Darkwing Duck Dinosaur King cross over

Our story begins when Max Rex and Zoe had so far collected every dinosaur card excepet 6 unaware that the Alpha gang Seth and grand children of Dr Z were following them until they were joined up by Steelbeak to plan to work together to capture the d team brats and the dinosaur cards their plan started when Zoe and Rex were taking a bath in a hotel in the town their dinosaurs tried to fight back Steelbeak but he trapped them in a steel cage then they moved on to their final victim Max and Chomp he was also taking a bath when Steelbeak showed up just as he was out to grab him Darkwing Duck showed up and gave Steelbeak and a tv bomb and it exploded in his face then blasted them back to the alpha gang hideout empty handed Darkwing Duck was hugged by Max and Chomp max thanked Darkwing Duck for saving them but they have to focus on freeing Zoe Rex their dinos and their parents so Darkwing Duck Max and Chomp rode on the Rat Catcher to the Alpha gang hideout meanwhile Dr Z Seth the Alpha Gang and Dr Z Brats were about to destroy them when suddenly the alarm rang in and a explosion happened Max and Chomp showed up and Dr z his Grand brats Seth and the Alpha Gang saw Darkwing Duck for the first time Steel Beak glad to see you again Darkwing Duck you again!
Steel Beak screamed Darkwing Duck fired tear gas at DR Z the grand brats Seth and the Alpha Gang to cry like a bunch of babies Steel Beak activated the self destruct mode so he can destroy us all! Darkwing Duck Rode with Zoe while Rex Max their parents and their dinos out off the hideout the villains including Steel Beak died in the explosion good guys were safe Zoe Gave Darkwing Duck a kiss in the beak Rex Max the dinos and their families said thank you to Darkwing Duck

The End