Hello there! Here is my first Ghost Hunt story! I got the boxed set a couple of weeks ago and just fell in love all over again, anyway; enjoy! This is in Mai's POV, btw.

Ghost Hunt belongs to Fuyumi Ono, not me! I do own the Sozo, her daughter and all of the other characters not from the original cast.

I sighed in frustration. Overcast days were not for me; especially not Mondays. It didn't help that Naru seemed to be in a sour mood for some odd reason, maybe he wasn't immune to Monday's power of sourness after all. The sound of the door opening interrupted my thoughts.

A pale looking woman stepped in cautiously, looking around the room. She spotted me and huffed in relief.

I stood up, smile in place. "Hello there my name is Mai Taniyama, may I help you?"

She nodded and hesitantly approached me, "Yes my name is Sozo Mikatake... I have made an appointment for a consultation with Mr. Shibuya…"

The name was familiar, "Oh! Yes of course, take a seat here while I get him." With that I knocked on his door and opened the door enough so I could say "Naru, Ms. Mikatake is here." I saw him sigh and collect his notebook. Satisfied I headed to Lin's office and told him the same. Then I went into the kitchenette to make tea.

When I reentered Naru was just beginning the interview.

"Now Ms. Mikatake, why do you believe your home is haunted," he asked.

She immediately became fidgety, "Well perhaps first I should begin by saying recently I've hired a group of workers to refurbish the house because it is old and is in some places deteriorating."

I recalled Naru's warning to me that often times when someone tries to change a house from its original state that sometimes they become angry and disrupt the process as much as they can. Was that the case here?

Sozo continued, "But as the workers try to fix up the house, odd things are happening…"

This sparked Naru's interest, "What kind of things?"

"Well whatever work they've managed to do will be torn down the next day, tools will go missing, they hear moans and knocking sounds and sometimes their equipment comes flying at them." She paused, "Worst are the injuries they have sustained..."

"Injuries?" Naru questioned.

Sozo nodded once more, "Yes… Two are still in the hospital from their accidents. They received second degree burns from a fire that broke out in the area they were working. None of the original house was hurt but everything they had done was destroyed. Another is in a cast from a piece of wood that flew at him. Yet another is resting at home because of a sprained ankle."

I stared in disbelief, so many injuries…

Naru seemed to be thinking hard, "Is there anything else?"

To my surprise Sozo continued. I heard Lin's typing falter for a moment, apparently he was surprised too.

"Yes," she said, "My daughter has seen a shadow that moves through the house that she calls the 'Bad Man'. I asked her to draw me a picture of him and she gave me this…" Sozo pulled out a picture of a black blob in the shape of a man in a suit with glowing red eyes and a terrifying sneer on his face.

Naru studied the picture and then nodded to himself. "We'll take your case Ms. Mikatake. Please prepare 3 rooms for us, 2 for my team to stay in and one for our base. Also leave your contact information and address with Mai; expect us at around noon tomorrow."

I don't think I'd ever seen a client so relieved.

"Oh thank you Mr. Shibuya," she bowed deeply. Turning to me, she handed me an index card with her information.

I looked at it in shock, she had come prepared. Smiling to her I placed it on my desk and showed her out, "See you tomorrow then Ms. Mikatake."

She looked at me curiously and then laughed, "Please call me Sozo, Miss Taniyama."

I nodded and then laughed myself, "Then call me Mai."

We shared a laugh and then she left after patting my shoulder. I closed the door behind her and smiled softly, she reminded me a lot of my mother.

Sighing in content, I went to call the others. And so the case was on!

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