Chapter 28
Warning! This chapter contains sexual activities!


Then the end of the dance came. I grabbed Ikuto's tie and pulled him closer. Just before our lips could tough the music stopped. I looked into Ikuto's eyes, but he was staring at my lips. It was kind of making me nervous. I unconscious bit my lip a little. I saw Ikuto's eyes got a little big bigger before moving closer to me. Just before our lips touched I heard something.
'' Yo Amu!'' I turned my head pretty fast to the left and saw Button standing there with a big smile on his face. And then I felt lips on my cheeks, but they were fast gone. When I quickly turned my head I saw Ikuto with a very irritating look on his face. Maybe even angry.
''Ikuto…?'' I asked soft. I just got snapped out of the moment with Ikuto from the yelling of Button. And he did not look pleased with that. Just before he was about to say something I felt an arm going around my waist.
'' You are dancing really fine.'' Button said in a whispering a sexy voice. ''It almost made me want to drag you of the dance floor and do naughty thing with you.''
I could feel my cheeks heat up from his words. I also noticed that Ikuto his jaw line begun to tense up.
'' I think I'll go get a drink.'' He said between his teeth. I also noticed that he held his hands in fists. When he walked away I turned to Button.
'' I thought you weren't going to the party.'' I asked
'' I changed my mind. Want to know what changed my mind?'' He said in a playfully way.
'' What? '' I played the game along but I was looking for Ikuto near the bar.
'' You and that beautiful dress of yours.'' He said while running a finger down my arm. I just gave him a small smile in return.
'' So what is going on with you and Ikuto? '' He asked following my eyes to see Ikuto standing at the bar.
'' Oh nothing..'' I just said. I mean how do you explain what was going on between us? Because I didn't really know it myself. I did begin with a little playing but lately something changed.
'' Nothing he? So than it is ok if I do this?'' I was so lost in thoughts that I did notice that Button was kissing me after a few seconds. I softly pulled away, I didn't want this.
'' You can't just kiss me like that.'' I said in a soft but angry whisper.
'' You bet I can!'' He said before leaning in for another kiss. I quickly putted my hand before his mouth.
'' No you can't.'' I said a little harder but still a whisper. I saw Button looking a little confused. Then he grabbed my hand and pulled my outside, so that no one was around.
'' I am getting a little confused over here Amu.'' He said with a serious tone to me. He was standing close, to close if you would ask me. I didn't really know how to explain this.
'' One moment you are all over me and kissing me. Almost having sex.'' He putted the word sex out like it was extremely important.
'' And the next moment you don't want anything to do with me.'' He said a little despaired.
'' Just tell me, are you into this Ikuto guy? Because if you are, I will stay away from you. But if you don't then I'll make sure you are mine.'' He was looking me right into my eyes, as if he was trying to read them.
'' It's not that.. I think I am just not into you in that way..'' I finally said.
For seconds it was silence. But he kept looking me into my eyes as if he was trying to see if I was lying.
'' And why is that?''
'' I don't know..I just don't feel anything in that way for you..'' I saw Button his eyes change a little. He looked really hurt. I almost felt like rapping my arm around him and pull him closer. Before I could even do that I heard someone cleared his throat. I looked up and saw Ikuto standing a few steps away looking into, well, nowhere.
'' Ok.. I guess I'll see you around Amu.'' Button said before slowly walking away. When he passed by Ikuto he stopped.
''Button.'' I saw a look going on between them before Button walked away.
''So that was an interesting conversation.'' Ikuto simply said before slowly walking over to me. I just shrugged my shoulders. He was moving and I was stepping back. After a few steps my back hit the wall and Ikuto was very close. He was leaning on one hand above my head.
'' So... ''
'' How long were you standing there?'' I asked a little curious.
'' Long enough. What wasn't I suppose to hear?'' He asked with a little smirk on his face. I just looked at him. There he was going again, playing words with his smirk. How was I supposed to know what this even was? I looked at the ground after a few seconds.
'' Amu? What's wrong?'' He asked. I just shrugged my shoulders again. He lifted up my face so that I was looking again to him. Now he was looking serious and concerned. I signed.
'' Do you know how many faces you have?''
'' Well yes, I have an I Don't Care.'' He said while making the face
'' I have a Begging Look.'' He said while making puppy eyes. I couldn't help but laugh a little at that one.
'' And of course my famous Sexy Face.'' He said before making a sexy smirk and giving me a wink.
'' You are forgetting about your I Pretend I Am Not Listening But I Am Listening face.'' I said with a laugh on my face while poking him in the side.
'You are not suppose to know that one.'' He said with a little smile.
'' I know everything.'' I said with a wink. I saw Ikuto's face get serious in a few seconds.
'' But Amu, what was that all about with Button?'' He asked
'' What about him?'' I didn't liked the sudden change of subject.
'' Well, he is a great guy, not bad looking and willing to give you everything you want.''
'' Yeah I suppose.''
'' So why turn him down?'' He asked with one eyebrow up.
''Can I ask you something?'' I asked after a few seconds.
'' No not fair. I asked you first.'' He said a little playfully.
'' Fine than I won't answer your question.'' I said putting my arms over each other and holding them to my chest. I heard Ikuto sign.
'' Sometimes you are such a child.''
'' Am not.'' I said with a little angry voice. I saw Ikuto's lips curls up. Not in a smirk but into a smile. And then he kissed me. It was a light tough and a soft kiss. I felt myself leaning in when he pulled away. He looked at me with a thinking look. After 10 seconds I got a little nervous under his thinking look at me.
'' So..'' I softly said hoping to change the weird situation.
'' Can I..'' He said softly.
'' What? '' I asked curious.
'' Never mind.'' He mumbled before putting his hands in his pockets.
'' No Ikuto! I wanne know!'' I said while giving his a soft slap on his arm. He was leaning in really close and stopped just before our lips thoughts. His eyes were looking right at mine.
'' Can I.. Do that again?'' He asked soft with his eyes full of lust. I could feel my heart beating faster. He was asking for another kiss. I just nodded my head in a soft yes and immediately I felt his lips crush on mine. This kiss was more passionate and hard. His hands made his way to my waist and my hand found his way around his neck and into his soft hair. I could get lost in his hair. When his tong entered my mound I found myself pulling him closer to me. I needed this so badly. This was exactly what Button couldn't give me. After a while I felt his hand slip under my dress and softly stroked my upper leg. Then his hand made his way to my ass before squeezed my ass softly. He was pushing himself closer to me. I could feel he was already hard down there, he was getting more and more excided. I opened my eyes and looked at him. And for the first time I didn't push him away but pushed myself against him even farther. Because I knew this was right with Ikuto. He was feeling the same as I was, in Love. When he felt me pushing closer he opened his eyes with a little surprise. He stopped the kiss for a seconds. I gave him a small smile and kissed him soft and fast. I saw Ikuto smirking, again, before kissing me.

* 5 Minutes later*
Ikuto and I were standing before our room, still kissing. The way back Ikuto didn't let me go. And every 5 seconds he was kissing me. It was like he was afraid that I would change my mind, kind of sweet. And right now, he wouldn't let me go. He had both his hands on the sides of my face pulling me closer. He stopped kissing me and putted our foreheads against each other. He then putted an arm around my waist and kissed my forehead pulling me close to him. With his other hand he was trying to get his keys out of his pockets.
''You know it would be easier if you would let me go.'' I said laughing a little at him.
''Never.'' He whispered before kissing me again. I couldn't help but smile against his lips. Surprisingly enough he got the door open while kissing me. When we got in the room I broke the kiss of. Ikuto quickly closed the door, with locking it. While I made my way over to his bed, I sat on the edge of the bed.
'' There are going a lot of things through my head when I am seeing you sitting on my bed.'' He made sure to mention that it was his bed.
'' O really? '' I said a little playfully.
'' And what I would do this? '' I said before scrawling on the bed on my back. When I saw his eyes got bigger with one eyebrow lifted I couldn't help but laugh a little. He looked like he was holding in and was about to lose control every second. When I signed him to come over with my finger he immediately jumped on the bed and crawled over me. He kissed me again while his hands were discovering my body. His kisses left my lips and made his was to my neck. When he kissed my sensitive spot I couldn't help in a moan. I could feel his smirk against my neck before kissing my neck more. I let my fingers run over his t-shirt, feeling his abs. After a while I slipped my hands under his shirt and let my fingers run free. When I left a little scratch on him with my nails I could hear him moan. Ikuto stopped kissing my neck and stretched himself out. He pulled up his t-shirt and threw it somewhere in the room. He got back to kissing my neck but he was lowering his kisses slowly to my breasts.

Warning! If you don't want to read sexual stuff, you should be stop reading here.

Ikuto POV
I was about to lose my mind. I knew this would be her first time so I had to be gentle, but her movements under me and here moans where driving me crazy. I needed to feel her skin but she was still wearing this dam dress. I slipped my hand to her back to open the zipper. When Amu heard the noise of the zipper she froze. SHIT. I said to myself. I knew she was going to change her mind about this. But she gave my hand a little more space by lifting her back up. This also had a result of pressing her inner thigh to my already stone hard dick. I just couldn't help but moan about her action before unzipping her very fast. I saw Amu having a little smirk on her face. It was sexy but also a little bit scaring, like she just found out what control she had. I felt that she was wearing no bra. Good, because those things are a pain in the ass to get off. I looked at Amu her eyes.
'' Are you sure you want to continue this?'' I asked her. I wouldn't forgive myself is she would regret this. Knowing that her first kiss was a disaster, I wanted to make sure this wouldn't end like that.
'' Can you still stop? '' She asked with a little too innocent voice. I had to swallow because I could answer her.
'' Of course.'' I said, trying to keep my breathing under control.
'' But what are you going to do with this?'' She asked even more innocent before stroking my hard dick through my pants. I let out a loud moan before looking at her. She had a little devil smirk on her face and she had putted one finger in her mouth and was softly biting down on it. She probably doesn´t even know how sexy she was looking for me right now.
''If you really don´t want to do this, I'll find a way for that.'' I answered her question while whispering it into her hair. Then I'll felt her hand made her way to my belt and started to unlock it.
'' If I didn't wanted this, you think I would have let you pull me back to our room?'' She asked me. I smirked a little at her reaction.
'' I just wanted to be sure. But now that I am..'' I said before pushing her dress down her body exposing her breasts. Before she could put her hands on her breasts to escape from my eyes I already had her arms pinned next to her.
'' Don't.'' I simply said. I grabbed one breast with my hand and start massaging it. After a while I putted one of her already hard nipples into my mouth. Slowly undressed her from the rest of the dress. I noticed that she was wearing pink panties, how appropriate. I felt Amu her fingers made her way into my hair pulling me closer to her. I softly let one hand run down from her breasts to her belly. When I reached her panties I started playing with the edge of it. After a while I heard her sign, not moan, just sign.
'' Ikuto '' She asked while breathing heavy.
'' Yes Amu?'' I asked her playfully
'' Can you stop teasing me? '' She sounded like begging.
'' Getting a little bossy?'' I asked Amu with a smirk on my face.
'' We are if you don't hurry up.'' She mumbled.
When I slipped my hand inside of her panties and started to rub her clit she let out a few moans. After a while I could hear her breathing getting faster. I slowly pushed one finger inside of her. God she was thigh and that was just only one finger. I slowly pushed my finger inside her and out. I couldn't help myself from putting a second finger inside of her. I moved my head away from her breasts and slowly made it to her pussy. I could see her pussy sucking up my fingers. I slowly moved my face closer and give her clit a little kiss. She reacted with a long moan. After a while I could feel her getting close. She had her fingers inside of my hair pushing me closer to her. I slowly pushed in three fingers and started to pump her faster. After a few seconds I felt (and heard) she relies on my fingers. I slowly pulled out and moved back up to me and gave her a small kiss.
'' And how was that?'' I asked. I noticed that I was breathing very fast and heavy myself.
'' That.. was.. amazing..'' She said when she finally did catch her breath back. I knew I needed to give her to recover but I felt like I was about to explode. I slowly went down for her neck again and start kissing her. After a few seconds I could feel Amu her finger tops running down my abs. As if I could get any harder than that I already was. Then I felt her fingers pushing my pants down. I slowly lend her a hand with this. After my pants was down there was only my boxer between us. I saw Amu looking a little concerned about the big bobble in my boxer. I softly kissed her lips trying to comfort her before slowly removing my boxer. I could feel her breath hitch from the seeing my dick. My little dude wasn't small at all. I knew that, one of the things I am proud of, if I may say myself. I softly grabbed her hand and placed it on my dick. I couldn't help but moan about the feeling. I softly moved her hand over my dick, I knew he hadn't done this kind of stuff so I had to teach her. When she got the hint she began to move on her own. I could feel myself getting really close in such a short time. I had to pull away from her hand, I didn't want to come like that. I softly settled between her legs. When my dick was in position I gave her a long kiss. Softly I pushed inside of her. She was really thigh. I had to hold back to not fuck her right now very hard. I grabbed the end of the bed with my hand. I could see that Amu was in pain of this. When I was fully in I rested a little for her to adjust to it. I was placing small kisses around her neck. When she let out a little sign I started to pull out slowly. I noticed that there was a little blood. I was the first man who was entering Amu. It turned me on even more. And then I went back inside of her. I noticed that it was getting a little easier. After a few times I saw that Amu wasn't in pain anymore and I started to build up my pace. I could hear her moans grew louder with every movement. After a while I noticed that Amu's hips were meeting my trusts and I went even deeper. I felt myself getting closer.
'' Amu, I am close. Can I…?'' I almost begged her.
'' Me too.'' She said between her moans.
When I was almost there, I placed two fingers on her clit rubbing it while trusting hard into her.
''Ikkuuutoo!'' I could feel her walls around me getting even tighter and whit one last trust I let everything that I had out inside of her. After that I collapsed on top of her. Both of us were out of breath. I slowly pulled out of her and lied down next to her.

She looked at me and smiled softly at me before crawling closer to me and closer her eyes. The last thing I remember before falling asleep was how I wanted to let this girl go.

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