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The journey moved all too quickly and soon I was stood outside a place I knew I would feel comfortable. The building was larger than I had anticipated. The dim sunlight caused the shards of multicoloured glass to reflect in many directions. The garden surrounding it was a little perfect piece of Eden. It was beautiful. I was reminded of childhood memories when I used to run away when I felt overwhelmed from my fathers pressure to be perfect and excel in subjects.

I looked up at the old church in awe. It really looked like someone had ripped my old church out and put it here. I pushed at one of the large oak doors, hearing it creak slightly with age, and stepped inside. The church was empty as I expected it to be. It was breath taking. There was rows upon rows of pews yet it still managed to maintain a comforting, not overwhelming, feeling. I walked down the seemingly never-ending aisle and took in my surroundings. It was beautiful. No amount of times I repeated it, that would really portray the full beauty of the church. I stopped walking and sat down on a pew, closed my eyes and allowed myself, for the first time in months, to be well and truly relaxed and it simply be myself and the Lord.

Adrian POV

I sighed, frustrated I had dragged myself to Clarence's house. I walked round and round the house, not keeping still for a minute, partly due to nerves, partly due to the fact I was craving alcohol…. Or a slushie… I smiled at the thought of one then frowned, remembering the last time I had one I was with Sydney.

I heard a car pulling up into the driveway and I knew it was her. I stood by a window in the dining room and watched as they entered the house. I was scared she would come in here, I was excited she would come in here, I was nervous, I was an entire palette of emotions. I knew I had to see her eventually but it was too soon. I wasn't ready. I knew if I slipped up with my self control for a second I would do something I would regret. I closed my eyes and listened to them enter the house. I heard them walk into the lounge, a room I would then avoid.

I decided to go to the kitchen and get a drink, unfortunately, not alcohol.

I had wanted Sydney to accept me so badly, I needed her approval, her love. I wasn't the same man that had started on this journey. She had changed me. I understood what Rose meant now. Rose herself, although it still pained me, I was no longer losing sleep over her or her stupid cradle robber.

Rose was like a borrowed painting; beautiful, but not truly mine. Sydney was like the sun …. Sydney was different, unique. Beautiful with no effort. Compulsory for life, yet never quite within reach. Something you admired from afar. Somethi-

My train of thought was stopped abruptly when I walked inside the kitchen. Sydney was stood in the centre seemingly admiring the old, worn out pans.

As I watched her I felt my features frown. She froze and looked completely out of place. I opened my mouth to say something, anything, but found no words to say. I tried once more but I knew it would be impossible. Sydney still looked upset, she didn't deserve that. I hurried out of the room and continued walking, no particular destination in mind.

I stopped walking in a hallway and stood with my back against the wall, slowly sliding down it. Outside I heard a car start up. I frowned, who was that?

I looked outside to see nothing however so I sat back down. It was probably my imagination.

Screw it, I thought.

I stood up and walked briskly back towards the kitchen. I needed to speak to Sydney once more, and a beer wouldn't kill either, but I knew I wouldn't allow myself to have one. I needed to have Sydney in my life, even if it was just as friends.

I stood in the doorway but couldn't see her, I poked my head around the lounge door but she wasn't present in there either. I frowned and looked around the house. I was starting to panic when I was searching through the gardens. I walked up the pathway and realised that her car was missing, she had left.

I swore under my breath and ran back towards the others, explaining what that she was missing. We decided to give her an hour before searching for her.

An hour soon passed and soon me and Angeline were racing through the streets in my car looking for her. She was no where to be found. I insisted on her ringing the school to check whether she had been seen there, but she hadn't.

We returned quickly back to the house, worried now. Jill hadn't stopped ringing her cell to since we had left, her eyes held such concern for her.

If she didn't return soon we would have to ring the Alchemists, which could potentially get her in trouble.

Where on earth was she? And most importantly, was she safe?

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