This is for my friend Markaleen, even though I know you're a die hard Harry/Christine fan. Hope you like it!

Chapter one

Billie didn't know how to tell Harry she was leaving. This would be hard, the hardest thing she had ever had to do in her life. But she had an opportunity in Dallas that she couldn't pass up. She was a career woman- that's who she was. But there was something about Judge Harry T. Stone that she wouldn't' be able to forget, not that she really wanted to try.

Harry. Crazy, kooky, corny Harry. It wasn't as if they were a couple or anything. He hadn't come out and said that he had feelings for her, and if he had, who's to say what her response would have been? She wasn't exactly comfortable with people who wore their hearts on their sleeves, well, not in her personal life anyways. She loved her job as a public defender and must have heard a hundred sob stories a week, but when it came to matters of her own heart, that was another story. She loved affection and personal relationships, but she'd never been lucky in love. Blame it on her career. She'd always put her professional life ahead of her personal one, so saying goodbye to Harry shouldn't be this difficult.

What was it any of his business that she was leaving anyways? Maybe somewhere, deep down, she knew that he cared- she cared too, but no one would make the first move. Maybe it was for the best that she leaves now before things got too serious. Billie laughed. Here she was making a big deal out of something that she wasn't even sure was real. This could be all in her mind. Sometimes she swore Harry was about to say something, but then something usually happened, something that would prevent him from making the first move. Oh well, she thought bitterly; maybe some things were better left unsaid.

How to tell him, that was her dilemma. Should she risk telling her best friend that she thought that she might have feelings for him? What good would that do her now? It was too late to do anything, their ship had sailed. No, it was better that she just go in and tell him what she had to say, and be done with it.

"Come in!"

Billie entered his chambers, paper in hand. She handed it to him without saying a word, and turned to walk away.

"So this is it?" Harry asked. "You're leaving?"

"I'm afraid so, Your Honor."


"Yes Your Honor?"

"Don't you think it's time you started to call me Harry?"

"What for?"

Harry's heart sunk. He knew that this was his chance, his last chance, but for what? Billie was leaving, and there was nothing he could do to stop her. Or was there?