Korra stood, smiling down at the toddling youngster walking like a penguin before her, teetering and tottering side to side. The young child concentrated as she deliberately placed one foot in front of the other, attempting to make her way to her waiting mother. Korra admired her daughter, the beautiful brown hair that matched her own, the golden fire bender eyes that were so much like her father's.

Before Korra noticed he'd come into the room, her husband wrapped his arms around her middle, smiling down at his wife's swollen belly. Another baby was swiftly on the way, both parents aglow with anticipation for the new addition.

"Morning, Mr. Hat Trick," Korra greeted, remembering the first time she'd met Mako at the probending arena. The building had long since been rebuilt, the equalist invasion a distant memory.

"Good morning, Mrs. Hat Trick," Mako responded, kissing his wife's cheek and nuzzling her shoulder. Korra's laughter filled the space between them as they watched their child move closer and closer still.

With a tug on her dress, Korra glanced down to see her two year old reaching up to be held. Smiling wider, Korra bent and picked up her baby girl, cradling her in her arms, snuggling her close.

"And good morning to you my sweet, sweet Lin."

Saying the name, Korra couldn't help but remember her child's namesake, Lin Beifong. The woman had been strong, stronger than Korra ever could have been. She was Toph Beifong's daughter after all. Even though the two hadn't been the best of friends in the beginning, Lin was by Korra's side in the end, facing off Amon and his legion of chi-blockers. Lin fought the hardest of them all, living up to her mother's legends. In the last few moments, Lin sacrificed herself to help Korra when Amon had her cornered. Korra hadn't even realized what had happened until the battle was won and Lin didn't join in on the celebrating. Tears were shed that night, but as Korra looked into her daughter's bright eyes, she knew Lin's legacy would continue on in the little bundle of life held at her hip.

Korra had never been so happy. Of course with being the avatar, she had duties to attend to in every part of the world. But in that moment, with her husband and daughter so close and within reach, Korra felt genuine happiness bubbling up inside her. And to think, Amon could have taken it all away if Lin hadn't of made the ultimate sacrifice.