This is a rewrite of one of my earlier stories, Surprising Developments. Once I finish this rewrite, I'll go on to write a sequel, which will probably be longer. For those of you who've already read Surprising Developments, that will be the epilogue I promised you!

To recap for those of you who haven't read the aforementioned story, here is a brief overview of the time frame:

Takes place before the curse is broken, but all the zodiac members have been met. Kureno and Arisa have met, but no one knows about it besides Hana and Tohru, who didn't know his name. Tohru still doesn't know Akito's big secret.

It was a day to be remembered, for more reasons than just the one. It definitely hadn't started out that way, though. In fact, it started out as a perfectly average, nothing-special kind of morning.

"Dang rat, get off of me!" Kyo yelled loudly when Yuki, still half asleep, leaned against him for support.

"Ungh," Yuki replied, collapsing onto the floor by the table, which was laden with the breakfast Tohru had prepared. She smiled at him.

"Having a hard time waking up as always, I see, Yuki!" she giggled. Kyo sat down moodily.

"I don't see why every time he gets drowsy he decides that I'm the perfect freaking resting place!" Kyo growled. Shigure walked in with an expression of mock horror on his face.

"Please don't make a tired Yuki mad, Kyo. It always ends with my beautiful house getting destroyed!" Shigure begged. Kyo rolled his eyes and didn't say anything.

After they'd all eaten, the three high-schoolers got ready for school, and Shigure prepared to make an outing, too.

"Are you going to go out today, Shigure?" Tohru asked cheerfully.

"Yes, I thought I'd take a brisk walk around town! It might do me some good!" Shigure said, grinning and patting his stomach.

"Why do I get the feeling that this is just another scheme to torture your poor editor?" Yuki asked, shaking his head. Shigure laughed innocently, and Yuki's eyes narrowed.

As Kyo, Tohru, and Yuki were arriving at school, Uo and Hana walked up to Tohru and dragged her away without any explanation to the boys.

"So, how are you doing?" Uo asked gently. Tohru smiled.

"I'm okay. Besides, the anniversary isn't until tomorrow!" Tohru said.

"That doesn't mean you can't be sad, Tohru," Hana reminded her.

"Mom wouldn't want me to be sad! She'd want me to keep strong and carry on!" Tohru said.

"So strong!" Uo cried, hugging Tohru fiercely. Then they all went off to their respective classes. Things remained pretty normal throughout the day, until right around one. It was Tohru's only class that had neither Yuki or Kyo present, but it was also the only one where both Uo and Hana were present, so it was a fair trade-off.

Yuki and Kyo suddenly burst into the classroom with horrified and worried looks on their faces. Without a moment's hesitation, Tohru jumped out of her seat and followed them. Uo and Hana followed a second later.

"What happeed!?" Tohru asked breathlessly, fearing the worst.

"We don't know, but Shigure called the school and told them to send us home. Some sort of family emergency or something. It must be bad," Kyo said, sounding somewhat worried.

"I hope no one's hurt!" Tohru squeaked. Uo and Hana pu hands on her shoulders.

"We'll cover for you. You may not officially be their family, but you might as well be. Go on, we'll think of something!" Uo said, and Hana nodded.

"Thank you, guys!" Tohru said, and she shot off, Yuki and Kyo keeping pace. THey signed out of the office as quickly as they could, and ran home as fast as Tohru could run. (Yuki and Kyo slowed down to match her pace.)

Yuki slammed the door open, the other two right behind him. THey charged into the living room to find Haru, Momiji, Ayame, Rin, and Shigure all perched somewhere with solemn looks on their faces. For Shigure, Momiji, and Ayame, this was so rare that the three teens were more worried than ever.

"What's up!? The people at school didn't tell us anything!" Kyo said, panting slightly.

"It's... Hiro and Kisa. They had a half day today, and got hit by a car while driving home. They're in critical condition, and it's unsure whether or not they'll live," Shigure said, his tone of voice mirroring his expression. "They're in too bad a shape to have visitors." Tohru immediately started tearing up. Everyone she loved... why was it always a car crash!

"No..." she whispered in horror, plopping down on the couch next to Momiji. Yuki leaned against the wall with his eyes closed in shock. Kyo put a comforting hand on Tohru's small shoulder, but he didn't say anything for fear his voice would break. He had a hidden soft spot for Kisa, though he'd never been overly fond of Hiro. Several hours after they ate dinner, which was takeout since Tohru couldn't manage, they got a phone call. Shigure pounced on the phone.

"Hatori? How are they?" Shigure asked forcefully, desperation written all over his face. THere was a pause, and Hatori answered softly. Tears began making their way down Shigure's face, his eyes clenching shut. Hatori kept speaking for awhile, and eventually Shigure hung up the phone and he sat down again, sobbing silently.

"What happened? Are Kisa and Kiro all right?" Momiji asked. Shigure took a deep breath, calming himself slightly before answering in a shaky voice.

"No, Momiji. They didn't make it. Kisa went first, and when Hiro found out, it put to much stress on him, and he didn't last. I'm sorry," Shigure said, and broke down into tears once more.

Tohru curled into a ball and sobbed violently, unable to bring herself to say anything. Kyo glanced at a digital clock that was sitting on a table. 12:02, which meant that it was officially the anniversary of her mother's death, as well. Kyo wanted so desperately to be able to comfort her, to hold her until she couldn't cry anymore, but there was nothing he could do to lessen the pain of the girl he loved. Yuki followed his line of vision with saddened eyes, and upon seeing the clock, his face darkened.

Eventually, Hatori came to pick the others up and take them home. So, with tear-streaked faces and heavy hearts, they headed back to a home that would never be the same.

WHen the house was finally emptied of the mourning family, tohru had disappeared. The threesome decided to let her be. She was in more pain than any of them, today, despite her status as a non-family-member.

Kyo climbed up to the roof to think when the other two went to sleep, and was surprised to find Tohru up there already, instead of in her room, where he'd originally thought she'd disappeared to.

He was about to go quietly back downstairs, not wanting to disturb her or make things worse, but she stopped him.

"Kyo?" she asked, turning towards him, her voice trembling. He sighed, and climbed back up onto the roof, walking over to sit next to her. Had her eyes always been that amber color? He could've sworn they were blue.

"It-it's j-j-just so h-horrible!" Tohru wailed, hugging herself. Kyo hesitated, then held his arms out. She looked at him questioningly.

"Just this once. You look like you need it," Kyo said, blushing slightly. She nodded gratefully and threw herself into his waiting arms. He reveled in the feeling of her small frame against him, waiting for the telltale poof that meant he was no longer human, but a cat. And he waited... and waited... Tohru glanced t him in shock, still clutching him. He shrugged incredulously.

"Is the curse broken!?" Tohru asked hopefully. Kyo shook his head.

"I don't think so. I think I'd be able to feel it if it was," Kyo replied. "I'm not sure what's happening."

Tohru shrugged. She couldn't find it in herself o care. There was so much on her mind already, and it made her happier to simply be able to hold him close to her without him changing. It calmed her down, and soon she had cried herself to sleep, her head resting against his chest and her hand intertwined with his. Not wanting to wake her and make her think about the day's events, Kyo stayed still and eventually succumbed to sleep as well.

Kyo woke up suddenly with the sun, jolting slightly and waking Tohru up.

"Oh, I'm sorry Tohru!" Kyo said apologetically. Tohru shook her head, sitting up between his legs and stretching, blushing a little when she noticed their positions.

"It's okay, Kyo. I'm sorry I fell asleep on top of you and... a-choo!" tohru said, but sneezed violently, cutting off her sentence.

"Oh great, now you're sick!" Kyo said. "I should have woken you up and taken you back downstairs!"

"it's not- a-choo!- your fault. Besides, I'm fine! I can- a-choo!- still go to school and everything!" Tohru said determinedly.

"What are you talking about?" Kyo asked incredulously. "Even if you weren't sick, there's no way I'd let you go to school today! Or for the rest of the week, for that matter! You're taking time off for emotional reason, promise to your mom or not, got it? And no arguing!" Tohru nodded silently, tearing up slightly and trying to stand up, but her legs were shaky and weak.

"I'll carry you down. I don't want you falling off the roof," Kyo said, and scooped her up. SHe put her arms around his neck, and he carried her down into the house. Just as they were passing Yuki's room, he woke up and reopened the door. He froze when he saw Tohru clinging desperately to Kyo, and the latter remaining unchanged. Before he had a chance to react at all, Kyo kicked open the door to Tohru's room and put her on her bed.

"You wait here, I'll bring you some food," Kyo said. Tohru began freaking out.

"No, I already missed making dinner last night! I couldn't possibly..." Kyo cut her off.

"I'll make breakfast. You're sick, remember? Let people take care of you for once, okay?" Kyo said, shaking his head. Tohru reluctantly agreed, and Kyo went out back into the hall. Yuki was still frozen, gaping at Kyo as he came out.

"What are staring at, ratboy!?" Kyo asked angrily, flushing.

"But... you didn't transform! And why were you carrying her, anyway!?" Yuki asked.

"I'm not sure why I'm not transforming, but I was carrying her because she fell asleep on the roof, and now she's sick and weak and there was no way she'd be able to get down here without hurting herself!" Kyo said. He conveniently left out the little detail where she'd been sleeping on top of him on the roof, but he knew if he said anything he'd never live it down.

"But... the curse!" Yuki insisted on arguing his point and Kyo sighed in annoyance.

"We'll discuss it later, okay!? Right now I have a meal to prepare," Kyo said, and walked downstairs. Shigure was waiting in the kitchen, and looked up when Kyo walked in.

"Oh, it's you. I was hoping it was Tohru, coming to make me breakfast!" Shigure said with a sigh. Kyo rolled his eyes.

"Tohru's sick. I'm making food," Kyo said, and set about the task.

"She's sick? Is she alright?" Shigure asked, slipping out of perv/creep-mode and into normal(ish)-mode.

"She'll be fine. It's just a slight cold. She fell asleep on the roof last night, it was bound to happen," Kyo replied. Shigure smirked.

"You know, I don't think I heard you return to your room either, Kyo. Why was that?" Shigure asked. Kyo flushed scarlet.

"SHUT UP," he said dangerously. Yuki walked in right as Kyo finished up with the leek stew, which he was having trouble not barfing into, and also more traditional breakfast foods for the three of them who weren't ill. Yuki was still muttering to himself.

"What's up with you this morning, Yuki?" SHigure asked.

"Kyo didn't transform!" Yuki said. Shigure glanced back at Kyo.

"Did Tohru hug you!?" Shigure asked excitedly.

"No, I was carrying her down to her room. I don't know why I didn't transform, but..." Kyo said, shrugging as he set breakfast on the table. Anyway, I'm going to go bring this up to Tohru. I think we're all in agreement that we might as well stay home for the rest of the week? Tohru's sick, and we've all had a shock." The other two nodded, and Kyo walked upstairs with the leek stew, holding his breath to avoid breathing it in. He walked into Tohru's room and set the stew on her bedside table.

"Are you okay?" Kyo asked. Tohru smiled and pulled him into a hug.

"Kind of weak, but the stew should help, thank-" POOF. Kyo frowned. So it was a fluke after all! He still transformed when hugged! Then why hadn't it worked last night?

The smoke cleared, and Kyo was shocked to discover that it wasn't him who'd transformed. Cradled in his arms was a small tiger, staring up at him in shock. They both started screaming at once.

Kyo, Tohru still in his arms, ran down into the kitchen. Everything began clicking into place, the eyes, the lack of transformation. She'd transformed because she was weak, not because of the hug but how did she get possessed in the first place!?

"Guys! I know why I didn't transform!" Kyo yelled as he ran towards the kitchen, a shrieking Tohru still in his arms.

"Kisa!?" Yuki exclaimed in shock. Before SHigure had a chance to look up to see what Yuki was talking about, there was another POOF and a blast of smoke.

When Shigure did look up, he saw a very embarrassed Kyo holding an even more embarrassed (and slightly exposed) Tohru. Kyo set her down and all three looked away, blushing madly.

"So, Kyo... what exactly were you and Tohru doing while I looked away?" Shigure asked, elbowing Kyo in his side.

"SHUT UP!" Kyo said angrily. "She just changed back!"

"But, why did she change in the first place!? For a second there, I thought she was Kisa! How did she get possessed?" Yuki asked. Shigure looked at them like they were crazy, as he hadn't seen her as a tiger, just as a very naked girl.

"She's the tiger now!" Kyo said to Shigure, whose eyes widened. He then hit himself in the head.

"I should've seen that coming!" Shigure said. The others looked at him strangely. "I know you were always told the zodiac members had to be of Sohma blood, but that's completely false. Rather, it's all about proximity to the family. Unborn children have spent several months completely enveloped in a Shoma, but it's not always like that. And who spends more time with the zodiac than anyone else? Tohru and her friends!" Tohru walked back into the kitchen, clothed and still scarlet.

"So... I'm the tiger now?" she asked slowly.

"It would appear so," Shigure said with a frown. His face suddenly brightened. "But that means I can to this!" he continued, and suddenly launched at her and crushed her in a bear hug. Seconds later, he was flat on his back after taking one kick to his shins and one to his head, both a the same time.

"Stay away from her!" Kyo and Yuki said together.

"I can't tell whether this is horrible or wonderful!" Tohru said, unfazed by Shigure's antics. She went over to hug Yuki. Kyo felt something burning in the pit of his stomach. Jealousy, perhaps?

THe feeling subsided when she came over and gave him the same treatment. She giggled and whispered in his ear.

"Kyo... are you purring?" she asked so that neither of the others could hear. He flushed.

"No!" he shouted. The other two looked at him in confusion, but he planned to never talk of that exchange ever again. Tohru, still grinning, let him go, only to stumble.

"You're still sick! Get back in bed and drink your stew!" Kyo said, and chased her back upstairs. Once he saw that she was situated, he went back downstairs.

"Let's call Hatori," Kyo suggested. Shigure nodded and picked up the phone.

"Moshi moshi?" Hatori said, answering the phone.

"Hari! We need you over here, now! Tohru's sick! Okay, bye!" Shigure said, and quickly slammed the phone down before Hatori could ask any questions.

"You didn't tell him?" Yuki asked, raising an eyebrow. Shigure chuckled evilly, rubbing his hands together in anticipation.

"I want to watch him find out all on his own! BWAHAHAHA!" Shigure replied. Kyo and Yuki sighed. Nothing to do now but wait for Hatori to show up.

A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door, and Kyo ran to let Hatori in. Unsurprisingly, Momiji, Haru, Rin, and even Kagura came in behind him.

"Tohru ist krank!? Ist sie okay!?" Momiji asked worriedly. Yuki was able to guess what he was saying.

"I think that she's flustered by some... recent developments," Yuki said. "But I'm sure she'll be fine in no time." Momiji frowned.

"She's sick because of what happened to Kisa, huh?" Momiji asked sadly. Technically, yes. Kyo thought. That's why she was on the roof...

"She's taking it pretty hard, but Kisa left something with her that will let Tohru keep her close to her heart," Yuki said. Funny way of putting it, ratboy. Thought Kyo.

"Really? What?" Haru asked, looking surprised. Kyo intervened.

"What are we sitting around talking about this for? Tohru's sick!" Kyo said Hatori nodded and went upstairs, and Momiji and Haru followed. Rin and Kagura followed Yuki into the living room, but Kyo followed the others up into Tohru's room.

"Oh, I didn't think everyone was coming! I didn't even know they called! I hope it's no trouble..." Tohru said, but was silenced by a look from Hatori.

'We just wanted to make sure you're okay, Tohru!" Momiji said. He was about to hug her, but Haru grabbed him.

"We don't need you transforming right now, Momiji," Haru said monotonously. Tohru was about to say something, but Kyo, who was standing behind the others, shook his head, looking her straight in the eyes. She nodded her understanding and stayed silent.

Hatori shined a light in her eye, listened to her lungs, and finally determined that it would be best to give her a simple injection and let her rest for the remainder of the day, and then after that she should be fine.

He pulled out the needle and gave Tohru the shot. Momiji watched carefully, reminding Hatori to 'stop if it hurts her.' Tohru insisted that it didn't hurt a bit.

"Once the medicine kicks in, you'll probably feel weak for a while, but that should wear off quickly. Drink plenty of water, okay? Also, stay warm. I wouldn't suggest moving around too much, either, alright?" Hatori instructed. Tohru nodded obediently.

"I think the medicine is kicking in already..." Tohru said.

"Wait, you said that it would make her feel weak, right?" Kyo said. Hatori nodded.

"Yes, but it's nothing too bad, and she shouldn't expend energy anyway-"


A cloud of pink smoke filled the room. Shigure and Yuki ran up, knowing what had happened, and Rin and Kagura followed Yuki, curious to see what had excited him. The smoke cleared slowly, and sure enough, Tohru's form had changed again.

"Surprise!" Tohru exclaimed brightly as everyone gaped at her. Shiure started to bust a gut over everyone's shocked expressions. Hatori was the first to compose himself. He knew, just as Shigure did, the truth about the curse.

"But... but... That's impossible!" Rin said, wide-eyed.

"Well, obviously not, because you'll looking at it," Haru said weakly.

"So I won't transform!" Momiji said after a moment, and picked Tohru up and squeezed her. Kyo rolled his eyes.

"How long has she been like this?" Hatori asked quietly.

"At least since last night," Kyo said. Everyone looked at him and he'd realized how that must've sounded. "NOT LIKE THAT, OKAY!" he exclaimed angrily. Shigure laughed.

"Although you should've seen him earlier this morning! He carried her into the kitchen to show us that she'd transformed, and she changed back in his arms! It was priceless!" Shigure said, tears of mirth streaming down his face. Kyo's face was getting even redder than his hair. Haru busted up laughing.

"I would've given anything to see that! The look on Kyo;s face, I mean!" he added quickly as Rin and Kyo both shot him the death glare, which Kagura was currently aiming at Tohru. Yuki sighed, shaking his head.

Momiji put Tohru down, and she wiggled back under the blankets just in time. There was another loud POOF, and Tohru was herself again, covered, thankfully, by her blankets.

"Come on, let's give her some space. There's no way she'll heal with all these people crowded in here," Yuki said, and everyone filed out of the room.

Hatori took the others home, then, and Shigure's house was once again left to the normal inhabitants. When afternoon came, Shigure got another phone call, this time from worried friends desperate for news.

"Moshi moshi? No, don't worry about her, she's fine. The news was bad, and she worried herself sick. It's only a cold. We're taking good care of her. I suppose, if you insist. I thought you might. I'll make snacks. See you soon!" and with that, he hung up. "High school girls, high school girls, all for me, high school girls!" he sang quietly to himself as he walked away from the phone.

"That was Tohru's friends. THey wanted to know why she wasn't at school today, and now they're coming over to check on her! Kyo, go make snacks!" Shigure instructed.

"Hey, why do I gotta do it! I have very good hearing, you know, and I could've sworn you said you were going to make them!" Kyo retorted. Shigure sighed, then trudged reluctantly into the kitchen.

"Now we just have to hope she doesn't transform again while Uo and Hana are here..." Yuki said with a frown.

"The side effects of the medicine will have worn off by now," Kyo said. "It'll be fine. I'll go tell Tohru they're coming."

He walked upstairs and knocked, then walked in when Tohru answered.

"I thought you'd want to know that Uo and Hana are coming over to see you. They were worried when you didn't show up at school," Kyo told her.

"Oh! I hope I didn't cause them any trouble. I have no right to worry people, and I'm such a burden on everyone," Tohru despaired, freaking out slightly as she sat up in bed.

"How many times do we have to tell you that we worry about you because we love you, Tohru! Wow, that came out weird sounding. And you're not a burden!" Kyo said, flushing slightly. He almost hoped that she'd heard his hidden message in what he'd accidentally said, but most of him would've died of embarrassment. We love you... I love you...

"I just feel like I don't do enough. I mean, you guys were so kind to take me in, and I feel like I've just made life harder for you. I just wish I could do something to make life better for you," Tohru said, looking down. Without thinking, Kyo grabbed her chin firmly in his hand and tilted her head so that she was looking him straight in the eye.

"There's nothing you can do to make life better," he said forcefully, and Tohru frowned sadly. "Because you being here has already made it perfect," he finished fervently, his face now inches from hers. She was shocked. The urge to kiss her built up, but Kyo resisted. Just as he was about to pull away, however, Tohru closed the gap, throwing her arms around him. He took his hand from under her chin and put his arms around her waist. She likes me back! She's kissing me!

"Tohru, they're here-" Shigure said, but shut up when he walked into the doorway. The two teens was a bit too *cough* preoccupied to notice him, so he quickly ran downstairs, told Uo and Hana to wait, grabbed his phone, and ran back upstairs, where Kyo and Tohru were still intertwined. He quickly snapped a few photos and sent them to Ayame and Hatori with the message, 'Finally!'

Kyo and Tohru broke apart, flushing, and Shigure backed out before they could notice him, then ran downstairs to get Uo and Hana.

"She's ready for you!" Shigure sang, waiting eagerly for his friends' responding texts, and ran off to show Yuki the picture.

Uo and Hana walked quickly upstairs, where Kyo and Tohru were silently sitting and blushing, each trying to find something to say and screaming in their heads.

"Tohru! Not you too!" Hana said despairingly. Tohru was shaken out of the awkward silence, and Kyo bolted out of the room to go think- you'll never guess- on the roof.

"What?" Tohru asked Hana, who was leaning on Uo for support.

"Something about my waves suddenly changing. She noticed it this morning, but I don't know what she's talking about. I don't feel any different. So Tohru, too, huh, Hana?" Uo asked. Hana nodded.

"It's worrisome. I'm not sure what could've caused it. All I know is that your waves suddenly resemble the Sohma's. It's the same feeling, like there's just something... off," Hana tried to explain. Uo shrugged.

"Well, that's not why we came. Are you alright? What happened yesterday?" Uo asked, sitting down beside Tohru on her bed. Tohru started crying again, and Uo panicked.

"I'm sorry, Tohru! You don't have to talk about it! I didn't mean to make you cry!" Uo said, pulling Tohru into her shoulder. Tohru shook her head.

"It's alright, Uo. It's just so awful. And even worse, it was actually this morning. Two of Kyo and Yuki's grade-school cousins were killed in a car accident, and they were just... so young... and..." she couldn't continue beyond that.

"Oh, man, Tohru. And on the anniversary, too! Speaking of that, are you feeling alright to go, or should we call it off? When you're feeling better, maybe?" Uo asked. Tohru resolutely threw the blankets off.

"THere's no way I'm letting a petty cold keep me from visiting Mom's grave!" Tohru said determinedly. Shakily, she stood up and grabbed clothes out of her dresser. Uo and Hana left her room to let her change, then walked back in to find Tohru in a simple black dress with a shawl over her shoulders. She'd replaced her usually bright hair ribbons with black ones.

"Let's go!" Tohru said, and began walking towards the door of her room. Shigure and Yuki were in the kitchen making dinner, or more accurately putting out a small fire (never let Yuki near food; something always burns). While they were distracted, the three girls slipped out quietly through the front door.

"If you need help walking, Tohru, just let me know, okay? I can always carry you on my back," Uo said.

"I admire your dedication and love for your mother, Tohru. Especially in light of the more recent tragedies you've had to endure," Hana said, putting a hand on Tohru's shoulder. She smiled weakly back.

"Tohru, what are you doing out of bed!?" Kyo asked, walking up behind them quietly. He'd spotted them on their way out the door from his perch on the roof, and had jumped off the roof to go after them (cats always land on their feet). Tohru flinched and turned around.

"I have to do see Mom! I don't care what you say, I'm still going!" Tohru said resolutely. Kyo sighed.

"You're awfully stubborn for a people pleaser, you know that? Let's go, then," Kyo said, picking Tohru up and carrying her like a baby. "There's no way she's walking all the way there in this condition!" Kyo replied to looks from Uo and Hana, both of whom raised an eyebrow suggestively when Tohru, who was facing away from them, put her arms around Kyo's neck. He flushed slightly and determinedly ignored them, instead focusing on the girl in his arms.

The walk to the cemetery was long, but Kyo didn't mind. Tohru wasn't heavy, and he had to admit that he liked holding her, especially since she still hadn't let go of his neck. She'd settled her head against his chest, like that night, and Kyo received a few more covert sly looks from Tohru's friends.

When they got there, Kyo set Tohru down in front of the grave gently, and supported her while she stood there and placed some flowers she'd made Kyo stop while she picked.

"Hi Mom. I miss you," Tohru said, kneeling in front of the grave and putting her head against it, closing her eyes. After a few minutes, Tohru grabbed Kyo's arm and rose unsteadily to her feet.

"Thanks for coming, you guys," Tohru said, starting to go pale. Kyo picked hre up again.

"I knew I shouldn't have let you out of the house! You're getting worse!" Kyo said. Tohru didn't hear beyond the first few words, however, because she fell asleep in Kyo's arms, exhaustion taking over. Crap! Thought Kyo. At this rate, she'll transform! I do NOT want to have to try explaining that!

"Well, I should really take her home... See you guys at school next week, okay?" Kyo said, turning to run Tohru home.

"All right. Hey, Orangetop!" Uo said, stoppin Kyo. "Any idea why Tohru's 'waves' have changed or whatever?" Kyo laughed nervously.

"Nope, no idea," he lied. "Well, I'd better get her home before she gets even worse!"

"You're nervous. What are you trying to hide? Hana asked, staring at him straight on with those soulless eyes of hers.

"Noth-" POOF. CRAP! Kyo spun around, trying to hide Tohru from her friends' sights, but he wasn't helped by the fact that her clothes had dropped to the ground, as she was now too small to fit into the,.

"What was that smoke! Where'd Tohru go- hey wait are those her clothes!?" Uo asked, pointing. Kyo scrambled to cover up what had happened.

"No, you see..." he started, but couldn't think of anything on the spot. While he was fishing for words, Yuki showed up with a peeved expression on his face.

"Great going, stupid cat. You shouldn't have let her out in the first place. Now we have to try and explain everything to them. You'd better hope that Akito doesn't find out, or we'll all be in for it. At least we know he won't erase Tohru's memories, now that she's part of the zodiac," Yuki said. He grabbed Tohru's friends by their shoulders.

"We'll explain things back at the house," Yuki told them, and steered them back towards Shigure's.

"How'd you find us?" Kyo asked, walking behind him after grabbing Tohru's clothes off of the ground.

"She wasn't in her room, it's May first. Not the hardest deduction," Yuki scoffed.

"You just left Tohru at the cemetery, are you insane!?" Uo asked angrily. "And where the heck did you find a baby tiger!?"

"Uo, Tohru's waves are still here. I can't explain it, but they seem to be emenating from the tider," Hana said, staring at Tohru intently as they came back to the house and slipped inside.

"Shigure! We need to tell them!" Yuki called. Shigure walked out into the hallway.

"What happened?" Shigure asked.

"Use your eyes, dog. She transformed!" Kyo snapped. He hurried to set her down on the couch before grabbing a blanket to but over her in case she transformed.

"What do you mean, transformed?" Uo asked, glancing between the three males.

"Well, you see..." Shigure started, leading them over to the couch opposite Tohru's still sleeping form. He explained as best he could, but Uo just looked at him with increasingly worried and skeptical looks on her face. Hana's face remained unchanging and thoughtful.

"That's impossible! You're all insa-" POOF! Tohru changed back, cutting off Uo's protests effectively and making her gape like a fish.

"Although, now that I think about it, that would explain a few things," Hana said. "I always said the Sohma's waves were strange."

"But this is just... crazy! And Tohru's known about this the whole time she's been here!?" Uo asked, regaining a little bit of her composure. They all nodded.

"Though, if you want to get really specific she didn't find out until the second day," Shigure commented.

"So... You turn into animals when you get hugged or you're weak and stressed, right?" Uo asked, trying to get her facts straight.

"That's pretty much it. that sleepover you guys had was hard to navigate to say the least..." Yuki said with a smile. Uo and Hana exchanged looks, and both stood up simultaneously.

"What's wrong with you two?" Kyo asked. They remained silent, walked up to the boys, and hugged all three of them, Hana hugging Kyo and Shigure, and Uo hugging Yuki. POOF. POOF. Kyo and Shigure changed into their animal forms. Shigure sighed, but of course Kyo went over the top.

"Why the heck did you have to go and do that!? You couldn't just take our word for it!?" Kyo yelled. Uo frowned, poking Yuki.

"Hana, I think this one's broken," Uo said. He hadn't transformed. yuki looked at her, then at the two animals.

"You don't think...?" he asked.

"No freaking way on earth, rat boy!" Kyo screamed.

"Like I said earlier, who spends more tims with the zodiac than anyone else? Tohru and her friends," Shigure said with a shrug. "Makes sense to me."

"Hana, you said Uo's waves had changed, too, right?" Yuki asked. Hana nodded slowly, beginning to catch on. Uo, however, was completely clueless.

"What are you guys spewing!? What has any of this got to do with my 'waves'?" Uo asked.

"We have no proof, though! We'll just have to wait and see if she ever gets weak enough. In the meantime, though, Uo, don't hug anyone," Yuki warned.

"Why?" Uo asked, hands on her hips.

"Listen to them, Uo," Hana instructed. Then she turned to Yuki. "If it's a manner of making her feel weak, she gets very weak when tired. If it would help, the two of us could stay here the night and I could keep her awake. If she hasn't done it by morning, she's not going to."

"WHy the crap would you do that!?" Uo asked heatedly, though the answer was alrady dawning on her. Senseing this, the others ignored her question.

"But then you'd have to stay up, too, Hana. I don't want to keep you up for such a silly reason," Shigure said.

"Don't worry about it. I don't sleep," Hana replied, and dragged Uo up to Tohru's room, leaving Tohru on the couch, covered only by the blanket. Kyo and Shigure changed back and got dressed, and Shigure went upstairs to ask them to take Tohru with them and get her dressed.

"So, Shigure showed me an interesting picture," Yuki started casually. Kyo looked at him, startled.

"Do I even want to know what crap he's been showing you?" Kyo asked with a sigh. Yuki smirked.

"You didn't seem to think it was 'crap'. In fact, you looked like you were rather enjoying yourself," Yuki told him, trying to hold back laughter at the look on Kyo's face. Kyo was getting more worried by the second.

"WHAT DID HE SHOW YOU!?" Kyo asked, grabbing the front of Yukis shirt. Yuki grabbed Shigure's phone off of the coffee table and flipped it open with a grin on his face.

"I don't even have to look for it; he's already made it his wallpaper!" Yuki said, giving in and chuckling. Kyo saw the picture adn started bluushing madly.

"WHEN DID HE TAKE A PICTURE OF THA!?" Kyo yelled, his face reddening even more when he noticed that Shigure had two new text messages in reply to sending out the picture.

"HE SENT IT TO AYAME AND HATORI!?" he asked. He clicked on the response from Hatori, first, half dreading what he'd see.

Shigure, I'm not evn sure I want to know why you were in Tohru's room with a camera-phone. Also, it's really none of our business. Although honestly, I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner...

P.S. You'd better get your bucket list out of the way before Kyo finds out.

Twitching in anger, he read the one from Ayame. Yuki was still laughing at him.

Why isn't he transforming? But that's beside the point! THEY'RE SO CUTE! I'll have to make Tohru a dress to celebrate the two lovebirds finally getting together! Ask Kyonkichi if he has any requests! ;)

"Why is it that no one seems surprised at all?" Kyo muttered under his breath darkly.

"WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT UP!" Kyo yelled at Yuki, who managed to stifle his laugh, with some difficulty. (sorry for OoC, Kyo needed to be mad...)

"Well, I suppose that there have to be a few upsides to Tohru getting cursed, right?" Yuki asked, still smiling. Before Kyo could go postal on him, Yuki walked upstairs to his room. Kyo sighed and was about to follow him what he was blindfolded and gagged from behind. His attacker began dragging him away. Kyo struggled, but his assailant had tied his hands, so he couldn't do anything.

"Honestly, Kyonkichi! Stop stuggling! This is a present, you know!" That voice... oh no... Ayame threw Kyo into the back seat of the car, and Kyo was taken promptly to Ayame's sho.

"Stupid Shigure was taking far too long to respond to my text, and I need to get started on the dress so she can wear it on your first date!" Ayame said from the front seat. Kyo's protests were cut off by the gag, though it didn't do anything about his blush. Once Ayame had dragged Kyo into the shop and locked the dor, his bindings were taken off.

"What the crap, Ayame! You can't just freaking kidnap me and get away with it!" Kyo said angirly. "And who said anything about Tohru and I dating! It was a spur of the moment thing, okay!?"

"Oh, but deep inside you, you know you want the spur of the moment thing to repeat itself! You cannot dismiss the budding love inside of you! You're already having romantic fantasies, aren't you!? You must act on those feelings..." Kyo stopped listening. Why did it have to be me!?

"So help me design the dress, okay?" Ayame finished, pulling out rolls of fabric.

"Desig your own stupid dress, Ayame! It's got nothing to do with me!" Kyo said angrily, trying to jimmy the lock to get out of there.

"Are you sure you want to let me design it?" Ayame asked, getting an evil glint in his eye. Kyo sweat a little.

"Heck no, I don't even want the dress in the first place, idiot!" Kyo yelled.

"Then I'll go make it myself..." Ayame said with a shrug and a smirk, turning around.

"DON'T YOU DARE!" Kyo screamed.

"So you'll help, then? Wonderful! So let's talk color!" Ayame said. Kyo groaned.

Back at the house, Shigure picked up his phone to find he'd gotten another text from Ayame.

Don't worry about Kyo, he's with me! I'm making him help me design Tohru's dress! Let's see how long it takes him to give it! ;)

Oh, Ayame... Shigure thought, shaking his head.

With an indifferent shrug, he went to his room and the house was overtaken with sleep, excepting the two teen girls in Tohru's room who didn't actually live there.