Chapter 0: Prelude.

The last day of school ended like any other day except everyone goes ballistic. They run out of school on to their buses and chat on what their plans are. As I was making my way out, I checked into the library to say bye. I was a regular at the library. I was a great reader and received straight A's this time.

"Hello Dan!" Mrs. Holland the librarian said to me.

"Hi." I said.

"Listen, I understand you've been coming here everyday for the entire school year. So I'd like you to have these." She said. She went to the aisle that had the Goosebumps books. I never read those books before. I was actually really scared of horror. Anything that had to do with horror scared me. I quickly ran out of the library on to the bus.

After getting home to my house I quickly ran up to my room and opened the books. The first one I found, Deep Troublewas completely blank. Literally, my sister could write on this paper. The other book Deep Trouble II was also blank except for an inscription that read.

You are not ready yet. Read the Trouble of Deep the First.

Honestly, the heck is this? I quickly jumped up and threw the book at the wall. Suddenly, the entire room started shaking. I felt dizzy. The entire world went white. The last thing I saw was the sound of rushing water and the lapping of waves on a nearby island.