It had been three days since Jason was well enough to leave the Batcave and return to his apartment. Dick had forbidden him from going out on the street for patrol, and all the sitting around at home was driving him crazy.

Every morning Dick would stop by and spend the rest of the day with Jason. Dick would bring files with him, and the pair would work on them together. They would also spend some of their time loving on each other. It never got far enough to be called sex, because Dick wanted to wait for the right moment.

That would slightly upset Jason, but he would take his mind off it by either kissing Dick some more or dong another project. Dick would often bring up interesting subjects.

"You know, I had a dream about you once." Dick revealed, looking away from a pile of papers and taking a sip of coffee that Jason had made him.

Jason smiled, "Do I want to know what kind of dream?" setting his coffee down to fully listen to what Dick was about to tell him.

"No, not that kind of dream." Dick ensured, "Or maybe it was..." he began to blush. "I don't really remember, it happened a few days before you shot me in the foot. Anyway, you ever have a random dream about a random person from your past?"

Jason shrugged, "I guess."

"It was one of those, and I just had to find you."

Jason kissed Dick on the cheek, "Only you would be so inspired by a silly dream that you would run off to find me."

On the third day Dick did not show up. Jason wanted to call hm, but it was at that moment that he realized that he had forgotten to pay for his cell bill and it was no longer in service. The thought of driving over to the Manor had occurred, but he was not ready to go back there. He was grateful that they had saved his life, but he just did not want to deal with the emotions that came to him while he was there. Maybe one day it'd get easier, but for now he just could not bring himself to go back.

It was his nerves that made him smoke three packs of cigarettes in four hours. Now that he was out of the cigs, he had nothing to keep himself busy he decided to go out and buy some. As he was putting on his jacket to go out to the grocery store to buy a few more packs, Dick showed up at his apartment.

"Are you going somewhere?" Dick questioned, as his eyes flickered toward the set of keys in Jason's palm.

"I'm out of cigarettes," Jason revealed, but quickly changed the subject as he wrapped an arm around Dick's lower back and guided him into his apartment. "But I was waiting for you to come by, you're usually here before the sun rises. It's almost 9 pm."

"Bruce had me doing a few things that kept me up late." Dick closed the door behind him as he fell into Jason's arms. He gazed up into Jason's eyes, and teased him with a soft kiss. "You smell like cigarettes."

"Well about that..." Jason peeked away from Dick and over at the coffee table where he had staked the three boxes neatly on one another. Dick's eyes followed his and he saw the evidence.

"You're not supposed to be smoking!" Dick admonished.

Jason grabbed both of Dick's arms and said in a straight tone, "I am going insane just sitting here and doing nothing every night."

"Okay, tomorrow night you can go out." Dick decided, with an eye roll. "But no smoking anything until then."

A mischievous smile edged on Jason's face, "My mouth is going to need something to play with while I wait."

A small laugh escaped Dick's lips, he knew he should be suiting up for patrol but maybe it would be okay for him to miss one night.

Dick left another teasing kiss on Jason's lips before stepping around the man and eying the bedroom. Understanding, Jason tossed his keys on the floor, took Dick's hand and yanked him into the other room.

Jason had sent Dick into his bathroom to go find the new and unused lube bottle they had bought the other day. Sitting down at the edge of the bed, Jason began untying his shoes. Once he set the pair aside, he noticed a shadow loom over him. He tilted his head upward and was met with a kiss from Dick.

Dick put his hands on Jason's shoulders, slowly pushing him downward onto the bed. Dick caught himself with his hands on either side of Jason's head, his body was positioned in between Jason's legs. He leaned down and the two collided into a kiss. The scent of cigarettes was heavy on Jason's lips, almost enough to make Dick gag.

Jason's body unconsciously tensed up, he knew what was going to happen. But it was all so new to him, and he had never been so intimately close. He had sex before, but this was the first time he was going to do it out of love. It was all so foreign.

Dick made Jason feel all sorts of feelings he thought he'd never feel. Emotions that should have died, but only roared back to life when he was with Dick. He'd never admit it to anyone but himself, that he wanted Dick to always stay with him.

Long fingers stretched underneath Jason's shirt. Elegantly easing the tension in the muscles of the man below him. Guiding the threads, Dick lifted Jason's shirt off before taking off his own and resuming their kiss. Jason bit down on Dick's bottom as the acrobat thrusted his hips into Jason's.

Dick could feel Jason's penis through there pants. He moaned into his lover's mouth as Jason bucked his hips up, pushing his bulge against Dick's.

Dick detached himself from Jason's mouth and was caught in the other man's glance. His eyes were a striking shade of blue that sometimes looked gray when the light hit it a certain way. With his breath hot against Jason's ear, Dick whispered, "I love you."

"I love you too, Dickie-bird." Jason's voice was quiet, and softer than Dick had ever heard it.

Dick put his mouth on the tip of a scar that began at the base of Jason's neck. He began to suck on the skin below with the occasional lick. Jason moaned at the feel of Dick's heated tongue, it made him pant and he dug his nails into Dick's back. In retaliation from the sting of Jason's nails digging holes in his back, Dick made a harder thrust into his lover's hips. Jason snapped his head back in pleasure, he grunted, holding back what would have been a loud moan.

"D-Dick..." Jason breathed, his breath hitching as Dick undid both there pants all while his mouth continued to suck, and lick, and kiss. A heat suddenly rushed through Jason when Dick's long fingers gripped his cock. Dick moved back, he spread open Jason's legs and began to suck on the inside of his thighs. "I – you, looove you...Dick..."

"Love you too, Jay..." Dick voice came out as like a wisp of smoke, quiet but it said so much. Realizing that Jason's body had calmed down, Dick squeezed out so lube and washed his hands in it.

His fingers danced around Dick's hole, and making Jason whine. Slowly, Dick began to stretch Jason. Jason's body began to tense up again, his heart raced, his body eager and anxious.

Dick stared down at Jason, the sight of his scared up flesh, heated and flushed – vulnerable, brought a confident smile to his face. "Try to calm down..." Dick began to insert himself, and the deeper he dived the harder Jason began to pant. "Breathe Jay," he began to run his hand up and down the outside of Jason's thigh. "Calm down, and breathe." Jason bucked his hips upward when he felt Dick hit the nerves inside him. He threw his back and gritted his teeth, his hand wrapped around a bundle of sheets.

When he opened his eyes, Dick was smiling down at him, "You did good." he congratulated, as he began to thrust himself against his partner.

Giving into the pleasure, Jason opened his mouth and moaned loudly against Dick's neck as he began to suck on his skin. He kissed his way down to Dick's collar bone, pressing his lips hard against the other man each time he felt that roll of lovely pain tumble up his spine.

Jason's penis twitched gleefully at the feel of Dick's abs grazing against it, "Jay..." Dick breathed, followed by a thick moan.

It was the sound of Dick's voice that sent Jason over the edge, "F-fuck!" he shouted, as he began to spill out. The liquid spread caught on Dick's abs, and that triggered his body to release.

With a heavy breath Dick collapsed on top of Jason, who spoke, "That was fucking great, man... fucking amazing." he tucked his hand through Dick's sweaty hair.

In agreement, Dick gave Jason a smile and kiss on the jaw line before rolling off him, "We can clean up tomorrow." he kicked the bottle of lube off the bed. He put that same leg over Jason's thigh and put an arm around the other man's shoulders. "Good night, Jay."

Jason reached for Dick's hand that was on his shoulder, and laced their fingers, "Night."

What the hell happened?

Jason sat up in his bed, he glanced to his right and saw Dick still asleep. His breathing was steady, a tiny trail of drool leaked out of the corner of his mouth. With his knuckles, Jason stroked the side of Dick's face that was not covered in drool. Not that Jason minded that, the pair had shared so much saliva the last night that he would not be surprised if he had more of Dick's saliva in his mouth than his own. At the touch of his hand, Dick smiled in his sleep. He smiled that beautiful smile that could make any girl swoon.

"Jay..." Dick hummed, he wrapped his hand around Jason's fingers and kissed each bruised knuckle. He fluttered his eyes open.

"Dick..." Jason spoke back, his voice heavy with sleep. "Good morning."

Recalling last night, Dick's smile transformed into grin as he sat up and embraced Jason around his hickey covered shoulders. "Good morning!"

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