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Uchuu Keiji Shaider Fanfiction

Prologue: Shaider Died. A Conspiracy Between Fuuma and Human

Hi, I'm Connie. I just got a fresh graduated from Tokyo University for Archaeology. But, there's something that I can't forget since 11 years ago. It's about my father, Sawamura Dai, who had died suspiciously that time. OK! Let me tell ya...

I knew a lot about my father's story, even I was just 8 years old. He said, "You are very lucky to be born on Earth peacefully. Not as..."

"Dai, don't tell him about it. It's too soon." Annie, my mother had just prevented telling that story.

"Hmmm... Take my story as an imaginery fairy tale, OK. Once upon a time, there was a lifeform, or... monsters of evil force named Fuuma. They came from Fushigi Dimension, where The Emperor of Fuuma, named Kubilai, and his servants lived. They had invaded and destroyed some worlds, then planned to conquer this Earth..." Dai kept telling about that story.

"What does Kubilai look like?" I asked.

"He was very creepy. He had three eyes on his head, which could be detachable. And his body had some tentacles with one-eyed-snake-like head in end of each tentacles."

"Heeeeeeeeeee... Eh... I'm not scared at all."

"So is Shaider. Shortly, he was a space sheriff of Galactic Police that had to fight every Fuumas everyday until he faced Kubilai. As Kubilai was an Emperor, he was bery difficult to be defeated. He got to be weakened first by getting stabbed at his third eye by Shaider's blade. As Shaider slashed him off, he then died, and the Fuuma existence was destroyed, so was its palace." Dad told me about it shortly. Since then, I always dreamed that I was a Shaider.

But, one day, when I have a lunch with my family in some restaurant, a freak incident happened. Not as an usual, my dad got drunken after having drunk an ocha and then collapsed. No other customers got the same incident. They were all OK.

Never mind, my mother called a hospital. Therefore, my father was taken to the hospital, which is near from my house. My mother also called Mr. Retsu and Mr. Den. I didn't know that they were Gavan and Sharivan. I mustn't be panic. Even I, my mother, and Shaider's predecessor's families had to face a reality that my father was died by large amounts of alcohols.

Dad told us his last words, "Connie, I'm sure that you can also be Shaider like.. me.. I'm sorry for hiding the truth that... I was Shaider like I had ever told you. Retsu-san,... Den-san,... please,... let him finish his education journey first... Annie,... if Fuuma appears again,... have Galactic Police... set Connie as Shaider... Connie,... your mother has more detail story about my life as Shaider..."

I couldn't believe that Shaider's story was true... I couln't help but let my tears subside.

" Dad loves you, darling... Dad loves you too... my son..." and then Died, as cardiograph showed a horizontal straight line. Really straight... I and my mother then tried to hold our tears, but couldn't.

I wondered, how mean that chef killed my father? What's wrong with him? Eh, I just had felt a strange aura that surronded that chef. I guessed that she, I meant, a chef, wasn't a human. She always looked at me and my mother when we walked through her, and I felt that strange aura again. I didn't see her again since now.

Never mind, from this, I vow to take my revenge for my father's suspicious death!