Hello everyone! This is a co-written AU fic by me and Kady ( ~Klausykins ). She is writing for Klaus and I am writing for Caroline. The idea is for us to update two chapters at a time, one for Klaus and one for Caroline. There will be some TVD cameos, but not in the way you expect - in some instances, just the name will be familiar but they won't be the same person they are in the TVD universe.

We really hope you guys enjoy this because we've worked really hard to make this a great collaboration.

I'm uploading the first two chapters here on my account, so anyone on author alert can get the notice, but after this you can find them on Kady's (again, she's Klausykins).

And p.s. this is a bit different than my usual writing, but still great imho, and if you guys don't know Kady's writing she's fantastic as well!

Enjoy! And let us know what you think!


I watch her as she sets the woman's hands across her stomach. I lick my lips, liking to watch her. I was finished a while ago. I'm quicker than she is. I think she still feels guilty and it takes her a while to get over the actual idea that she is going to kill someone.

She takes a deep breath, closing her eyes. I can see the struggle there. This is not her first time, she's done this many times before, but there is still that inner quandary haunting her. I need to work harder for her, to make this easier for her. This is supposed to be uplifting, a form of therapy for us and yet I feel like she still is not used to the way it can be.

But I know she enjoys it. I can see the care and attention she takes when handling the females, a care and attention that I should start to mimic. After all, we don't have to be savages about this whole thing.

She opens her eyes and stands up, walking over to me.

"Time to go," she whispers, and I nod. We can't stand here too long, can't risk exposure.

That's the thing that makes this all work, we're meticulous and get in and out as quickly as possible.

I grab her hand, our leather gloves making a squeaking sound and I clasp her hand tightly and we silently walk out of the house. We close the door and quickly walk down the path to the sidewalk, the cold air nipping at our cheeks.

It's late, the middle of the night, and the street is dark aside from a few streetlamps. I feel her body shaking next to mine as we walk down the block, making a right and finding our car. I reach into my pocket with my free hand and grab the remote, beeping the car open. We climb into the car and I turn it on, blasting the heater. I angle the heater vents towards her as she buckles her seat belt and I can see she's still shaking, but the cold is not any excuse this time.

"You did a good job in there," I say to her and she turns to look out the window. I sigh and put the car in gear, taking off out of the neighborhood and towards the highway.

We sit in silence for a long time until I cannot take it anymore.

"They were your idea, love."

"I know," she says, still looking out the window.

We had been sitting in a bar, passing through this town, and this couple continued to argue at the table next to ours. They were loud, drunk, obnoxious, and fighting over the dumbest of things. He was abusive and hit her and she was tired of the beatings, but could only express this when she was intoxicated. Caroline kicked me under the table and I looked behind me, watching as they insulted each other back and forth. I shook my head and sipped my beer.

"Them," she said, chugging the rest of her drink.

I just shrugged, like I always did. I didn't care who it was tonight, tomorrow, last week. But her being the one to choose was a good sign. This whole thing may have started based off of my suggestion but she wanted to do this.

After what had happened to her she deserved some revenge, some retribution, a way to mend herself. I would do this for her, I would do anything for her. I love her.

I have been driving for an hour. We need to get as far away from here as possible. I turn off the heater, the car incredibly warm. I glance over at her and she is leaning her head against the window, her eyes closed.

She looks so beautiful when she sleeps. I don't know how I ever landed the good fortune of meeting her and making her my everything, my world. I reach over and rub her thigh softly, smiling.

I pull into a motel when we are three hours outside of where we just were. I leave her in the car as I pay for a room, the bored clerk at the desk flipping through a magazine as reruns of the Golden Girls plays on an old television set. I park the car next to our room and carry her inside. Her arms wrap around my neck and I kiss her forehead.

My beautiful, precious Caroline.

I lay her gently on the bed, removing her shoes. I don't want to disturb her. It's important for her to get her sleep after a night like this, it helps her not to think so much about what she has just done.

She asks me all of the time how I cope and I tell her the truth.

It's because I have you, love. You give me all of the strength I need.

Of course what we're doing is wrong. Killing people is not something normal people do. But we aren't normal. We have our reasons and they work for us.

I slip off my own shoes and climb into bed with her, smiling as she lays her head on my chest and snuggles close against me.

She was so good tonight, once she got going. She may be starting to get the hang of this. I have told her we can stop at anytime but I think she secretly likes it.

She probably hasn't admitted it to herself yet, so she won't admit it to me for even longer.

That's okay, as long as she doesn't leave me I don't care how long it takes.

Caroline means more to me than anyone in this world ever has.

Even more than her.