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Chapter 8


The cool wind whistled passed him. The trees rustled and leaves fell. He stood, hands in his pockets, and stared down in front of him.

Logan still couldn't fully process everything. It all happened so fast, he just couldn't believe it. He was part of a terrible tragedy; He'd lost his mother.

But Logan didn't deal with the loss like others would. He didn't cry. He didn't grieve. He bottled all those emotions up and hid them away. Instead, he comforted those around him, who were grieving. He buried his feelings, so that he could help everyone else.

But he couldn't hold them forever. His friends and their families wouldn't let him deal with it by himself anymore. Finally, with the help of the caring people that surrounded him, he let go. He cried and grieved like he should.

He knew that he'd never be able to forget or fully let go of the sorrow. It was deeply rooted in his heart. Some would say that it would've left a hole.

But Logan didn't have a hole in his heart like most would assume the event would leave. Even though he loved his mother deeply, and missed her every single day, he wasn't as broken anymore.

Though Logan lost a mother, in the process, he also gained something else. He gained something that re-filled the hole in his heart that his mother left. He gained something he didn't know he could have, but somehow, has had his whole life. He gained his family.

Mrs. Knight and Mr. Garcia had adopted him. They had shared custody over him. Logan still couldn't believe they were able to do it, or the fact that they had done it the first place. But they did. It was real. Logan had a family. He was going to live with Mrs. Knight and Katie and Kendall, for the rest of his life.

Though Logan lost a mother, he couldn't help the sense of joy he felt, in being accepted into the Knight's household. Mrs. Knight would never be able to replace the mother Logan once had, be she makes the perfect substitute.

Though it may technically be official with Kendall and Carlos, Logan has always felt that all of the boys and Katie were his brothers and sister. And they had demonstrated that fact a hundred times over when he was grieving for his mother. They had been there for him, just like the family they are.

Logan missed his mother more than anything. His heart still ached for her everyday. But he knew that he would be okay, because he had his family to always pick him back up. He loved his mother, but he also loved the rest of his family, just the same.

Somehow, Logan knew that where ever she was, this was what his mother wanted.

Logan took a step forward, and pulled a small, red rose from his inside pocket. Then he knelt down and gently placed it on the stone slab on the ground.

'Here lies Joanna Mitchell

Loving Mother

Best Friend

Greatest Sister

The strongest girl we know'

"I love you mom." Logan said softly. "I promise, I'll be okay. You don't have to worry about me. I've got everyone." He smiled at the gravestone.

Then he felt a hand on his shoulder, and he looked up and smiled at Kendall, and Kendall smiled back. Then he felt a hand on his other shoulder and he smiled at James.

When Logan stood, Carlos wrapped him in a hug, quickly followed by the other boys. Logan wrapped his arms around them in return. They pulled apart and Carlos smiled at him.

"You okay?" Carlos asked.

Logan smiled. "Yeah, I am now." He said.

Kendall and James slung their arms around Logan's shoulders, and Carlos slung his arm around James.

Logan sent one last look to the gravestone. "Bye mom." He said softly.

The boys pulled him close, and they all waved at the gravestone before turning and walking away.

"James! Get out of the bathroom! We're going to be late!" Logan banged on the door.

"In a minute!" James' voice came from behind the door. "Perfection takes time you know!"

"Yeah well, anymore time and you'll be dead on the floor once we get there! Hurry up!" Logan yelled back.

Finally the door opened. "Alright. I'm ready." James said with a smile.

Logan rolled his eyes. "Finally. Let's go!" He said then grabbed James' wrist and lead him to the kitchen area.

"Finally!" Kendall and Carlos exclaimed dramatically as the saw James and Logan approaching them.

"We'd better hurry with breakfast." Kendall said. "Gustavo's not gonna like us being late on our first day back."

"Aaaah, he waited three weeks, he can wait a few more minutes." Carlos waved off.

"Well I can't!" James said. "I can't wait to get back to singing and dancing!"

"Yes James, we know." Kendall said. "You only told us every five minutes on the plane yesterday." He smiled.

"Alright, it's done." Mrs. Knight said breathlessly as she set the plates in front of the boys. "Sorry it took so long. I'm still trying to get back into the old speed of things. It was a lot less stressful back in Minnesota when Brooke and Sylvia were helping."

"It's fine mom." Kendall said with a mouthful.

"This is delicious!" Carlos exclaimed with a mouthful of French toast. "Can we just skip rehearsal and eat this all day?" James squeaked offendedly.

"I don't think Gustavo, or James, would like that." Kendall laughed teasingly.

"Plus eating syrup all day isn't good for you." Logan added.

"Who cares?" Katie said as she took a forkful. "It's good!" Carlos hummed in agreement beside her, with a mouthful. Logan merely rolled his eyes with a smile.

Finally, the food was finished and the boys were ready to go. "You boys have everything you need?" Mrs. Knight asked. "Keys? Water? Jackets?"

"Yes, yes and-" The boys started.

"Wait,". Carlos said. "I think I left my jacket in Kendall's and Logan's room last night when we were watching that movie."

Logan sighed and rolled his eyes. "I'll get it." He quickly jogged down the hallway.

"Thanks Logie!" Carlos called after him.

Logan ran to the door and quickly scanned the room. Finally he caught sight of Carlos' jacket hanging on the back of Logan's computer chair. He quickly scooped it up and made to turn around, when something on his desk caught his eye. He picked up the picture frame and stared at it.

He was small in the picture, only eight years old. He could see Kendall, James and Carlos running around in the background, with Mr. Garcia chasing after them. Mrs. Diamond and Mrs. Knight were off to the side laughing as they watched. Mrs. Garcia was on the other side, holding the camera and peering in front of the lens to include herself, without blocking anyone else.

But in the middle if the picture, little eight-year-old Logan, stood on his mothers' sandal-clad feet. Mrs. Mitchell held his hands to steady him, and they both stared at the camera with wide, joyful grins.

A tear trickled down Logan's cheek, and he smiled fondly at the picture. He brought it his lips and kissed his mothers' smiling head. "Love you mom." Logan whispered. "Miss you."

He stared at the picture until he felt a hand on his shoulder. "You okay?" Kendall asked softly.

Logan sniffled and nodded, setting the picture down gently on the desk.

"That's a good picture of her." Kendall said softly with a smile as he stared at the picture.

"Yeah." Logan said softly as he wiped his eyes. "It's a good picture in general. Because it has my whole family in it." He smiled.

Kendall smiled at him and patted his shoulder. "Come on little brother." He said.

Logan chuckled. "I'm older than you." He pointed out as they made their way back to the kitchen.

"But I'm taller than you." Kendall said with a smile as he slung his arm around Logan's shoulders.

They finally reached the kitchen, and Logan handed Carlos his jacket. "Here 'Litos. I swear, you'd forget your head if it wasn't attached to your body." He chuckled.

"That's what I have you for!" Carlos exclaimed as he slipped his jacket on, then beamed at Logan. Logan just shook his head fondly at him.

"Alright boys, have fun!" Mrs. Knight said as she kissed Carlos on the cheek. "Don't get into any trouble." She said as she kissed James' cheek. "And if Gustavo gives you any trouble, let me know. Okay?" She kissed Kendall's cheek.

"We will mom." Kendall said.

"Have fun sweetie." Mrs. Knight said as she kissed Logan on the cheek. "I love you."

Logan blushed. "I, love you too. Mama Knight." He said awkwardly.

They all waved to Mrs. Knight and turned to leave, but Logan was stopped by tiny arms wrapping around his waist, and he turned around.

"Good luck big brother." Katie said.

Logan knelt down and wrapped her in a hug. "Thank you." He whispered, with so much more meaning.

Katie pulled away and smiled at him with a nod, then turned to the other boys. "You too brothers. Don't let that Gustavo get ya down."

"Don't worry baby sister." Kendall said as he kissed her head. "We got this."

"See ya Katie." Carlos said as he mimicked Kendall, kissing Katie on the top of the head.

"Don't have too much fun without us." James teased as he kissed Katie's head.

"Bye Katie." Logan said softly as he kissed Katie's head.

Then they all waved and exited the apartment. They walked down the halls, and entered the elevator.

"She sure is a sweet one when she wants to be." James mused as they waited in the elevator.

"If only Gustavo could have a nice side like Katie." Carlos said. "I'm not looking forward to seeing him after all this time."

"I hear that." James agreed.

Kendall still had Logan by the shoulders, and they listened quietly to James' and Carlos' conversation. "How ya doin'?" Kendall asked quietly.

"I'm good." Logan nodded, then smiled at him. "It's just. . .A little hard to accept sometimes."

"What is?" Kendall asked.

"The fact that your mom and Carlos' dad adopted me." Logan said quietly.

Kendall smiled and gave Logan's shoulders a gentle shake. "But they did. And now you're our brother. For real."

Logan smiled at him. "Yeah, and I couldn't be more happier."

Kendall smiled, then it fell a little. "What about. . ." He trailed off.

Logan sighed. "I still miss her." Logan whispered. "Like, a lot." Then he looked up at him and smiled. "But I have you guys. So I know I'll be okay."

Kendall smiled. "Good. And don't ever forget that." He said softly.

Logan chuckled. "I won't, promise." He said.

"Good." Kendall smiled. "Plus, your mom can never really be gone, she's always watching you. And I'm sure she couldn't be more proud of you." He gave Logan a squeeze.

Logan chuckled and squeezed him back. "Thanks."

"Anytime." Kendall smiled.

Finally the doors dinged open, and they could see Kelly standing by the car waiting. Once she caught sight of them she anxiously waved them on, mouthing out 'You're late!'

The boys sighed. "Looks like things are finally back to normal." James said and they stepped out of the elevator.

"No." Logan said softly. "They're better." He said, and Kendall tightened his grip on Logan, then James wrapped his arm around Kendall, while Carlos wrapped his arm around James. They all exchanged smiles as they continued walking to the awaiting Kelly, content in the comfort of each other.

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