"So fat" Miley whispers, looking in the mirror, squeezing her stomach fat. Looking down at her thighs, she sees the uniform lines made by her razor blade, her punishment for being so ugly, so fat. They ranged from year old scars, starting to fade away, to bright angry red lines, still bleeding, made moments before.

She felt like throwing up just by looking at herself in the mirror. 'If there was anything to throw up' she thought. It had been two full days without her eating anything and no one noticed. Her own mother even told her to lose some weight. It was her mother, if she didn't tell her the truth, who would?

Her boyfriend wouldn t. Nick always insisted that Miley was too thin. He couldn't remember the last time he saw her eat anything. He could count her ribs through her shirt. She was so skinny it was almost unhealthy. Hell, it was unhealthy. He was worried about her. He knew how mentally unstable she was. It worried him to no end when he left her alone. As often as possible, he was with her. She was sick and not with the flu. She was mentally ill and her mother knew about it. But she did nothing. Afraid for their family's reputation.

Miley looked in the mirror, seeing her ugly reflection one more time. Silently she walked to her bedroom door and closed it. Then she walked into her bathroom. She slid down the wall and pulled out her phone. Quickly she typed out a message to Nick, her final message to him.

I'm so sorry. I can't do this anymore. You couldn't have been more amazing if u had tried. I just couldn't see in myself, what you saw in me. I will always be watching over you. I love you. Goodbye.

Tears fell from her eyes as she hit send. She was really going to end it all right here, right now. She picked up the all too familiar razor blade and made one final cut, right across her wrist. She leaned her head against the wall and waited for blackness to overtake her.

Across the street, Nick received her message. He ran across the street and banged on her front door until Tish answered. Before she could ask why he was there so late at night, Nick pushed his way inside.

"This is your fault" he yelled as he ran toward the stairs.

He sprinted up the stairs and down the hallway. 2 rooms down on the right, the door was closed. He opened it without knocking, knowing she would answer.

"In here" said a voice quietly. He ran into the bathroom and saw her on the floor.

"Why princess why?" he asked her, holding her small, fragile body in his lap. He grabbed a towel and held it to her wrist, trying to stop or at least slow the bleeding.

She didn't answer. Instead she started crying. Harder then he'd ever seen her cry. Harder than when her Grandfather died. Harder than when her parents go divorced. Nick was scared.

As she was crying on the floor, finally safe in his arms, he looks up at her mother and says without emotion,
"Are you happy now?"