Sonic, Sally, Shadow, Rouge, Silver, Amy, Rocket, Blaze, Frost, and Leaf were standing outside a room in Eggman's base of operations which was rumored to be the home of a new piece of technology which was in development. Rocket gave Frost the authorization to freeze and break down the door. Frost did as he was told to, froze the door, and broke it into a million pieces.

"All right. We're in. Let's destroy that tech before Eggloser uses it for his own agenda," Frost said before he and the others walked into the room. Everyone looked around but saw nothing save for a small machine on the table.

"This is it? This dime store piece of junk? Sally, I thought you said you had intel on Eggman's latest invention, not some over-glorified trashcan. This is exactly why I should collect the info, not you," Rocket said unaware of the magnet fired onto his back.

"I did get some good intel that said there was a destructive weapon, not that. I guess you should handle getting the confidential information from now on," Sally said.

"Thank you. I can get the info better than you ever can."

"And just what's that supposed to mean?"

"Do you even see the trashcan," Rocket asked back.

"Hey, don't talk to her like that," Sonic said.

"I'm just saying I could get info better than your girlfriend could, Blue Boy. That's the truth and I'm sticking by it."

"Well, maybe it's a weapon and we don't even know."

"A weapon that's designed to look like a piece of crap? I don't think so, Sonic. It's trash and I'm getting rid of it," Frost said before walking over to the 'weapon'. He saw a button on the side, so he instinctively pressed it and a magnetic circle was aimed at Sonic's back.

"Cool. Forget that I said 'piece of crap'. This thing is awesome. I wonder if it shoots out more of those." Frost fired another magnetic circle and it attached itself to Shadow's back. Sally snatched the machine away from Frost before he could fire off more of the magnetic circles.

"Just what is this," Sonic asked as he looked at the magnet on his arm.

"Not sure. I should analyze this back at Castle Acorn. Would you like to accompany me back to New Mobotropolis, Rocket," Sally asked.

"Wouldn't hurt to see that place since I've never been there. Let's go, Sal," Rocket replied before he and Sally walked out of the room.

"They're going to analyze that thing, so we should be getting back to Station Square," Frost suggested.

"Not a bad idea, Frost. Let's go," Sonic said before he and the others walked out of the room. Unknown to all of them, Eggman was watching them.

"That's right. Take the machine. If all goes according to plan, they won't be able to stop me at all," he said.

Just what is Eggman's plan? What's the purpose of the mysterious magnetic circles? Find out in the next chapter of Magnetic Attraction.