A/N: Okay, this has been a long time coming. I promised Martina Malfoy Lastrange a ficlet in exchange for a favor she did me a while back. The prompt was "Quinn and Sebastian, Hurt/Comfort." I get bonus points for every Harry Potter reference I work in. I promise, the Quinn/Sebastian will come… but my OC's have been dancing through my brain pretty much since they came to life in the last chapter of Control. So, they're back. With a vengeance. And some green gummy frogs. If not abundantly clear, this is set after both Control and A Mother's Love. You don't necessarily have to read either of them for this to make sense, but it might make more sense with that context. Basically, my head cannon has Sebastian as depressed and diabetic. This starts of kind of slow, but I promise there will be Quibastian in the future.

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The first time he sees her, he isn't sure it really is her. After all, there are a million blonds who pass through his life every day, and he doesn't notice all of them.

He's at Children's, in Columbus. It's a strange setting, and that might be part of it. He, and Leesha and Cory from his support group are sitting at a little café table in the hospital lobby, shooting the breeze. It's surprising how comfortable he feels with them, or maybe it's not, considering how many more intimate things they're discussed.

The group normally lasts a good hour and a half, but today, they're out early. Partially because Evie took one look at Jamie's blown out pupils, took away his keys and called his mother. Partially because Maddy broke down and went running to hide in the bathroom, where Evie followed. And, partially because the psychologist who came to give them a talk on "Depression and Diabetes" has no fucking clue what he's talking about.

So, the three of them make the discussion with the shrink as short as possible, and went to find somewhere to scandalize people with their discussions of wanton teenage sex. Or, Sebastian could talk about wanton sex. The only thing that has gotten Cory off lately are a few discretely bookmarked sites on his computer and his right hand. Leesh is a virgin by choice, a few control issues, and the fact that none of the guys she is interested in pay her any attention.

"There aren't exactly a lot of people beating down the door to have sex with a guy with a guy like me," Cory complains, rubbing his left thigh.

"That's bullshit," Leesh counters, reaching into her large and ever present handbag and producing a book. Leesh is the kind of girl who doesn't go anywhere without a book. "Read this, and be like August. There will be a million fan girls beating down your door. Pay special attention to the Venn Diagram humor."

Cory takes the sky blue hardcover slowly. "Isn't there a movie?" He demands, "I mean, everything story worth reading eventually gets turned into a movie. Eragon, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games…"

"Twilight?" Sebastian ribs him. "I mean, I know you loved it when Cedric Diggory turned into a vampire."

The brunette between them shoots both boys a dirty look. "It's amazing," she says. "John and Hank Green are like, internet celebrities. There is fan fiction about John Green. So, naturally, I want it back." She pulls out a pen and prints her number on the inside of the front cover, and slides it back across the table.

"But it's so long," Cory complains.

Leesh gives him a withering look. "Aren't you the one who texted me about Dobby in a tea cozy last month?" She demanded. "And then called me sobbing inconsolably three nights later because of Sirus Black?" Cory's café au late skin tinges red. "It's a good book. Read it."

Sebastian watches the exchange with a smirk. He doesn't know how Cory is so oblivious to Leesh's advances. Then again, if it wasn't for their common disease, for Cory's disability, and for a crazy set of circumstances, Cory wouldn't be giving Leesh the time of day.

Honestly, Sebastian wouldn't be either. Which would actually be a shame, because she might be the first female friend he's ever had. Actually, Ohio might be the first place he has anyone he can call a friend.

Leesh fishes in her bag, and pulls out a few crumpled bills. "I'm low," she announces. Sebastian and Cory give her twin looks of skepticism. Granted, she's been talking a mile a minute for the last half hour while the three wait for their rides (Leesh's family has four drivers and two vehicles, Cory hasn't gotten his license back yet, and Sebastian's car is in the shop for some unknown reason), but Leesh has been known to do that for all sorts of reasons at perfectly reasonable blood sugar levels.

"If you're really low, and not just fishing for frogs, I'll buy them," Cory says, somewhat gallantly. Leesh has admitted taking guilty pleasure in several odd things: playing Sid Meir's Civilization, slash fan fiction, spreadsheets, and pineapple flavored gummi frogs with marshmallow bottoms.

Bas wonders if he's just being nice, or stringing the girl along.

The girl's head, except for her dark braid, disappears under the table again as she fishes in her cavernous bag. On his playful (sober) days, Jamie has been known to ask Leesh if she has a dead body in her purse.

Bas watches Cory as the other boy suddenly shifts in his seat. A tall, slender blond limps across the lobby, using a forearm crutch. "Shit," boy breathes, "It's her."

She looks vaguely familiar: shoulder length blonde hair, big bright eyes, full pouty red lips. She wears a lacy shirt with a sweetheart neck and a pink cardigan. On anyone else, it might have looked provocative or overly sexualized. On this girl-woman-person-thing, it just looks innocent and sweet. Part of Sebastian wonders if it her when she feel from heaven. Maybe that's where the limp comes from.

"Car accident," Cory explains, as Leesh resurfaces with a small black case. "Just before you joined our little band of misfits."

Ignoring the two boys, and the object of their current obsession, Leesha shoves her middle finger in her mouth, and pushes the meter across the table at Cory. She pops the finger out of her month with a soft op! "Fifty three, bitch," she almost crows. The pronouncement would be more impressive if her voice wasn't shaking.

He gets slowly to his feet, using the arms of the small metal chair to leaver himself out. Then, he limps to the gift shop, the black fiberglass and metal leg drawing stares, even in the hospital environment.

Watching people stare, it makes Sebastian glad that everything he has is … invisible. Even if the disease has left marks, they're things he can cover. A part of him, small and horrible, is glad that it's Cory and the blond girl with the visible disabilities and not him. Another part of him wants to go punch something … or drop a few extra units … or something for even thinking that way.

He turns tries to squelch the thoughts. Instead, he turns to Leesha. Who is smart, and funny and quirky and nerdy, and who he really should set up with one of his Dalton schoolmates. Thad, maybe, or Jeff, if he's gotten over his latest crush.

"Could you be more obvious?" He demands, sliding into the role of snarky gay. He would never admit it, but Kurt Hummel is his role model here. The stories of the counter tenor's wrath and fabulosity while at Dalton have made him almost as much of a legend as a certain former lead singer with dreamy hazel eyes.

She sighs. "It's no use when he's obsessed with someone else."

Both their gazes return to the girl in pink.