And suddenly she wondered about the taste of his lips.

Winry Rockbell had known Edward Elric for the majority of both of their lives, and she had never once wondered about the taste of his lips. Ed had given her plenty to wonder about, sure—what's he up to with all this alchemy stuff, why won't he tell me what's going on, will he ever get taller, what is his vendetta against milk?—but not until that day when her eyes locked on his shoulders and he became someone else to her did she ever wonder about kissing him.

Now, it was all that she could think about.

Vaguely, she thought about trying to explain this situation to someone else. She'd never been close with any girls, really, but she was good at making friends. Surely, someone had gone through the same phase.

It was only a phase, right?

She discarded the notion after a moment's consideration of just how stupid she would sound.

"Well, you see, he was walking away, and I noticed that his shoulders had broadened and then I wanted to kiss him. That's normal, right?"

It wasn't like she'd never been interested in a guy before, although she did generally have her priorities in better order. Men were trouble, she knew that well enough, and while there were plenty of good ones, most weren't worth the time.

But this was different. For one thing, it was Ed. She'd known him for so long, and even though she rarely saw him now (and he was always so mysterious when she did), she considered him one of her closest friends.

For another thing, this was not really a simple musing, a what-if. She would have liked to have thought so, of course, but the fact that it had been ten minutes and she was still preoccupied with the idea of his lips suggested that it meant a bit more to her.

She tried to shrug it off.

Even if she'd had freshly-greased automail shoulders, she couldn't have done enough shrugging to get rid of these thoughts, she realized as she sat in the train.

The last thing that practical, emotional, automail otaku Winry Rockbell had wanted to realize that day was that she was in love. Seeing it before her made her want to cringe away, but that was impossible. She knew instinctively that the only way to go was forward.

So, like the good mechanic she was, she dealt with what she was handed. And, she thought, if there was any opportunity to discover the answer to her questions...for scientific purposes, of course...

...well, she'd have to indulge her curiosity.