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"Tony, what are you doing here?" I asked with wide eyes.

The little boy had a bruise beneath his eyes and dried blood under his nose. He was out of breath and seemed more fragile then he did before.

"I did what you said," he said in his tiny voice. "I told him to step forward, if he dared. And he did."

I had been Tony's nanny for just two weeks now and I adored the boy. Even though many doctors said he had Asperger Syndrome, I still cared for him. I didn't care what those doctors said and neither did I believe in it. He was just a boy like any other.

He had a two year old younger sister, April. Tony was ten and April was eight.

For the past couple of days I had clicked amazingly well with both these kids but now Tony was standing in front of my apartment.

"What happened, Tony? How did you get here?"

"I walked of course. He began hitting me until the teacher had to pull us out of each other."

"Oh, Tony... Does your mom know your here? Or your dad?"

"No, I came to you first."

"But... The distance from your school to here must be two miles."

He looked torn. It's as if he wasn't sure if he wanted to cry or get angry.

"I ran all the way," he croaked. "I did what you told me! I pretended that I wasn't scared of him! I thought you'd be proud of me..."

This little boy that knew me for barely a few days just wanted me to be proud of him.

"Look, I need to call your mom and dad to let them know where you are. They must be so worried, Tony."

I grabbed my coat and quickly put it on and shoved my car keys in my pocket. My phone was already in my hand and I stepped next to Tony and shut the door.

"Let's go," I said and he followed me as I dialled the right number.

The phone went off several times, and finally, somebody picked up.


"Hi, this is Bella. I've-"

"Sorry, who's this?"

"Bella. Swan. Your nanny."

"Oh, you. What is it?"

"Your son Tony ran to my place, some kid at his school pushed him around today. I'm going to bring him to his home now, is that okay?"

"What?" she shrieked. "He ran away from his school? Edward! EDWARD!"

"He's okay," I quickly hurried on. "But I wanted to let you know about his whereabouts, so you wouldn't worry, you know?"

"How in gods name does he know where you live? I don't know where you live!"

I glanced at Tony. "How did you know where I lived?" I asked him quietly.

"I found the address on your bag the first time you worked for us as our nanny."

"Okay... He says he found the address," I told Mrs. Cullen.

"Just bring him here!" she said, her voice lacing with some anger. Then she hung up.

I put my phone in my pocket, opened the door of the building and let Tony step out first.

"I have a tissue for that blood," I said, pulling out a piece and handing it to him.

He only held it and looked around.

"Where's your car?" he asked.

"The other day I couldn't find a parking space so I parked it around the corner."

I led him the way and he followed quietly behind me.

"See," I said, pointing at the big, black car I owned.

"Bella, you have to take care of me."

"I gave you that tissue, didn't I?"

I tried to remain as nice as I could to this kind child. But from previous experiences, I knew that I quickly attached to children.

So I tried to remain distance. Especially to boys like Tony, that were considered outcast by the normal people.

And then there was little April. His sister was so adorable. She loved telling me everything about herself. It was strange really, but I didn't care. She told me the date she was born, the time, her blood type, her allergies, the food she loved and the animals she didn't like.

My ears were always listening when she talked to me.

Tony opened the car door and stepped inside. I stared at his blonde hair for a second, then quickly turned to the wheel and started the car.

On occasions I had to change the channel of the radio because Tony didn't like a song.

From the distance I noticed the grand house where Tony lived in. The first time I saw it, I considered it beautiful, and each time I saw it again, it was even more beautiful.

I parked the car near the front door.

"Here we are," I told him quietly. "Let's go inside."

He still held the tissue, without using it.

Together we walked to the door and I rang. Quickly the door opened, revealing a small, blonde girl that ran into my leg and hugged me.

"Nanny Bella!" April called. "Are you staying? I pulled out a tooth, see?"

She showed me a tooth between her two fingers.

"Wow, awesome. Didn't that hurt?"

She shook her head. "No, it went just like that." She began laughing all of a sudden.

"Where's your mom?" I asked, looking inside the house.

"She just left," April said. "She said that she had in important phone call and had to leave instantly."

I scowled a little as Mrs. Cullen had left her eight year old child alone in the house.

"I suppose I can't leave now, can I?" I said with a smile to both of them. "Who wants a pretzel?"

"Me!" April called. "Wait, first I have to pee."

She ran back into the house and Tony was already stepping back into my car. I followed him and started the car.

"Would you mind if I clean your face a little?" I asked carefully to him.

The first time I touched him, he screamed as if in agony, and from that day on, I didn't touch him.

"Yes," he said.

"Okay," I said, starting the car and driving backwards to pull out.

Tony suddenly screamed and opened the door while I was still driving.

Another person was screaming.

And I swore the car hit something.

My head snapped to the front door but it was shut closed. Did April return so quickly?

Did I hit April?

"No!" I called. "April! April!"

I hit the brake and pulled up the emergency brake.

When I jumped out of the car, I saw April on the ground, but she wasn't moving and she was bleeding. Tony was kneeled beside his sister.

"Bella?" he asked. "Bella, is she okay?"

"Oh, God," I gasped. "Dear God! Tony, don't worry. She'll be okay. April? Can you hear me, honey?"

I pulled out my phone and dialled 991. With all my might I tried to remain calm.

"Hello! Waldonstreet 101, I need an ambulance. I-I... I hit a child with my car. She's unconscious."

"What is your name, miss?" the lady asked.

"I'm Isabella Swan. Is that ambulance sent?"

"Yes, Miss Swan. Could you check if the girl is breathing?"

Her chest was definitely rising, but too quickly.

"Yes, yes, she is."

"Try and wake her. Calm her down if she wakes."

"Okay, hang on," I muttered. I put the phone on the ground and grabbed April's face. "Hey, can you open your eyes? Are you anywhere hurt? Hey?"

Dear God, let her be okay.

I quickly grabbed the phone again.

"I'm the nanny. The parents names are Edward Cullen and Tanya Cullen."

I sniffled but I couldn't cry, not in front of Tony.

"Could you please call them?" I croaked.

"Yes, of course I will. Miss Swan, keep trying to wake the girl. What is her name?"

"April. Her brother Tony was with me in the car when it happened. I was driving backwards, but I didn't see her. I didn't expect her there..."

"Alright, Miss Swan. I know this is difficult, but all you can do now is try and wake April. It's important for you to try."

"Yes, yes," I whispered.

Again I put the phone on the ground and shook her a little.

"Please wake up, April."

For the first time I glanced again at Tony. His eyes were on me.

"I am proud of you. I am, Tony. I'm proud of both of you."

Tony smiled a little.

And I heard, finally, the sirens of an ambulance.

They were unimaginably fast, as they had the ambulance parked and running out, taking care of April.

"Are you a relative?"

I looked at the man that asked me. "No, I'm the nanny."

"No relative? Then you're not allowed in the ambulance."

"What?" I asked in horror.

They carried her in the ambulance and I ran to my car, telling Tony to follow me.

So as they drove off, I followed them.

"It's silly, right? That they only allow relatives in the ambulance."

"It's because mom and dad will be angry with you."

I flinched. I wasn't ready yet to think what Mr. and Mrs. Cullen would think of me running over their child with my car.

But time was catching up on me. As the ambulance reached the hospital, I saw another car behind me.

Mr. and Mrs. Cullen were following right behind me.

I caught both their eyes through my rear view mirror but quickly looked away.

Quickly I stopped the car and ran to the ambulance that was already carrying out April.

"She's quickly scared," I said to the staff. "And allergic to penicillin. Her blood type is A positive."

"Are you the mother?" a new man asked.

"No, I am the mother. She's just the nanny."

Mrs. Cullen in neat clothes and her hair well done, appeared next to me and watched her daughter with big eyes.

Finally April had opened her eyes and they were searching around her. She saw her mother, but her eyes only stayed still when she looked at me.

I smiled at her and grabbed her hand that she held in front of her toward me, but Tanya pushed all the men so that her hand slipped out of mine as they walked inside the hospital.

"What the hell happened?" Mr. Cullen beside me snapped.

"I don't know... She appeared out of nowhere."

I glanced up and saw his furious eyes. I was almost certain he wanted to strike me, and I couldn't find it in me to even stop him.

His child was just hit by my car.

"It's true," Tony said beside me. "She looked. But there was nobody there."

"Cars have blind spots!" he snapped at me.

His eyes went down to Tony and they widened.

"What happened to you?" His voice was completely changed as he talked to his son.

"A boy fought with me."

Mr Cullen glanced at the tissue still in in son's hands, untouched.

"Let's quickly follow them," he said, holding out his hand, but Tony didn't grab it.

Instead I felt his hand on mine.

I kept my eyes away from Mr. Cullen as I quickly stepped in front of him and ran behind the doctors with Tony on my heels.

Never had I seen Tony touch another person, but now he was touching my hand. He had taken my hand out of his own free will.

We quickly reached them as a doctor was examining April.

"Mrs. Cullen, she has internal bleedings. We have to get in there and find them, now."

She nodded quickly and again April's eyes found mine.

"It's okay, April," I said quickly.

"Don't you dare-"

My eyes snapped to Mrs. Cullen and I saw out of the corner of my eyes the bed with April on it disappear through the doors.

"-to ever talk or look at my children again!"

She was absolutely furious.

Tony still held my hand.

"We don't want you anymore. Leave."

But I couldn't.

Mostly because I had to know if April would be okay and because Tony held my hand.

However, one more glance at Mrs. Cullen told me enough. I had to leave them now.

"Tony, I meant that," I said, prying my hand away from him. His grip was firm. "You said you thought I'd be proud of you and I am proud of you."

I quickly stepped out of the room and ran to my car.

Guilt flooded my body, but I couldn't take back time.

I had to believe she would be okay. If I didn't, this would break me forever.

For hours I remained standing beside my car. I didn't step in and I didn't do much else but have an empty mind.

It was my phone that brought me out of that strange haze. It was going off and when I picked it, I stared at the name which I didn't expect to ever call me again. Not just that, this was the first time he called me.

Edward Cullen.