Well everyone… after a long time coming, I present to you all the finale of Goosebumps Deep Trouble! I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as much as I've enjoyed creating, writing and editing after 4 years. But just because this series has ended doesn't mean this is the last page of the story…

Final Chapter: One Last Thing…

I can't believe this. I killed Alexander in cold blood. I've never killed anyone I… I never expected this to be so easy. Just one careless mistake could mean life or death. If word of this gets out I may be going to prison for a long time. Life in prison. No way I can see THAT not happening. After I walked away from Alexander, I found myself back on the S.S. Cassandra. I pressed my back against the wall and lean forward to see Billy, Sheena and Dr. D all being thrown in to the tank. I can't take these guy's on all at once.I thought to myself. So I watched helplessly as they threw Sheena in to the tank and shut the hatch.

"What do you think happened to the boss?" I heard one of the men ask.

"Dunno. But hopefully he'll be back soon." One of the men answered.

"Alright boys, let are get outta here!" A third one said.

"YOU CAN'T JUST LEAVE US LIKE THIS!" Dr. D shouted. Bad move Dr. D! I thought. Two of the men got of their small boat and pushed the tank off the side of the boat into the water. I snuck around to the other side to see that they had succeeded into kidnapping Cam. She lay still inside the net. Probably unconscious. The two men then got on the boat and drove off into the night. As soon as they couldn't see me, I ran too the side of the boat where the tank was.

"Dan! Where in God's name have you been?" Billy said surprised when he saw me.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." I said.

"You can tell us later now help us get out of here!" Dr. D said.

"Well how does this work?" I asked.

"There are three latches if I'm correct. I believe that we can get to one of them. The other two are on the outside. That's where you come in. Find something to remove the latch and get us out of this mess!" Dr. D explained. Dr. D forgot one thing. During his explanation, the tank sunk low enough that I couldn't reach it.

"I… I-I can't help you guy's now." I said solemnly.

"WHY NOT!" Dr. D said furiously.

"Because I can't reach the tank that's why, smart one!" I shouted. Dr. D looked down and muttered,

"This is what I get for being smarter than everyone."

"What's that noise?" Sheena asked. I listened. It was faint, as if it was very far away. It was a high-pitched squeal coming from everywhere. I looked around wondering where it was coming from. I looked down into the water and saw a ripple. I knelt down to examine when a head popped up and looked at me. I shouted and fell back.

"Oh… Sorry about that. You must be Dan, right? Were Cam's friends." She said. Turns out actually that it was mermaid. More mermaids. Why does God hate me so much? I got up and looked and saw huge group of them surrounding the tank.


"Hey look. Were only trying to help" The mermaid said.

"THERE PULLING US UNDER!" Dr. D shouted. The mermaids all had their hands on the tank, as if they were trying to sink it.

"Tell them to stop that!" I shouted at her.

"If we stop, you're friends are going to die okay. We're trying to help. You humans apparently don't understand the whole concept of help, huh?" She said. I looked at the tank. It was slowly being lifted out of the water and towards the boat. I guess I should have trusted her.I thought to myself.

When the tank reached the boat, I immediately started fiddling with the latches. I released them easily and helped all three of them out of the tank.

"Okay. Now you can tell us where you were." Dr. D said. I explained as best as I could. I told them that I killed Alexander.

"YOU WHAT!?" Billy shouted.

"Oh my God!" Sheena said.

"I… I-I don't know what to say. Alexander was a good assistant after all. But… Dan I believe you did what's right. In a life-death situation I would have done the same thing to make sure I lived." Dr. D said.

"Well guys. Cam won't live if we don't rescue her." I said.

"Well how do we even find her then genius?" Sheena asked. I looked over to where the mermaids gathered. I walked over there and knelt down and said,

"Can you all help us find Cam?" I asked. They all started chattering to one another. Suddenly, the mermaid that popped up right in front of me said,

"Listen everyone, Cam saved their lives once. WE saved their lives tonight. I believe its time we thank them for all we've done." She said. They then started swimming off into the horizon.

"I guess we gotta follow them." I said.

"I don't know. They nearly killed us before-

"Dr. D! We have Dan here. Of course we won't get killed." Billy said.

"Well then what are we waiting for? Let's get moving kids!" Dr. D shouted. Dr. D, Sheena and Billy were getting onto the little dinghy to the side were as I already took off running. The things we do for friends. I thought to myself.

After about 10 or 15 minutes (time travels by when you're running to save someone) later, we arrived at the kidnappers boat. It was like the Cassandra cut into half basically. I could here the dinghy coming off not far away so we had little time to get Cam out of here. Problem 1: Trying to find her. Problem 2: How to deal with the kidnappers (not my best idea but we all have bad ideas at some point in life)

"Dan. Where's Cam?" Billy asked me from the dinghy.

"I don't know but- I suddenly spotted a rope at the far end of the boat. I saw a flash of blonde hair in the moonlight. "She's over there." I said. I pointed to where I saw her. All of a sudden giant fish tails started circling the spot where Cam was. The one mermaid came above the surface and said,

"Don't worry. We have this taken care of. You guys get out of here." As she said that, a light went off in the boat.

"Whadda you doing here?" A voice asked us angrily.

The voice was one of the kidnappers. He had just put on his mask and had just lit a torch. The other three then came out to see what was going on.

"We've come for the mermaid. You won't be keeping her here!" Dr. D said. The kidnapper with the torch chuckled.

"Well to bad. It looks like you just came all this way just for nothing. Oh how sad. You're boats on fire." He said.

"No it's not you idiot." I said. And leaped up to the deck to draw their attention.

"Yes it is. Look." He put torch down to the boat and it instantly caught fire. The bright orange flame stretched high into the night sky. Dr. D grabbed a life vest and started beating at the flame.

"Sheena, get seawater and pour it on the fire. Billy, grab a life vest and help beat this." He shouted. I couldn't see what was going on. The entire thing happened so fast. The next thing I knew that happened was the ship started rocking violently. The kidnappers held on for dear life.

"Dan! Get off the boat now!" Billy shouted.

"The mermaids are planning on capsizing the boat. You'll drown if you don't get off the boat!" Dr. D shouted. I ran towards the ladder and jumped into the water. Luckily, I didn't sink when I touched the water so I followed the dinghy back to the Cassandra.

The next morning we had to make our own breakfast since Alexander was dead. I grabbed the Honey Nut Cheerios from the drawer on the top and Sheena got the milk.

"What happened to Cam?" I asked them. They pointed behind me to the doorway. I looked and Cam was standing right there wearing a pink t-shirt with blue jeans.

"Since when could mermaids grow legs?" I asked.

"Since forever." She replied and sat down.

"Dan, con you explain what happened to Alexander to Cam?" Billy asked. I explained everything from the beginning. How I came here. How I met Billy, Sheena and Dr. D. Fought the sea monster thing. How I found out about Alexander's plot. And finally, how he died.

"That doesn't surprise me." She said.

"WHAT?" All three of us shouted at the same time.

"How in the holy name of God does that not surprise you in the slightest?" I asked her.

"I'll tell you another time." She said and winked at me (what is wrong with these people?). Just then, I heard a motor chugging. I looked through the porthole to see the Marina Zoo people here.

"These people again?" I said. I ran to where they were docked and hid behind the corner.

"We've heard on Santa Anita that you found the mermaid. We're ready to take her." The distinctive voice of Showalter said. Wickman took out of a briefcase a check and held it out.

"This is a check for 1 million dollars made out to the Cassandra Research Lab and, of course, you Dr. Deep." She said smiling.Don't take the check; don't take the check Dr. D.I said to myself in my head.

"Thank you very much." Dr. D said as he took the check.

"A million dollars means a lot to me and my research as it is. So I'm very sorry to do this to you." He said. He took the check and ripped it in half. Both zoo officials looked shocked.

"Why did you do that?" Showalter demanded.

"You both sent me on a wild goose chase. I inspected each and every surrounding area of the reef and found absolutely nothing but plankton and fish life." Dr. D said angrily.

"But what about the fishermen-

"Fishermen around the globe have been telling mermaid stories for centuries. I highly doubt that they've really seen mermaids on foggy days but merely manatees, dolphins or even swimmers. Mermaids do not exist. They are and will always be fantasy creatures." Dr. D explained.

"Well I guess that's it. Thank you Dr. Deep. We heard that you were the best so that's why we came to you in the first place." Showalter said.

"Thank you. I hope you'll take my advise and drop you're hunt for mermaids." Dr. D said.

"It looks like we will. Thanks anyway Dr. Deep" Wickman said. And the two officials climbed into the boat and sped off.

When they were out of sight, all four of us ran over to Dr. D.

"Nice one dude!" I said.

"You're the greatest!" Sheena said.

"Well everyone. After this little adventure let's promise that no one outside of this will ever mention the word mermaid ever again. Agreed?" he asked.

"AGREED!" We shouted. All of a sudden I started feeling dizzy, weak sort of. Everything started moving in slow motion kind of. Then Billy, Cam, Sheena and Dr. D and The boat all disappeared and I was back in my bedroom. I looked at my feet and saw the book and opened it. It said the following:

Congratulations. You are one step closer to fulfilling you're destiny laid out before you. Two year from this day, you will return to this world to combat an even greater evil. Be warned: you may not be so lucky this time…

What is it talking about? What do they mean by "greater evil"? I guess this is one nightmare I won't be waking up from any time soon.

The Nightmares just begun…


Well how about that? Hello everyone my name is Dan007 and I sincerely thank you for reading this FanFic. I'm now currently working on the sequel so stay tuned and I will see you then.