Author's note: Hey. Here's my new story. Yes, it's another Logan story. So sue me. I'm sorry if there's anything wrong in this story, but I tried the best I could. Enjoy. :)

No slash, just friendship.

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Chapter 1



"The ability of an individual who is exposed to the death of a close relation, to maintain relatively stable, healthy levels of psychological and physical functioning."

"So how have you boys been? Recorded any new songs I should know about?" Her voice came cheerfully over the phone.

He chuckled. "Nah, mostly just been working on harmonies all week. It's been pretty dull. But I can't complain. At least Gustavo isn't making us dance all day, non stop. Man, that's torture."

She chuckled. "Well, if he gives you any trouble, let me know, okay sweetie?"

"I will mom." He replied, trying to smother a yawn.

"I heard that." His mother's voice came sternly over the phone. "Get some rest sweetie." She said sweetly.

"But we haven't even been talking for very long." He protested tiredly.

She chuckled. "We can talk tomorrow. I don't want you to suffer Gustavo's wrath in the morning when you're too tired to work!"

"We have the day off tomorrow." He mumbled in a weak protest.

"Still." She said. "Go to sleep honey. I'll call you tomorrow."

"Alright." He finally agreed. "I love you mom."

"I love you too Logan. Good night. And don't let that nasty ol' Gustavo get ya down!" She joked. "Stay strong!"

Logan chuckled. "I will mom. I promise. Good night."

"Oh come on!" James yelled.

"Haha!" Carlos laughed. "You snooze you lose!"

"That was totally cheating!" James yelled.

"You can't even cheat in Mario Kart." Kendall reasoned.

"Clearly you can, because Carlos is doing it!" James said.

"Or maybe I'm just better than you!" Carlos said smugly.

"Hey! James! I'm on your team!" Logan said angrily as his character was bumped off the edge.

"Sorry Logie." James said half-heartedly, eyes fixed on the screen. "Take that!" He said as his character launched a red shell.

"Denied!" Carlos cheered when the shell hit a banana peel trailing behind Carlos.

"Why you-" James started.

"Don't make me take that game away from you boys!" Mrs. Knight called from the kitchen.

"Sorry mom!" Kendall called back.

"We'll be good!" The other boys said.

"Carlos, stop wasting your power-ups!" Kendall said. "James isn't even near you yet."

"Right." Carlos said.

"Hey!" James said. "I'm not the only one on this team you know!"

"Maybe." Kendall said. "But you're the only one we want to go after." He said with a smirk.

"How's that fa-" James started.

"Aaaaaw!" Carlos and Kendall groaned as their characters were hit by an explosion.

"Logan!" Kendall yelled.

Logan shrugged. "Like James said; He's not the only one on this team." He said smugly, then his and James' characters passed the finish line.

"Oh yeah!" James cheered as he high-fived Logan. "In your face!" He yelled to Kendall and Carlos.

"Rematch!" Kendall and Carlos yelled.

"You're on!" James and Logan yelled back.

Mrs. Knight shook her head fondly at the boys as she put some plates away.

Suddenly the boys heard a ringing, and reluctantly paused their game as Logan pulled his cell phone out of his pocket.

"You can't take a call in the middle of a game!" James said in appall.

"Who is it?" Kendall asked curiously.

Logan frowned at the display screen. "Unknown number."

"Helloooo?" Carlos called annoyedly. "We're in the middle of a game! You can call them back after we win!"

"Fat chance!" James said.

Logan waved them off, still staring at the phone. "Just take me out of the game." He said as he stood and made his way around the couch.

James shrugged. "Fine. I can beat them myself!"

"You wish!" Kendall said, and they resumed their game.

"Hello?" Logan answered his phone. He stood at the window near the table behind the couch, away from the boys and their yelling.

"Hi, Logan Mitchell?" A woman asked sweetly over the phone.

"This is he." He answered cautiously.

"Are in any way related to a Ms. Joanna Mitchell?" She asked.

"Yeah, that's my mother." Logan answered. "Who is this?"

"My name is Alison Tamerak. I'm a police officer in Minnesota."

"Police officer? Minnesota?" Logan repeated. "What's going on? Why would the police know anything about my mother? And how did you get this number?" Worry started to rise in the back of Logan's throat.

Alison sighed. "Listen, there's no easy way to say this."

"What's going on?" Logan repeated a little more forcefully. He felt incredibly guilty for speaking to a police officer with such force, but worry and panic took him over.

"Your mother. . ." Alison started hesitantly. "She was in an accident early this morning."

Frozen. Logan felt frozen in place. It felt like the whole world had stopped. "What?" He asked.

His sudden urgent tone caught Mrs. Knight's attention. "Logan? Is everything okay?" She asked as she made her way over to where Logan stood.

Logan didn't even notice Mrs. Knight. He clutched his phone with white knuckles as he listened to every word the officer said.

"You mother was passing through an intersection, when a speeder hit her car. I'm sorry. . .She didn't make it."

Dizziness overwhelmed Logan, and he shot an arm to lean against the window. "I-I don't understand. What. . .How?"

"The speeder hit the driver's seat of your mother's car. She died instantly."

"B-but, that's impossible." Logan shook his head. "I just spoke to her last night. She was fine!"

The panic in Logan's voice was enough to stop the boys' game and they paused to turn to him. "Logan?" Kendall asked with concern.

"I'm sorry." Alison said apologetically. "We're collecting everything we can from the wreckage. We've already contacted her close friends that reside in Minnesota and are sending anything we find to them."

Logan swallowed hard, trying to keep his composure. "Who. . .Who are you sending it to? Who all knows?"

"A Mrs. Sylvia Garcia and Mrs. Brooke Diamond. They were the ones that gave me your number. They said that they couldn't handle being the ones to spread the news so soon."

Logan nodded, still trying to keep his emotions in check. "I understand. Thank you officer." He said shakily.

"Of course. Well I need to be going now, but I really am sorry for your loss. Good-bye Logan."

"Thank you. Bye." Logan hung up and pinched at his eyes, trying to push back his tears.

"Logan sweetie, what's wrong?" Mrs. Knight asked, her worry and concern growing. The boys quickly scrambled to where they were.

"Mrs. Knight." Logan started. His voice cracked and he cleared it before continuing. "It's. . .My mom. . .Your friend, Joanna."

Mrs. Knight brought a hand to her increasingly pounding chest. "Is she okay?"

Logan squeezed his eyes shut, trying to stay together for Mrs. Knight. "That was a police officer from Minnesota." He said. "She said that my mom. . .She was in a car accident this morning."

Mrs. Knight brought a hand to her mouth as tears spilled down her cheeks. "No." She said in a cracking voice, already falling to her grief. "No no no no. This isn't happening."

"I'm sorry." Logan said. "Sh-she didn't make it."

Mrs. Knight fell into Logan's arms as she sobbed, and Logan wrapped his arms around her comfortingly.

The boys stood shocked. They didn't know what to do, how to react. Kendall felt like he should be comforting his mom but he couldn't move. None of them could. They just watched as the usually together and strong Mrs. Knight broke down in Logan's arms.

Logan rubbed soothing circles on Mrs. Knight's back, and slowly lowered her down to rest on the ground, where she laid her head on his chest and sobbed into his shirt.

"Mom?" Katie peeked out of her room cautiously. But upon seeing her distraught mother, she started running to her.

James, being the closest, shot a protective arm around Katie to stop her.

"What's going on?" Katie asked James worriedly, on the verge of tears at seeing her mom so upset.

James lead her to the couch, where Carlos followed, and filled her in quietly, tears hovering in his own eyes, as well as Carlos'.

Kendall finally broke free from his shock and knelt down beside his mother, stroking her hair soothingly. He couldn't imagine how she must be feeling, having just lost one of her best friends. That would be like him losing Logan or James or Carlos. It was just wrong, in so many ways.

"I see." Mrs. Knight sniffled as she spoke on the phone.

"How is she?" James asked quietly as he leaned over to the boys. They all sat on the couch, watching Mrs. Knight worriedly.

Kendall sighed. "She's been better."

"I can't believe this is happening." Carlos said softly. "I never even knew Mrs. Mitchell that well. We didn't go to her house a lot."

"Yeah." Kendall agreed. "But she was one of mom's best friends. Can you imagine losing one of your best friends?"

James and Carlos shook their heads. "I don't want to." James said.

"That would mean losing one you guys." Carlos said, then shuddered at the thought.

Yeah." Kendall said. "I wonder how Logan's taking all this." He shot a glance to the kitchen table were Logan was helping Katie with her homework, obviously trying to distract her.

"He seemed pretty upset after he got off the phone." Carlos said.

"Yeah but now he's acting like nothing happened." James said worriedly.

"I'm worried about him." Kendall said.

"This Sunday?" Mrs. Knight asked. "Yeah I think we can make it. Thanks Sylvia. I'll talk to you later. Bye." She hung up and rubbed a hand over her eyes.

Logan came over and put his arms on hers comfortingly. "How ya doin'?" He asked softly.

Mrs. Knight sniffled, and Logan wrapped his arms around her in response as she cried again.

Mrs. Knight sniffled again, trying to compose herself. "The funeral's this Sunday." She informed in a cracking voice, as she pulled away from Logan. "Sylvia and Brooke are taking care of everything. All we have to do is show up." She looked up at him with teary eyes. "You boys don't have rehearsal then, do you?"

Logan shook his head. "I'll take care of it." He said softly, but firmly. Mrs. Knight smiled at him.

"Mom?" Katie asked tentatively.

Mrs. Knight wiped at her tears and knelt down with open arms to Katie. "It's okay sweetie." She said as she embraced her daughter. "I'm sorry I scared you." She said softly.

Logan rubbed Mrs. Knight's shoulder as she hugged Katie, and Mrs. Knight couldn't help but smile.

Finally, Mrs. Knight and Katie pulled away. "Now go finish your homework sweetie." She said as she stood. Katie nodded and went back to the table.

"Are you gonna be okay?" Kendall asked as he and the boys approached them.

Mrs. Knight nodded. "I'm sorry I fell apart like that."

Kendall went around the counter and hugged his mother. "You don't have to be. We understand completely." He pulled away to look at her and let out a small chuckle. "I think we'd be more worried if you didn't react like that."

Mrs. Knight smiled and laid a hand on Kendall's cheek. "How did I get such a sweet boy?" She asked fondly.

"He learned it from you." James said as he and Carlos sat in the chairs at the counter.

Carlos nudged his side playfully. "Suck up." He teased, then turned back to Mrs. Knight. "But it's true." He smiled.

Mrs. Knight smiled at all of them. "I must be the luckiest person in the world, that your mothers lent me you amazing boys." She said with tears in her eyes, and they all surrounded Mrs. Knight in a hug as she fell to tears again.

Author's note: I know it's a little far-fetched that they would all just forget about Logan, but it's part of the story so, pretend it could happen. Pretend that Mrs. Knight was so upset that she took all the attention from him. That could make sense right? :)