Disclaimer: I do not own Jimmy Neutron...This was written on a friend's computer so I apologise for any misspellings or grammer mistakes.

Carl Wheezer clasped his hands as Miss Fowl finished up on today's history lesson. He paid extra attention today because as Miss Fowl ever ten seconds would remind them that tomorrow they would a bawk-Quiz!

The final bell for the day rang. Carl couldn't believe his excitement! Today was finally over, well except for the whole afternoon part. But at Carl's house you fell asleep at seven thirty, so there wasn't much to the whole afternoon.

Carl loved Thursdays; they were perhaps his favorite day of the week. Except Monday, because that's when the Llama Lover's held their group meeting, oh, and Tuesday, he would spend quality time shopping with his mom, and Wednesdays, the Llama channel always ran the extra special Llama movies.

Fridays were the only day through out the week he could use his Candy Bar coupon for the ultra mega sundae, so Fridays were also his favorite. Speaking of Sundays, and Saturdays, that's when Carl volunteered at the local petting zoo where he would feed, bathe, and take care of the Llamas. So in other words, Carl couldn't handle the pressure of choosing a favorite day of the week.

But Thursdays were still special. It was on the thursdays, that he could usually be found in Jimmy's lab, being pricked and prodded like a guinea pig along with Sheen for Jimmy's invention or experimentations. Yep, Thursdays were wonderful.

Treading down the school hallway with his head in the clouds, Carl made his way over to his locker. Which was conviently right between Jimmy and Sheen's.

"Hey, fellas, who's ready for movie night! I know I am" Carl exclaimed as he approaced his two best friends.

Yesterday, they had decided that after testing Jimmy's latest invention they would watch the newest Ultralord film.

"Can't, Libby's making me take her out tonight. Something about forgetting something" Sheen mumbled. "I forget what she said..."

Libby came walking down the hallway, chatting with Cindy. Within a blink of an eye, Sheen was by Libby's side, rambling about either Libby, or ultralord, or both! Carl turned to Jimmy.

He was so lucky to have a friend like Jimmy, one who could be counted on, and never ever ever...

"And I'm telling you that's impossible, Vortex!" Jimmy shouted. Carl came out of his train of thoughts to see Jimmy and Cindy at it again.

"Everyone knows its true...Only someone as dimwitted as you wouldn't think so" Cindy cried.

"Oh yeah" Jimmy retorted. "Well, prove it! I'm going to show you once and for all that no such thing exists"

"And I'm going to show you, Nerdtron, that it does" Cindy exclaimed.

"Fine" Jimmy snapped. The two raced each other out the front door to get to the hovercar. Sheen left with Libby a few seconds later.

Carl stood there by the locker doors. "Now who am I gonna have movie night with?" That's when he heard the approaching sound of Bolbi. "Ugh!" Carl ran out the school building.

This wasn't the first time something like this has happened to him. Infact, this always happens to him. Sheen always ditches him to be with Libby and Jimmy always ditches him to be with Cindy. Sometimes Sheen and Jimmy both ditch him just to have a good laugh.

Carl grumbled under his breath as he waited by the sidewalk for his mom to pick him up. Someday things will change, and he won't be ignored anymore. But from the looks of it, that someday was forever from now!