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Pokémon Battle Zone

Chap 9 New Friends

Ash had a lot to look forward to when they returned to the main base. He would be scolded for leaving the base without permission, but a mere slap on the wrist since he saved their lives. Brock, Bruno, and Gary boarded the train back to the base, Ash's Pokémon helped the injured on board, all the cars soon became full except for the cargo car. So Ash, his Pokémon and the rescued Pokémon got stuck in the unvented cargo car.

The train is normally very fast, however since the train had injured on board they could not risk going at max speed. Brock began tending to the wounded, he was worried about Ash staying in the unvented car, and with the speed they were going it would take a day to reach the base, luckily no one's injuries were life threatening.

In the cargo car Ash was getting a little sweaty, and it wasn't like anyone would be coming to the cargo car while the train was moving so Ash decided to strip down to his boxers. Leafeon nuzzled against him. "You were great Leafeon, you to Haunter you really helped us out." He patted Leafeon's head stroking his leaf, and he gave Haunter a pat on the head as well. Haunter blushed and licked Ash's cheek, the boy giggled.

Snorlax and Golem watched in interest while Charmeleon gave the group the cold shower. The 2nd stage fire Pokémon was not happy. Ash came over to them. "How are you guys doing?" Ash asked, the Normal type and Rock type spoke in Pokémon tongue which Ash could not understand.

"They said they are happy to be free from their bonds." Nidoking translated for them.

Charmeleon snarled in disgust. Arcanine did not like the Pokémon's body language, he came up to protect Ash. "Easy Arcanine he's been through a lot." He patted the fire Pokémon's head but Arcanine didn't relax. He could feel anger coming from Charmeleon but he didn't understand why, Ash had saved him from becoming a mindless weapon for Team Rocket.

Time passed and Ash talked to Snorlax and Golem, Nidoking was kind enough to translate for them. The two were in agreement they wanted to join Ash's team. Charmeleon kept his back to them, and would growl at any of them who came near. Arcanine didn't take his eyes off him.

Ash wiped some sweat from his brow, and his boxers began to cling to his body. Leafeon fanned him using his massive leaf. "Thanks buddy." Ash sighed and tried to relax a bit. His Pokémon felt kinda bad, none of them were water or ice types so they could do little to relieve Ash from this discomfort.

Gary smirked to himself. 'Maybe Trash will melt back there in cargo haha serves him right.' Gary chuckled.

Bruno had bigger things on his mind then Ash or Gary right now. For Team Rocket to attack one of the zones, let alone one of the zone leaders, he feared they may be making their move. He'd have to call the elite together and contact the other zone leaders. He also needed to ready his Pokémon, there battle gear was beyond what they've seen before. 'So are you finally making your move Giovanni?!'

Night fell, allowing the cargo car to get a bit cooler. Snorlax found it hard to sleep, according to Nidoking he wanted someone to cuddle with. Ash was happy to volunteer, Snorlax scooped him up and Ash laid on Snorlax's big body. Golem rolled up and began to sleep, Nidoking slept against the wall, Leafeon and Raichu curled up against Ash on Snorlax's big belly. Arcanine could have joined them but he stayed up and kept his eyes on the fellow Fire Pokémon, Arcanine had a bad feeling about him.

They reached the base. Ash got dressed and the Pokémon left the cargo car. Nurse Joy and 6 Chansey and 6 Blissey took care of the injured and took them for treatment. Jenny was furious and did give Ash a scolding. "HAVE YOU DONE LOST YOUR MIND! YOU ARE A LOW RANKING WARRIOR YOU COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED!"

"I'm sorry." Ash said and he hung his head low.

"Go easy on him Jen, if he hadn't shown up we would have bit it big time." Bruno said and patted Ash's shoulder.

"Very well, you're Pokémon look like they've been through a lot, you should visit Jenny before returning to your barracks." Jenny said and Ash breathed a sigh of relief.

Oak arrived on the scene and saw the three new Pokémon. "Well Ash looks like you rescued these guys, and have even got our little Gastly to evolve, if you have a moment I'd like to examine your group so far." Oak said and Ash nodded his head. Bruno stepped up to him.

"Oak-san it seems Giovanni may be making his move." Bruno said and Oak flinched for a second.

"Contact the others." Oak said before putting a smile back on his face. "Well Ash let's go have a look at your Pokémon." Oak led Ash and the group away even Charmeleon followed along.

Oak gave a nod to Bruno and led the group to his lab, Bruno went to the control room with Jenny.

In the lab

Oak and his men began to scan the new Pokémon, as well as went about making new Pokeballs for them. Ash stared in wonder as the scans showed their abilities, there powers, and stats. They also looked at Leafeon's evolved ability, and they scanned Haunter to see how his ability turned out. They copied the data and stored it in the system, they could apply it to Pokémon when needed. "Amazing their abilities are truly a marvel. Thank you so much Ash-kun." One of Oak's men said. They also collected battle data from the Pokémon, Oak starred at the results with a frown. 'Giovanni how far are you willing to go?' Oak thought looking at the data.

"Ash for rescuing these guys and the data you've provided we can give these guys a new ability for when they join your team. It would really help our research as well."

"Really? Ok." Ash asked in surprise. Ash was given two new Pokeballs and Snorlax and Golem happily joined him. Charmeleon entered the ball but still had an attitude. With the Pokémon now in their new balls the scientists put them into a machine. The scientist clicked away at the consol and a picture of Snorlax appeared on the screen.

"Alright, we have 3 abilities for a Snorlax to test, this one is called Light Sleeper – It will allow Snorlax to quickly awaken from sleep."

"I think that fits him perfectly, Team Rocket made Snorlax fight while he's asleep, that wasn't right, with this ability Snorlax won't have to fight while sleeping again." Ash said happily.

"Right!" The scientist said though he was inwardly crying for not getting to show the other two options. He pressed a button and a beam hit the Pokeball, the light filled the ball and gave Snorlax a new ability.

They moved onto Golem. "Now we do have these abilities for Golem. Rock Counter – When hit with an attack the rocks from his body will immediately counter."

"That's great!" Ash said and the Scientist cried. "Golem was made into a wrecking ball with no other way to fight. No he can fight as he likes and still have a good way to counter." Ash said. Another beam and Golem had a new ability.

"Ok next is Charmeleon, he has the ability Blaze but we have more advanced abilities for him. I'll pick a good one for you." The scientist said and set the dial. He hit the button and the beam hit the Pokeball, however this time had a different result, the ball fizzled signaling the beam had failed.

"It seems that Charmeleon does not want to have his ability changed, he's a wild one in deed. You'll have your hands full with this one." Oak said patting Ash's shoulder. Arcanine glared at the Pokeball containing the fellow fire Pokémon.


In the control room

Bruno was with Brock, Lance, Agatha, and Lorelei. "Contacting all Zone Leaders, this is the Elite Four and Zoan 1 Leader Brock, respond."

They waited a few minutes and finally some beeps popped up. "Zone 7 Leader Blaine reporting. What the hell's going on?" Blaine's image appeared on the screen. "One moment Blaine we all need to hear this." Brock said and more beeps appeared.

"Zone 5 Leader Janine responding. What is the emergency?" Janine said her image appearing on the screen as well.

"Zone Leader 6 Sabrina here." Sabrina said appearing on the screen with the others.

"Zone Leader 3 Surge. This better be good!" Surge shouted as his image appeared on the sceen.

"Zone Leader 4 Erika. It's good to see everyone again." Erika said. Time passed and Bruno and the other Elite's got worried.

Beep Beep

"Zone Leader 2 Misty reporting." Misty appeared on the screen with her fellow leaders.

"I'm glad you all are safe." Bruno said breathing a sigh of relief.

"What's the trouble?" Janine asked.

"It seems Team Rocket is on the move. From the field report as well as battle data we've acquired it seems they have made some dangerous battle gear and are after the leaders and quite possibly the Elite as well." Bruno said.

Surge just laughed. "Let them come I could use some excitement around here."

Agatha ignored him and looked to Sabrina's image. "Sabrina have you sensed anything wrong?" Sabrina closed her eyes and focused her psychic powers.

"I feel no danger in my area, but I sense I need to head to the main base." No one questioned her Sabrina's powers have been very helpful in the past.

"Alright but other than Sabrina, we should all remain in our zones, Misty they attacked Brock in Zone 1 you could be next be careful." Lance said, and Misty smiled.

"No worries here." Misty said and gave a thumbs up showing she was wearing a watch, and Lorelei stared at her for a moment.

"We will be prepared for attack, you guys better get to training those new recruits, if Team Rocket is ready to fight we need to be." Blaine said.

"Alright everyone take care." Bruno said and everyone signed out. Even when Misty signed off Lorelei stared at the spot where her image was.

"Lorelei is something wrong?" Lance asked.

"No it's nothing." She said and quickly left the control room.

"We need to prepare, drop the charges on the training rooms, and we'll have to provide discounts on Pokémon eggs." Bruno said and the other Elites agreed.

"So Bruno, any new recruits you think can hold their own?" Lance asked.

"As a matter of fact I think there's a special one right here in the base."


At Zone 2

Misty? Turned around to stare at her base, all the Pokémon were in cages with the team rocket logo on them, a whole heard of Lapras were in a cage that was electrified. Zone 2 was in charge of the Lapras mail delivery system and transport, since Zone 2 was mostly water they were the best way to travel and deliver mail. Misty? Smirked at the Pokémon shaking in fear in their cages.

"You belong to Team Rocket now." She said and began to laugh evily. The girl pressed a button and short orange hair turned long and red. "All the zones will be ours." Jesse said and laughed as the Pokémon cowered in fear. A male Lapras glared at her and rushed at the cage only to be blasted back by electricity. "Save your strength you'll need it being weapons of Team Rocket."

Zone 2 is now under the control of Team Rocket and all the water Pokémon are at their disposal.

To be continued