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The entire court room watched her with spiteful eyes, waiting to see what wretched words would escape her mouth.

"Imogen Goldsworthy, where were you on the night of September 17th, exactly?" The lawyer questioned, stopping just a foot away from where she sat at the podium. Imogen wiped away her tears and looked the broad shouldered man in his eyes.

"I was home," she spoke quietly, her voice showing every hint of fear. His mouth curved into a smirk, and it was nowhere near friendly.

"Maybe I wasn't clear enough," he said louder. "Where were you on the night of September 17th, around... say, 11 pm?"

"I said I was home!" Imogen retorted, her voice trembling. The lawyers patience was growing rapidly low, and what ever strategic game he had in mind was now replaced by a more straight forward, hard hitting question.

"Did you murder your husband, Mrs. Goldsworthy?"

1 year earlier

As Imogen and Bianca strolled the beach, boredom dawned on them quickly.

"I say we get out of here and get ready for girls night at casa' DeSousa," Bianca remarked, dusting the sand off of her bikini.

"We've only been here for barely an hour, though," Imogen argued, her eyes wandering away from Bianca.

"I'm bored shitless," Bianca responded, staring out into the ocean blue water. "And I don't even see any hot guys."

"Life isn't about hot guys, Bianca. Just relax and enjoy the atmosphere," Imogen sighed, plopping down on the white sand. Bianca stared down at Imogen and noticed that her eyes were fixed on something that she was eagerly trying to concentrate on. Curiosity stricken, she turned her head in that direction and laughed.

"So much for life isn't about hot guys you little creeper!" Bianca teased, settling down beside her best friend.

"What are you talking about?" Imogen asked, raising her eyebrows.

"You're totally checking out that guy with the black hair," Bianca said, poking her lips out. Imogen rolled her eyes.

"You're so elaborate," Imogen said sarcastically, giving the guy a quick glance. Bianca averted her eyes back to him and looked him over.

Tannish skin with a remarkably fit chest, black, shaggy hair that ended just below his ears, and she could barely make out his green eyes that shown brightly in the sunlight.

As he was chatting casually with his friend, he happened to steal a quick peek in their direction. Bianca gasped at the gesture.

"Well, the beach just got 10 times more interesting!" Bianca said animatedly, causing Imogen to glare at her.

"What are you babbling about now?" Imogen sighed, once again tearing her eyes away from the guy who seemed to continuously grasp her attention.

"I think black haired cutie is checking you out as well," Bianca said, winking seductively.

"You're crazy," Imogen responded, trying her hardest to hide the blush creeping up her neck.

"No, you are if you don't walk your bony ass over there and introduce yourself!" Bianca encouraged, slapping Imogen's thigh.

"I'm doing no such thing," Imogen declared, putting on her black shades and resting her head against her folded beach towel. Bianca bit her bottom lip at the thought she was formulating.

"Then I guess you wouldn't mind if I walked over there and introduced myself," she taunted. Imogen ripped off her sunglasses and glared deviously.

"You wouldn't," she dared. Bianca laughed hysterically and stood up, walking quickly in the direction of the two boys.

"Bianca!" Imogen screamed, hurriedly following after her. She caught up with her just as Bianca stopped in front of the guys. Both of them averted their attention toward the girls, smirking instantly.

"Hi, I'm Bianca," Bianca said, flashing her pearly white teeth to the guys.

"I'm Adam," the brown haired boy responded, shaking Bianca's hand.

"And I'm Eli," the black haired cutie spoke, smiling in response. Imogen tugged at her bottom lip, too lost in her thoughts to think of anything to say. Eli looked her over and wiggled his eyebrows playfully.

"What's your name?" he asked. Bianca looked over at her best friend and nudged her, bringing her back to life.

"Oh, uh, I'm Imogen," she responded, laughing shyly.

"Imogen... that's a pretty name," Eli complimented.

"Thanks," Imogen breathed, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. They stared at each other for quite a bit, timid smiles playing on both of their faces.

"So, Adam, whaddaya say we walk the shore a bit and... catch some seashells?" Bianca asked, those words being the first to come to mind. Imogen knew what she was trying to do though; she wanted to give Eli and her some time alone.

"Sure. I'm game," Adam said, starting off toward the shore line. Bianca gave Imogen a knowing smile before scattering off with her new friend.

A thick, awkward silence stood between the two.

"So," they both said simultaneously, laughing quietly afterward.

"You first," Eli chuckled.

"I was just going to ask why I've never seen you around before," Imogen responded.

"I've actually been living in the States for the past two years. I just returned to Canada about a week ago, and I'm catching up with my old bud, Adam. Time has really flew by," Eli said, looking down at Imogen.

"The States? That's so cool; what state did you live in?" Imogen asked excitedly.

"Michigan. Ypsilanti, Michigan. It had the best climate that I'd ever been in; perfectly warm during the Summer, and perfectly cold during the Winter," Eli responded, walking absentmindedly along the shore. Imogen followed after him, eager to ask more questions.

"What made you come back, if you don't mind my asking?" she questioned. Eli shrugged and looked at his feet, stuffing his hands into his swim trunk pockets.

"I was lonely, to be honest," He said, laughing at himself internally.

"Lonely?" Imogen asked. Eli nodded. "What, no gorgeous girlfriend to keep you company through the long Winter nights?"

"Sadly, no. I wish though," Eli admitted. Imogen instantly felt stupid for her words.

"I-I'm sorry. It's just weird, ya know. It just seems that a guy like you probably had all of the girls all over him," Imogen said, her cheeks burning hot. Eli chuckled and looked over at Imogen.

"Don't get me wrong, I went on dates. But... there was no one there that seemed to be the one for me. I always figured that you shouldn't get into a relationship with someone unless you could see yourself marrying them in the future."

Imogen's mouth gaped in awe at his words, and it instantly made him a hundred times more attractive in her mind; if that was even possible.

"I like the way you think," Imogen said, smiling warmly up at him. Eli cocked his bangs to the side and folded his arms playfully.

"So, a guy like me? Exactly what kind of guy do I come off as to you?" Eli asked, smiling at her questionably. Imogen bit her bottom lip and avoided his eyes, knowing her nervousness would be terribly obvious.

"Oh... um, just a Casanova. You're really attractive, and you know the perfect things to say. I mean, that's a good thing by the way. Be-because I wouldn't want you to think that you come off as a bad guy to me, because you don't! I mean-

"You talk a lot when you're nervous, don't you?" Eli interrupted, holding in his laughter. Imogen stuck her tongue out and laughed, taking a deep breath.

"Was it that obvious?" she asked through squinted eyes.

"Just a bit," Eli said between chuckles. "I don't mean to make you nervous."

Imogen shook her head and sighed, looking up at him with serene eyes. "Don't worry. It's a good kind of nervous."

All Eli could do was smile to keep from kissing that beautiful stranger then and there.

"We're going on a date," Imogen said, bringing the popcorn to the bed where Bianca lay with her laptop on her stomach.

"Am I the perfect matchmaker or am I the perfect matchmaker?" Bianca asked, smiling to herself. Imogen grabbed a handful of popcorn and plopped down on the bed.

"You are, you are," Imogen agreed, flipping through channels. "He's just so cute and funny and adorable! And smart. Bianca he's just so..."

"Perfect?" Bianca finished, logging onto her twitter account. Imogen smiled warmly and stopped at a horror movie on FX.

"I wouldn't say that..." Imogen said, the same smile still playing at her lips.

"But you're thinking it," Bianca retorted.

"I just don't want to label him as perfect until I get to know him better," Imogen said, thinking of her past relationships. She always ended up dating some douche bag, or some conceited jock that was barely around. She thought she would've learned by now, since she was well out of high school.

"By get to know him better, do you mean get to his know his bed, or...?" Bianca asked, giggling at her supposed joke. Imogen slapped her arm and threw a popcorn kernel at her.

"No! I'm not like you, Bee," Imogen said, smirking. Bianca gasped lightly and threw a handful of popcorn back at Imogen.

"Excuse you dork but I don't fuck on the first date!" Bianca retorted. "It's usually the second or third."

"Like that makes much of a difference," Imogen laughed, picking the popcorn out of her hair. "But like I was saying, I'm excited for this date. He seems... different."

A few days later

Imogen stood in the mirror, turning her body to many different angles to analyze the dress she had settled with. It was a short, black, skin tight dress with only one strap holding it up; it was Bianca's, of course. She jumped a bit when her phone buzzed on the dresser beside her, signaling Eli's name on the screen. She quickly grabbed it and put it to her ear, anxious to see what he wanted.

"Hello?" she asked, almost instantly.

"Hey. Are you ready?" Eli asked, his voice low and full of angst.

"Ready as I'll ever be," Imogen said, mentally cursing at how cheesy it sounded being said aloud. Eli chuckled at her comment and the door bell sounded off. Imogen narrowed her eyes and trotted downstairs, opening the door to see Eli's smiling face. She smirked and put her hands on her tiny hips.

"What if I would have said that I wasn't ready?" she questioned.

"Then I guess we'd be going on a date with half of your hair straight, and the other half frizzy then, wouldn't we?" he joked. Imogen blushed and giggled softly, grabbing her pocket purse from the coat rack.

"After you," Eli said, stepping to the side to clear the doorway for Imogen to walk out. She stepped out in her black heels, praying that she wouldn't fall flat on her face. When she felt Eli's warm arm wrap around her shoulder, she turned to him instinctively.

"You look gorgeous. I just thought I'd let you know," he breathed, taking in her appearance. She blushed once again, being sure that he would notice.

"Thank you. You don't look so bad yourself," Imogen winked, checking out Eli's attire. He wore a black, long sleeved shirt with long khaki shorts and a guitar pick necklace around his neck. She honestly felt a little over dressed, but she was relieved when Eli had told her how pretty she'd looked.

"So, do you drink?" Eli asked, opening Imogen's car door for her. She narrowed her eyes a bit as she relaxed against the seat, watching as Eli plopped down in the drivers seat beside her.

"Uh... not really. Why?" she asked, hoping that Eli had not chosen to take her to some type of bar for their first date.

"Just wondering," he chuckled, pulling out of her driveway. "I'll just make sure to steer clear of the bar while we're there."

"There...?" Imogen asked, demanding more information of where they were going.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm taking you to this new Nightclub downtown. You like to dance, right?" he asked. Imogen smiled and nodded, thinking of her past adventures at clubs. She was always either with Bianca, or roaming around lifelessly, drunk off her ass. She'd given up on drinking after finding herself mysteriously waking up next to a drug dealer.

"I like clubs," is all Imogen could manage to say.

As they pulled up to the booming night club, all Imogen could think about was the possibility of embarrassing herself in front of Eli. They exited the car and walked toward the front entrance, watching as the bodyguards let people into their club.

"I don't have my ID," Imogen said, beginning to panic as she noticed all the guests flashing their ID's to the guys. Eli smirked and wrapped his arm around Imogen's shoulder.

"Baby, you won't need your ID. Believe me," he said as they got closer to the entrance. Imogen was clueless as to what he could mean, but as long as she didn't risk embarrassment in front of not only Eli, but hundreds of other strangers, she didn't care. They stopped in front of the guards and they peered down at the two with daggered eyes.

"ID's?" the guy asked, his voice deeper than an engine motor. Imogen bit her lip and looked up at Eli for a rescue. Eli unwrapped his arm from around Imogen and inched up, whispering something into the mans ear. The mans expression changed from hard to satisfied just as Eli had regained his composure beside Imogen.

"Have fun," the guard said before letting them through. As they walked into the mixture of strobe and electric lights, Imogen turned around to see the guard staring after them.

"What did you say to him?" Imogen asked, lacing her arm through Eli's. Eli's smirk never left his face as he struggled to see Imogen clearly through the darkened room.

"Oh, nothing. I just told him that if he didn't let us through, I wouldn't be able to enjoy my first date with such a beautiful girl," he remarked. Imogen was thankful for the poor lighting so that he couldn't see the intense blush plastered on her face.

"Let's enjoy this date then!" Imogen shouted over the music, grabbing at Eli's hand. She guided him to the dance floor, letting the hard hip-hop music jolt her adrenaline.

As her and Eli began to grind and grope each other, she realized one thing. This guy had just proved to be her definition of perfection.

Weeks later

A steady, romantic relationship full of new adventure. That's the best way Imogen could describe her relationship with Eli. He had asked her to be his girlfriend after their third date to Wonderland, and she was beyond excited to label him as her boyfriend.

He opened up so many new opportunity's in her life that she thought she'd never venture into before she met him. From the places he took her, to the food he'd make her try, small things like that slowly began to open up a new Imogen, one that she was satisfied with.

"I never see you anymore," Bianca remarked as she talked on the phone with Imogen during her lunch break. Imogen laughed quietly and looked over at Eli as they drove the short distance to a restaurant.

"Oh boohoo, I'll see you tonight, remember?" Imogen replied. Bianca rolled her eyes and looked at her watch, frowning.

"Alright. It's time for me to go back to work, but I'll see you tonight. Bye," Bianca said before closing her phone. Imogen sighed and looked over at Eli.

"I miss her," she said as they pulled up to Red Lobster. Eli kept quiet, but showed a look of understanding. "It's just like... if she feels like I haven't been spending a lot of time with her, I should make an attempt to change it?"

"You have to admit, she hasn't really made an effort to hang out with you either," Eli responded calmly. Imogen took in his words and nodded, relaxing in her seat.


"It's just, it takes two to tango. That's all I'm saying," Eli interrupted, smiling quickly afterward.

"You're right. She honestly can't get mad at me for wanting to spend time with my boyfriend. Just because she can't keep one to save her life..." Imogen trailed off, cursing herself mentally. She never found joy in bad mouthing others, especially her best friend.

"Exactly," Eli agreed, opening his door. He walked over to Imogen's door and opened it, taking her soft hand in his. She stood up and closed the door, turning to him. He swooped down and captured her lips in his, kissing her slowly. After what felt like an eternity, he pulled away.

"You never fail to take my breath away, Mr. Goldsworthy," Imogen breathed, looking into his deep, emerald eyes. With that, they walked into the restaurant, leaving their conversation of Bianca in the past.

7 months later

Imogen had spent the entire morning notifying her closest friends and family members to come to her apartment that afternoon. She had a huge announcement, and she was ecstatic to be able to finally tell the ones she loved.

After Bianca, Clare, Drew, and Adam, along with Imogen's mother and father, were seated in Imogen's kitchen, it was time to lay it out on them. Eli clutched Imogen's hand, and Bianca already knew what she was about to hear.

"Okay everyone, I gathered you all here today to let you know... that me and Eli are getting married!" Imogen shrieked, the happiest smile playing at her lips. The looks on everyone's faces were the exact opposite of what Imogen was hoping for.

"You've gotta be kidding me," Bianca said quietly. Imogen frowned up at Eli, her heart beating rapidly. There was an awkward silence before Eli finally spoke up.

"I love Imogen, and she loves me. This is a very happy moment for us." His words warmed Imogen, but the cold stares from her friends and family made the feeling disappear instantly.

"You've known him for barely a year... and you're already planning marriage? Dear, do you not understand what marriage is?" her mother, Anna, pronounced.

"Yes mom, I am aware what marriage is!" Imogen snapped, releasing her hand from Eli. "Who cares if we didn't spend our lives knowing each other! There is nothing in the book that says you have to know someone for a certain amount of time to get married!"

"I've only met this dude like... once," Drew said, popping a piece of bubble gum into his mouth. Imogen scowled at him and Bianca stood up, walking directly in front of Imogen.

"Imogen, you have to listen to me. Eli seems like a great person. Heck, I even set you guys up... but marrying him is a big deal. You might want to reconsider this," Bianca said quietly, although her words were heard by everyone.

"Reconsider my happiness? I don't think so," Imogen said. She brushed her hand against Eli's and he quickly intertwined them.

"I think you should all fuck off and let them be happy," Adam chimed in, standing beside Eli. Imogen smiled to herself, realizing that at least one of her friends supported her decision.

"We're not going to be able to stop you from doing what you want to do-" Imogen's father began, but he was quickly cut off.

"Exactly! You can't. So don't even try. I'm marrying Eli, whether any of you like it or not."

present day

Imogen swallowed the lump in her throat and looked out at the angry faces. She looked back up at the lawyer and shook her head.
"No," she answered quietly.

"You made a vow to tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!" the lawyer, Jeff Harrison, scolded.

"I am telling the truth! I didn't touch him!" Imogen cried. And she was. She didn't physically commit the murder herself, but she wasn't as innocent as she portrayed herself to be.

"So you're telling me that you didn't stick that ax in the back of Elijah Goldsworthy's head behind the bar that night?" he screamed, a slide of Eli's head wound appearing on the projection screen. Imogen grimaced at the scene, along with the wails of a few in the court room.

"I wasn't there. I was home," Imogen responded, her voice breaking.

"Then you had someone else do it. The evidence shows that you're connected to this murder in some shape or form, and I'm not going to let you off until you confess," he threatened, turning the slide off. Imogen stayed quiet, the expression on her face showing every bit of guilt it held. Harrison smirked in response.

"Did you have someone else murder your husband for you, Mrs. Goldsworthy?" he asked, dragging out her name. Imogen bit her lip to refrain from crying out and cleared her throat, looking the burly man in his eyes.

"I-I..." she began, at loss for words to say. She was guilty, nonetheless.

"Now why would would you do it?" he interrupted, pacing the room. "He was such a... kind man. He had a big heart, no? You guys were in love, as many people would say. What tempted you to take his life?"

Imogen clenched her jaw as more tears welled up in her eyes. How dare he? How dare he stand there like a bastard and try tell her about the man whom she knew better than anyone else?

"Was it for the money? Were you plotting his death since the first day you met him? Was it all an act?"

"Objection!" Imogen's lawyer shouted.

"Sustained," the judge agreed. Harrison chuckled and came up with a new approach.

"We just want to know what tempted you to wish death on this man who loved you so much," he remarked, fake sympathy lurking from his words.

"You didn't know him!" Imogen snapped, agony being heard loud and clear through her. "You had no idea what kind of man he was!"

The court room was as silent as death. A grin plastered Harrison's face, and he placed a hand on either side of the podium, hovering above Imogen.

"How about you let us know what kind of a man Elijah Goldsworthy truly was."

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