This is my second fanfic ever. I'm not used to writing about these characters, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Hope you enjoy! Note there is descriptions about blood and injuries. Squeamish people, you have been warned.

Note: I do not hold copyright claims to Young Justice or it's characters, this was made for entertainment purposes only.

Everything was quiet.

Robin slowly opened his eyes through his domino mask and immediately gasped in pain. His head was throbbing horribly and his joints were incredibly stiff, as if he had been out cold for quite awhile. The Boy Wonder shook his head to clear the fog, and yelped in agony yet again. He slowly adjusted his eyes to take in the damage of the situation, and saw that splatters of crimson blood covered his uniform and his left leg sat at a precarious angle. He felt trickles of something running down his forehead and neck. More blood? His tired eyes scanned the debris of what had once been an office building. Surrounding him were a few small fires, broken glass, mountains of concrete and metal bars, and of course, his own blood. Robin struggled to remember why exactly he was there. That's when he saw the gruesome gash on his right side, with a large pool of blood forming around his broken body.

What happened? Where's the team? he thought.

The team.

Then he remembered.

Fuzzy memories flashed through Robin's head. Vaguely he recounted that Batman had sent him and his team on a reconnaissance mission. They were to inspect a local office company whom the Justice League believed was working with Sportsmaster to smuggle Kobra Venom into the black markets and crime syndicates of Gotham. The task was simple; Robin had done things like this before in his sleep. They were to report to Batman as soon as they had gathered enough evidence to convict the company, or lack thereof, and get the heck out of there. There was to be no combat, no skirmishes, no nothing. They were to go in unseen and leave unseen.

What had gone so wrong?

Robin's memory grew fuzzy and he moaned in pain as the effects of whatever adrenaline was left in his body wore off, and painfully sucked in a breath of air. Whatever it was that had happened, it appeared he had bruised some ribs along with his fractured leg. A wave of nausea rolled over him and he struggled to hold in his breakfast. This is not good. In an attempt to call for backup, the Boy Wonder tried to turn on his wrist-computer, but to no avail. His gadget was broken beyond repair.

M'gann? The little bird called into the mind-link the team had set up before the mission.

Superboy? KF? Kaldur? Anybody?

No response.

"Crap," Robin muttered through gritted teeth. He was alone out here. Or the Team had been out cold as well. But why?

He struggled to sift through his muddled thoughts. His mind was boggy, and he felt his eyes begin to close once again from exhaustion.

Stay awake, He scolded himself.

He looked at his surrounding wreckage. The splintered box that was digging into his broken leg had something written on it in faded white paint.


That's when he remembered.

Visions raced through Robin's head once more. He remembered silently running through the lower levels of the building; his friends scouting other parts of the inside, looking for evidence of criminal activity. Nothing had seemed out of the ordinary to him; just some old storage rooms with files and dust. The janitor wasn't even around, much less suspicious-looking office workers. But then, he had discovered a obscure trapdoor that his scanners had picked up below one of the file cabinets. There he had found a vast, underground room, where a group of generic goons stood watching a holographic image of the building, probably to keep tabs on their security. Too bad the master hacker had disabled all motion censors, video feeds, and sound recorders before they had ever set foot in the building. Surrounding the goons were piles and piles of the valuable Kobra Venom.

Guys, I think we've got our evidence. He recalled saying into the mind link.

Great! M'gann replied. Did you get the photographic evidence?

Way ahead of you, Robin replied as he finished downloading image files of the venom stacks to his wrist-computer, which would then upload the files to the Mount Justice mainframe system. Got it. Let's go.

Great! This place gives me the creeps. Wally exclaimed.

Oh, grow up, Wally. It's not that bad. Artemis retorted.

The two began to argue in the mind-link about how scary or not the building was until Kaldur finally told them to shut up in the eloquent and sophisticated way only an Atlantean could.

Thank you, Kaldur, Superboy exclaimed a bit exasperatedly. Robin smirked from within the shadows. Wally may be his best friend, but the Boy Wonder would never understand how blind the speedster could be sometimes.

Robin watched the oblivious goons a bit longer to make sure he had not been seen, and then started back up the passageway he had gone up. Another successful mission in the bag, the little bird thought smugly. However, as he turned from his hiding place, a familiar maniacal laughter had filled the air. "Leaving so soon, Bird Boy?"

Out of the shadows came the Joker, Sportsmaster, and Mammoth. "You can leave your hiding place, Boy Blunder, we all know you're here." The white-faced clown looked directly at the little bird from his concealed corner of the room. "We know your friends are here too. The baby Justice League never travels without its pack."

Sportsmaster brought out a hefty-looking energy gun and fired it in Robin's direction, missing the boy's domino mask by a fraction of an inch and singing hairs off the side of his head. The trapdoor that was to lead to his escape was completely incinerated.

"Come on out, or next time, I won't miss," the man snarled.

This was a trap.

Crap, crap, crap, Robin thought. Batman said no engaging in combat. I don't think I'll be making it out in one piece by ticking them off though.

Ticking who off? Wally asked.

Robin, what is going on? demanded his team leader.

The Boy Wonder mentally facepalmed himself. The psychic-link was still on.

Nothing, guys, I just ran into a little... issue. I'll be outside in a minute.

Robin, don't be a hero. Where're you at? Superboy prodded.

I'm near the ground level, just tell me where to go, M'gann chirped.

Do I need to lodge an arrow in someone's skull? Of course Artemis would take the violent route.

Robin slowly stood up from the shadows and started towards the villains with his hands up, rapidly trying to find a way out of this mess.

Guys, chill. I'm in a secret room in the basement. I'll be fine. I can think my way out of anything. He wasn't so sure about that at the moment, but he would never let himself look weak to his friends. He'd rather die before letting that happen.

Too late! I found the entra- Wally's mental voice was cut short by a yell that filled Robin with dread as the speedster suddenly rammed into him from behind. Kid Flash apparently did not look out for giant holes in the narrow trapdoor corridor in his haste to find his friend.

M'gann, Superboy, and the rest of the team followed soon after.

"Great," Robin muttered.

"Sorry," Wally said sheepishly.

"Ah, more visitors," the Joker giggled gleefully. "Mammoth, please do show our guests a little... hospitality." The grotesque form of the once-normal human grunted and proceeded to punch the squashed Robin straight into the low-lying ceiling, scattering the young heroes from their dog pile at the trapdoor. The Boy Wonder yelped in pain as he landed unceremoniously back on the ground on his feet and grabbed his injured side. But he couldn't worry about that right now. Thinking quickly, Robin threw his birdarangs at the hulking monster and tumbled out of the way as the weapons detonated. Mammoth roared in rage and proceeded to lash out in every direction. In his confusion, Robin landed neatly on the creature's shoulders and roundhouse kicked him in the back of his ginormous skull, effectively knocking Mammoth out cold.

Sportsmaster readied his gun on a nearby dazed Wally and fired. Kaldur quickly got the speedster out of the way while Miss Martian used telekinesis to implode the gun from the inside, effectively knocking the man back a good twenty feet. The goons that had been watching security were battling it out with Artemis and Superboy. That left the Joker, who was standing where he stood since the battle began, laughing maniacally with joy. Robin used his acrobatic skills to launch himself at the clown's back, knocking him over into a vulnerable position. The Boy Wonder yanked the collar of the Joker's shirt while the white-faced man was still recovering. "What the heck are you plotting, clown?" The man stopped his incessant giggling long enough to blink innocently at the young hero.

"Plotting? Who said anything about plotting?" He smiled wickedly. "I'm just having a little fun. Sportsmaster graciously decided to help me out. He even let me borrow some of his toys."

Something clicked in the palm of the Joker's hand as the walls of the room began to recede, revealing row after row of Kobra Venom victims, ready and willing to rip a bunch of underage heroes to shreds. The Boy Wonder's eyes widened beneath his mask. He had no idea of the enormity of the operation Sportsmaster had been running. Robin had always prided himself on his prowess as a crime fighter, but even he knew when there was too much for him to handle, though he would never admit it. Even with the team behind him, there were just too many of the mutants to fight without serious repercussions. The Joker resumed his psychopathic laughter, which Robin soon ended with a quick punch to the head. He would deal with him later.

Guys, don't look now, but there about a thousand or so blood-thirsty mutated humanoids behind you.

Of course, Wally turned right around. Holy cra-!

Get out of here now. I've got a plan.

We're not going to leave you! Miss Martian cried.

Just trust me, Robin pleaded.


Then, I will put my faith in you, Robin. Good luck.

Thanks, Aqualad. Grab the goons and Sportsmaster on your way out and tie them up outside. The police can deal with them later.

When the mutants began to realize that they could move freely beyond their old enclosure, they charged at the Boy Wonder with bloodlust in their eyes. Robin knew he needed to act quick. He scattered out his birdarangs across the room at a pace that would have put the Flash himself to shame. They stuck and with renewed haste, Robin grabbed the Joker and dashed up to the trapdoor. He leaped gracefully over the gaping hole in the floor made by Sportsmaster's gun and in no time reached the front doors of the office building. It would take the Kobra Venom victims quite awhile to get up the narrow corridor, especially when Robin had just planted and released sleeping gas bombs all over the room. The mutants wouldn't wake up until after they were taken care of by the League.

The League. They certainly wouldn't be happy with the team for screwing up the mission, but at least they would've found interesting information and no one was killed. Batman would probably be very disappointed in him if he had used actual bombs. Despite their allegiances and grotesque forms, the mutants were still human. Well, mostly, at least.

Just as Robin reached for the door to the exit, where his friends awaited, something tripped him. The Boy Wonder landed unceremoniously in a heap on the floor and looked back at the Joker, who he had been dragging along behind him. The clown grinned devilishly at the boy and said, "You didn't think you were the only one to plant bombs, now did you?" Before Robin could stop him, the Joker pressed a small red button hidden inside his purple jacket. There was a deafening explosion, the sound of malicious laughter, the feeling of flying through the air, a sickening crack, and then...


Robin shuddered at his memories. He hoped the team had traveled far enough away to escape the explosions' path. Why'd I have to save that crazy clown? The little bird felt his energy seeping away with his blood. He tried in vain to sit up, but just found himself sinking back down shrieking with pain. His wounds had become worse, he was quickly losing blood, and not to mention his other wound from battling Mammoth still afflicted him as well. If he didn't get some medical help soon, he was going to die. Despite his misery, Robin almost chuckled. Him dying, after facing the Joker and countless other villains how many times? He shook his head. The Boy Wonder refused to give up just yet. After all, the League would sense something was wrong and come to their aid. Batman himself would come; he did have that fatherly Bat-sense that could feel when his son was in danger. And wherever his team was at, they would not abandon him either.


Robin's baby blue eyes dimmed with fatigue as sleep began to call his name.

At least the crazy clown went down with me, Robin thought groggily. I'll just... close my eyes... until help... comes...

Horribly familiar laughter pierced the air.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't the Boy Blunder. Fancy meeting you here! Where's Batsy at? Couldn't stop by to join the party?" More insane giggles were heard as the well-known silhouette appeared unscathed through the smoke clouds. "Now that I think about it, where's your little band of Justice League wannabes?"

Robin could barely stay conscious long enough to see the Joker kneel down beside him, say, "Awww, Bird Boy, you look pained. Maybe I can assist," and pull out his signature knife.

The Boy Wonder could never have imagined how horribly wrong such an easy mission had turned out to be.