Title: We Were Only Human.

Summary: The Mikaelsons moved to the New World to escape diseases, but there are other ways of getting hurt. Series of One-Shots surrounding the Mikaelson children and their misfortunes. Prompts are welcome!

Characters will change with each one-shot :)

Updates may be irregular but I'll do my best! :)

Isn't usually about the problem itself, but more how the family react to it and with each other!

Category: Hurt/Comfort/Family


Chapter One:

Title: Riding Accident

Characters: Elijah/Kol

Summary: The brothers find themselves with a problem after their horses are spooked leaving Elijah with a broken leg and Kol with a concussion the afternoon of the full moon. How will they make it to the caves before night falls?

Chapter Two:

Title: The Girl Who Cried Werewolf

Characters: Rebekah/Klaus

Summary: Rebekah isn't allowed to play with swords like her brothers; so she practises in private. A tiny cut causes her little white lie to escalate to a full-blown manhunt as her brothers search for her 'attacker'.

Prompt From: Grumpr