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Being There For You

Sarah was walking the halls of Whitechapel High School. School had ended for the day and she was looking for Ethan. No one had seen him since last period. Benny said Ethan told him he was going to his locker to get something but hasn't seen him since then.

Sarah, being the over-protective girlfriend that she is, was worried. Anything could happen in Whitechapel. A vampire could have taken him or worse, Jesse could have taken him.

Sarah was a few feet away from Ethan's locker when she heard banging inside the locker. "Help! Someone out there?" Sarah quickly ran to the locker and opened it with super strength, not hard enough to break it. When she opened it she found Ethan stuck inside. "Ethan?" she asked. "Hey Sarah" he waved. "Can you help me out?" he asked. "Ethan what were you doing in there?" Sarah asked once she got Ethan out. "Well, when I came to get something from my locker some jocks pushed me in" the young seer explained.

After the boys befriended David the weredog jock, some jocks left them alone. Others weren't so thrilled to have nerds as friends. This explains Ethan being shoved inside his locker. "Let's go home Ethan" she said while grabbing Ethan's hand carefully because of the bruises and cuts on his arms caused by the tiny locker.

When they got to Ethan's room Sarah was pretty mad. She didn't enjoy her boyfriend being shoved in lockers. 'I wonder if Erica's hungry' she thought. 'Maybe she will enjoy some jocks for dinner. Wait! What am I thinking? I can't let Erica do that. Well, she can drink just a little.' Sarah smiled deviously. "You ok Sarah?" Ethan asked, noticing her smile. "Huh? Oh yeah, I'm fine. Let's get you patched up" she said going to the bathroom for bandages.

Ethan was sitting on his bed when she came back. She sat next to him and carefully took his arm. The cuts weren't so bad as to bleed to death but they were bleeding a little. When she would have the urge to bite Ethan she would just kiss him. Of course, Ethan didn't mind.

"There, done" Sarah said when she finished. "I can't do anything about the bruises, sorry" she said. "It's ok. Thanks Sarah" he said then kissed her on the forehead. Sarah smiled and asked "What do you want to do now?" Ethan just took her hand and laid down bringing her down with him. "Nothing, I just want to lay here with you" he said. Sarah moved closer to him as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Thanks for being here with me Sarah" Ethan said. Sarah hugged him tighter and said "I'll always be here for you."

The ending is kind of bad and sappy, but that's how I imagined it for some reason. Just to point something out I have nothing against jocks and do not wish them to be sucked dry by a blonde vampire. I don't know many jocks, unless you consider the kids in sports that wear a sweatshirt that says the school's name and the sport jocks, then I know a lot of jocks.

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