Chase always felt best at night. Sleeping with his friends, his new family, under the giant expanse of sky with its beautiful stars made him feels safe. It made him feel whole. Did Chase still miss his dad, sure, but if it turned out he was dead the leader would still have his friends. After this was all over they could live together as a family. He, Bren, Jinja, Beyal, and even Dax could be together forever.

Core-Tech's leader looked around at the sleeping faces that surrounded him. Dax was sleeping against a large boulder with Jinja's head on his lap. That would definitely cause a commotion in the morning. Beyal was lying behind Jinja. The young monk's face was buried in her back. Every once in a while Beyal would nuzzle her affectionately. It was pretty cute.

Chase turned to Bren who was sleeping right by his side. Bren was his brother. They may not be brothers by DNA or blood, but they were inseparable since they were little. They've had each other's backs even on this search for Chase's dad. Bren may be a scaredy cat, but when Chase needed Bren he'd be there.

The raven haired teen was shaken out of his thoughts, literally. Something was vibrating against him. Chase turned to see Bren shivering in his sleep. His brother twitched and yelped from tortures that Chase could not see.

"Bren," whispered Chase trying to awaken his frightened friend. The call didn't reach Bren for he was in too deep a slumber.

Chase scooted closer to Bren. The leader wrapped a strong arm around Bren and pulled him close into a tight hug. Chase cuddled Bren, whispering to him that everything was going to be ok and that he was here for him. Little by little Bren's shaking slowed and his whimpering cries ceased. Chase did not release him though. He didn't want the teen to suffer anymore tonight.

"It's ok, brother," Chase whispered. "I'm here to protect you."