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Chapter 1

'Hello there! My name is Amu! I'm 17 years old and in about a few weeks I'm turning 18. Today I'm moving to another city!'

* Amu POV *

'Amu come on! We are about to leave without you!' Utau yelled at me.

'Coming!' I gave my room the last look and closed the door. I didn't like moving but I had no choice. I live with Utau, my best friend, in a apartment in the city. My family have passed away in a accident, and the only one I have left is her. Utau also doesn't have family. Her father and mother left her of for adoption. Why were we moving? Utau needed another school, but the school she needed wasn't were we were living until now. So we are moving to a city with that school. Because we didn't wanted to look for an apartment there we decided to take a school were you have to live.

'AMU! GET OVER HERE!' Utau yelled from the car.

I walked down the stairs and got in the car.

'I'm so excited!' Utau said to me with a big smile.

'I'll let you know how I feel like moving when I know it'

Utau and I gave our house a last look and then drove away. After 2 hours driving..

' Utau you need to take the second street'




'That was the second street' I said with a sweat drop on my head


' oke fine! Sorry, just take the next one please…'

After 5 min. we were complete lose..

'Utau? Do you know where we are..?'

'Of course I know! We are at the street with the tree'

'Every street here has a tree!' I yelled at her

'Fine I don't know where we are!'

'Stop the car I'm coming to ask somebody' I said

Utau did as I said and I got out of the car. I decided to walk into the store called Cute Cup. When I got in I saw it was a cupcake store.

'Hello there! Can I help you?' A guy in a cute pink uniform asked to me. The guy had cute brown eyes and blond hair.

'uuh.. yeah, maybe you can. I wanted to know where I can find the Tasmia Academy?' I asked with a light blush.

'Yeah sure, want a second I will draw it for you.' He got out paper and a pen and started to drawn. While he was doing that I was looking in the store, every looked really cute and delicious.

'Her you are!' He handed me the 'map' with a cute smile.

'Thank you'

'So why are you going to that school?'

'My friend and I are moving to this city and this is the school we are in to' I told him

' Really? I'm at that school to! My name is Tadase!' He smiled and gave me his hand.

'My name is Amu'

'So what year are you in?'

'The second year, silver it's called right?'

'Yes that's right, I'm a silver to, well maybe I'll see you at school then'

'yeah maybe, thank you!' I was about to walked out when I heard him calling my name

'Amu?' I looked around and saw Tadase holding a cute cupcake and blushed light.

'Here, you can have it for your way to the school'

I looked at the cupcake, it was a red one with pink glitters on it and a small heart

'Thank you' I blushed so I walked out of the store fast. When I got in the car a Utau gave me a strange look while looking at the cupcake.

'You go in to ask the way and come out with a cupcake?'

'I got a map for the way and the cupcake I got from the boy who was working there, Tadase'

'Oeeew amu! You are only in the city for 5 min. and already have a love'

'It's not like that! Now just drive!' I blushed and wanted Utau to drop it.


After a few minutes we were at the school. It was a big white mansion. The placed looked nice and there were people walking in uniforms.

'Can I get you bags miss?' A guy asked. I assume it was a guy who worked here.

'Yes, take all our bags to our room please' Utau said to the guy.

'Come on Amu, we have to get to the direction.

As we walked into the garden of the school, I looked my eyes out. The was a big fountain and small tables and tree's. As I was looking at the garden a guy came up to me and grabbed the cupcake out of my hands (yes I was still holding it) and he begun to EAT IT! What the hell was into this guy!

'What the hell are you doing!' I yelled at me

He looked at me and when he finished the cupcake he smirked at me.

'Belief me I did you a pleasure, that cupcake was disgusting' He said calm

'I don't know that do I? Because YOU EAT MY CUPCAKE!' I was getting a bit angry at this guy. He just eat my cupcake and stayed calm

' You'll get over it' He padded my head and walked away with his hands in his pockets. Weird guy I thought. He had blue hair and was talk and skinny.. Anyway were is Utau? When I looked around I saw here looking into the fountain.

' Utau?' I asked

'Look amu! How beautiful!' Utau said to me

After a minute looking into the fountain we decided to walk to the direction again

'What happened to your cupcake?' Utau asked me looking at my empty hands

' I don't want to talk about it….' I said sad

We were at the direction.

'Excuse me? Where can we find Miss Honya? Utau asked to the woman behind the desk.

The woman didn't say anything and just pointed at the door. We decided to walk to the door. When we were inside we saw a small blond girl with hair until her feet with a red ribbon inside it.

'little girl? Were can we find the Miss of the office?' Utau asked the girl with a baby voice. The girl turned red.


'HUH!' Utau and I said at the same time.

'Well for now then. My mother is at a business trip, I'm Miss Rima'

'Well Miss? How old are you?' Utau said while looking at how high she was

'I'm 17 years old! ' The girl was named Rima was angry because Utau keep treating her like a little child.

'Just tell me why you are here?' Rima asked us

'We are new students here..' I said to her.

' O right Miss Utau and Miss Amu?


'Utau her room is number 56 en Amu her room is 31'

'Wait, we are not sharing a room?'' Utau said surprised

'No, and I am too little to change that kind of stuff' This was the girls revenge of getting back at Utau for calling her a child.

'Here are you keys'

Utau took the keys and was angry but decided to not say anything, we just walked out of the room.

'Well.. I guess we could just go to watch our rooms, text me when you're done packing oke?' I said to Utau.

'yeah I guess..' Utau walked away with one key

I looked at the numbers on the door what was 1. I got up the stairs and found number 10. I walked to the end of the hall and took a left turn and found number 30. I walked one door further and found number 32. Where the hell was number 31 then. I signed. A guy with a football in his hand was walking in my direction.

'Need help?' He asked with a big smile.

' Yeah I'm looking for room 31?'

'That's a tricky one.. You need to walk to the end of this hall and then take a right turn. There is only one room number 31. But your lucky it's a big room!'

'Thank you so much!'

'I'm Kukai by the way'

'I'm Amu'

'Well Amu, good luck with your room' he gave me a wink.

I walked in the direction the guy told me. When I entered the room there wasn't anybody. It was a big room with 4 beds, 2x 1 person and 1x 2 persons. The 2 persons bed was taken because I saw clothes and stuff around it and one of the single beds was also taken. I guess I have to share a room with other persons. My bed was in the middle of the other beds, I saw my bags were already there. As I was walking by the big bed I felt someone pushing me on it so I closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes I was looking into deep night blue eyes. This guy was on top of me on the bed. When I blinked a few time I saw it was the guy form eating the cupcake.

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