Written b/c of the severe lack of O Brother fanfics. Takes place on Delmar's deathbed. Enjoy!

My latest sun is sinking fast

My race is nearly run

My longest trials now are past

My triumph has begun

Delmar O'Donnell always thought of Pete Hogwallop as a brother. That's why his heart broke when Pete was killed in a shootout last year. And now, on his deathbed, he reminisced about his adventures with his two "brothers", Everett McGill and, of course, Pete. He breathed deeply, feeling himself fading. He was alone as he died, but he knew that Everett and his family would grieve him. He was blessed, he concluded, as he had a wife and a single daughter, named Miranda. He remembered when he, Everett and Pete busted off the prison farm, off to find treasure that Everett had said he stole. When Pete's cousin turned them in. Pete the toad. Rescuing Pete from a prison farm and rescuing tommy from the KKK. What their motives were, Delmar never figured out, but he knew that they weren't good. Delmar's breathing and heart rate slowed. Memories ran through his head one last time, and he closed his eyes and joined Pete with the Good Lord himself.

Oh come angel band

Come and around me stand

Bear me away on your snow white wings

To my immortal home