down at me, "I'm glad I took the risk to come and find you, I'm glad you're giving me a chance Kurt, I promise to try and be a good boyfriend to you," there are shadows lurking in his eyes.

"Did you mean it?" He asks.

"Mean what?" I ask him currently basking in the knowledge that Sebastian actually came back to Lima, the middle of nowhere, looking for me.

"You said I made your heart start beating," his face has closed down again and I blink, "After the kitchen table dessert incident, you said the reason you let me do that was because I…"

"Oh. I said it out loud?" And I'm flushing again. He's still tense and unsure so I take the chance and tell the truth, "Yes, you really did make my heart start beating."

With that he collapses on top of me, "You made mine do that years ago, I really think I love you, I've never been in love before, you're all I think about, and not just sex, I want to know everything about you Kurt Hummel, I want to spend the rest of my life making you smile," which makes me smile.

"Well I'd say you're doing very well," I kiss his forehead.

"Can we not have sex tonight?" He asks and my jaw drops, "I've done sex so often I want to sleep with you, I want to wake up with you and in the morning I want to try making love with you."

"Okay," I agree and end up on my back in his bed with him wrapped up all around me like I'm going to vanish in the night.

This conversation stuff about relationships is harder than it looks. Beside me Sebastian is slipping into sleep and I stroke his hair. "Mon Coeur," I whisper and hold him close.

We've barely touched the surface of us, there's so much to learn about him, about his family, and I'm guessing they don't get on that well, if at all. About why he tensed when I was fingering him. What his favourite colour is, what his favourite song is, his favourite food…

On the other side of the room is the tiger lily I bought him, it's starting to droop but he kept it and he's been watering it. I have a feeling that having Sebastian in my life is going to be a crazy ride every single day. I've been coasting along not doing anything for years and he's not going to let that continue and it's not going to be easy but it is going to be fun.

I've had more fun and laughed more and smiled more and just everything good more since he came back to Lima.

I'm going to college or night school, I haven't decided, I have a business to run, a boyfriend to pester into writing his book, a dad and a brother to run around after and organise this end of their political careers, teens to help and to educate…

And then I smile, I might not have made it out of Lima, I might have thought I was stuck here but I've carved out a life for myself, I have friends, I have colleagues, I have a boyfriend, I have a family.

I might not have gotten lucky in one sense of the word with Sebastian tonight, but I've gotten lucky in so many other ways.

Settling down I close my eyes glad that I ran into Sebastian in that supermarket, and the bar, and the coffee shop, and the common room, and the fair, and the cinema…

I still don't believe in dreams, not for me, but with hard work and some communication maybe I can have a good life, one filled with love and laughter, no prince for me, just a very special man who's willing to fight for me, for us.

No Broadway career with my name up in lights, but one where I can see the results of my work and watch them drive around. Or watch the kids grow up and discover things about themselves they never knew and help them learn what they want to do with their lives, help them find their dreams.

To my teenaged self I bet that sounds like hell, stuck with Sebastian Smythe in Lima and toiling away at the garage and helping with Glee club and cheerleading practice.

To me, here and now, it sounds perfect.

Now I really understand a bit more about Mr Schue, the man has his faults, oh god do not get me started on his faults, but he walked away from his own chance on Broadway with a smile on his face and at this moment in time I'd do the same. Your name in lights is amazing but it isn't everything, it isn't the thing that gets you up every single day, it isn't the thing that warms you inside.

Maybe I'll change my mind in the future and go for it again, but it'll be because I want to be on that stage, I won't be chasing approval or proving anything to anyone, I won't be running away from hate and fear, I'm me and the world had better watch out because Kurt Hummel is back and I'm so going to live my life my way, screw everyone else, if they don't like it they can learn to live with it.

Tomorrow is another day and I'll tackle each day as it comes, together, with Sebastian.

In my chest my heart is beating steadily and I shift so my hand is over his chest and yes, his heart is beating too, how can life get much better than this?

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