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Warning lots of flash forwarding in this scene 'cause I suck at describing something being built when I don't know their proper names.

Charlie's POV

"Every house can do with a little remodeling", I said whistling as I grunted from strain. I pulled my arms back before swinging. A lot clink hit my ear and a crunch; I grinned laughing swinging again.

"Okay you're getting too much enjoyment with the toys; back off…not intended for children", I pouted as he yanked the sledge hammer from my hand swinging again at the cement. The wall crumbled away finally giving way as he brushed sweat from his hand.

"Dad does best", he said in a cocky voice grinning.

"Hey, I softened it up", I said glaring at him from over my safety glasses. He lifted up a jack hammer walking up the steps. "Where do you get all this stuff", I cried out throwing my hands up in the air.

"Don't lift with your back", I scolded him before grunting loudly lifting up the large coil with him from the huge brown box.

"Stop talking", he groaned and I chuckled as we carried it along.

I wiped sweat from my forehead as I continued to twist the wrench tightening the large bolt of the particle accelerator.

"How many Starks does is take to make a particle accelerator", I joked grunting as I tightened the bolt as tight as I could.

"Depends on what materials we have", he answered me walking past me with a large wrench on his shoulder.

"I heard you broke the perimeter", I looked up from the balance I was staring at. I waved at Coulson which he returned with a nod walking toward Tony.

"Uh yeah, that was like three years ago; where have you been", he retorted walking over as I continued to stare at the balance with a glare. These stupid coils wouldn't balance out.

"I was doing some stuff", he said cryptically patting me on my back as he passed my bent over form.

"Yeah, me too; and it worked", he bragged.

"Us too", I corrected him with a point of my finger. He rolled his eyes waving his hand at me.

"Hey I'm playing for the home team Coulson", he informed him.

"IT WON'T BALANCE", I called out frustrated as I tried to adjust the heavy coil. Tony stared at it a minute turning around.

"How'd you get this", I looked up stiffening as I stared at the familiar shield. I had seen it enough per Coulson's strange gay obsession.

"What's this doing here", he asked his eyes meeting mine and I shrugged.

"That's it", my eyes shot to Tony wondering if he knew what that was. "That's perfect, give it here", he yanked the shield from Coulson's grip. "You two lift", my eyes met Coulson's and we shrugged lifting the coil slowly. I grunted from the strain on my already tired muscles.

"Go, go", he urged us impatiently making me glare at him. "Okay, drop it", we both let out it balancing on the shield. I set the balance down and I grinned at the little ball perfectly between the two lines.

"Perfect level", I said patting Coulson on the shoulder happily. Coulson was staring at Tony who raised an eyebrow.

"What", Tony asked looking at him strangely

"Nothing…goodbye; I've been reassigned", I pouted that he'd be leaving. "Director Fury wants me in New Mexico", he informed us.

"Fantastic", Tony said obviously not caring too much.

"Good luck", he told Tony shaking his hand. I leaned over hugging him tightly.

"Bye Agent Coulson", I teased him.

"Goodbye Agent Whitewolf", he said professionally but his eyes were gleaming. He turned and walked off and I smiled.

"Charlie Whitewolf…I don't know; doesn't have as good as a ring as Charlie Stark", the door closed and I turned to look at Tony.

"Well I couldn't exactly use Stark; everyone would have known who I was automatically", I told him with a shrug before taking a sip of water.

"How long have you been working for them; six months", he questioned and I chuckled.

"Five years", he blinked staring at me. "I don't know if you remember but I started to get into a lot of questionable things at thirteen Tony…Director Fury straightened me out", I explained tightening another bolt on the coil.

"So what's with you and Coulson…I mean I don't know how I feel about you dating such an old man", I grunted looking at him strangely.

"Coulson's like a dad to me", I said crinkling my nose up. "Besides…he was dating Mom when she…died", I said finding it hard to talk about her death. Tony stared at me wide eye look back at the door then I his jaw slacked. "I know surprising but Coulson's quite the sweet talker when he wants to be", I patted his shoulder going over to see if everything else along the line was also balanced.

"But, but…your mom she was…and he's" I laughed loudly happy to once see Tony Stark speechless

So there it is! I wanted to debunk those theories of her and Coulson. While I totally think Coulson's got that sexy business man/bad ass thing to him, he's not for Charlie. He's known her, her whole life and I wouldn't be feeling the whole strange I got with your mom now let me get with you thing. Either way there's still lots of sexy men that could be the possible partner of Charlene Stark; we'll just have to see who it is!