Trying Hard To Remember

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At Max's & Terry's House

Max was sitting in her office and just hung up with Sharron. She explained to her that she was taking an additional two days off and to relay the message to Terry if he called. She also explained to reschedule the meeting around so she would not miss anything. Or take a chance of losing an important client. With the exception of that the company pretty much would run itself. And if anything ever came up Terry would come over and handle it. That was the benefit of working with your best friend/husband. The next call was to Bruce, she hadn't talk to him since Terry left the home. She was sure he was worried in his own Bruce kinda way. As she printed out all the information that she needed, and placed them in front of her. Max called Bruce and he answered on the second ring.


"Hi Bruce, it' Max how are you."

"Maxine, I'm well but I am quite concerned about you and Terry these days. How are you feeling I just learned that you took off two days from work."

"How could you know that already. I just made that call and I haven't even made the call to Terry yet to inform him."

"Your forgetting who your talking to."

"Oh yeah right, world's greatest detective."

"And not to mention I know everything that's going on with my companies. Even if you are the CEO of one."

"Right and about me taking two days off. That's what I wanted to talk to you about. I wanted to ask you if I could use the jet for a little trip."

"Sure, when do you need it?"

"In about two hours."

"Alright no problem, but are you alright mentally wise."

"Yes well no I miss Terry. Is he alright, how's he doing?"

"He's in a word broken. He's so lost without you that some T's got away from him the other night. And some Jokers outsmarted him."

"Oh that's not good, they are dumb as hell."

"Tell me something I don't know. I'm going to do everything I can to help you two."

"Okay Bruce what else are you not telling me."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm gonna do everything I can to help you two. In a word he's broken. Come on you don't talk like that. So what's really going on?"

"Okay he's babying me."

"Babying you?"

"Yes, he's bringing me soup and hot cocoa and muffins everyday. It's driving me insane."

"And what about tea time."

"Well I like tea time he actually got these new soft sugarless cookies with frosting. I love them."

"Hahahahaha awww Bruce that doesn't sound so bad. I think you should enjoy it, all of it. There is nothing wrong with a son loving his father."

"And I agree but I think we should draw the line somewhere. He actually tucked me in bed last night and read me a batman story."

"Hahahahaha, I think that's cute."

"Max your encouraging this."

"Aww I'm sorry when I come back I will come by and spend some time with you."


"Okay I'm faxing you the information on my trip destination."

"Okay bye."


Max hung up the phone with her father in law and Chelsea walked in.

"Hey girl what has you smiling this morning."


"Oh how is he and Terry doing."

"He's babying Bruce, you know tucking him in at night and stuff."

"Aww that's so sweet, but I'd bet daddy Wayne hates it."

"Right you are, he's not the type that's use to being not in control."

"Somehow I always knew that."

"So, do you by chance on having any plans for the day."

"Not really I was just gonna see my dad and borrow some money so I can go job hunting tomorrow."

"Well I have a small request to ask of you."

"Sure what's up Max."

"Would you like to come with me on a little investigation trip. So maybe I can find out some more details on what happened to me and Ter. To say Vegas."

"I would love to come with you Max but I don't have any more money. And there is no way I'm gonna ask you for any. The only reason I had to ask you if I could crash here, was because that was my last cab fare."

"Chels don't worry about that. And besides I got a job offer for you."

"What do you mean."

"Well it just so happened that there is a VP position available at a million dollar company. The job pays seven figures so you can get a home and car. And also buy those Gucci's you like to rock. And I know for sure the owner wouldn't screw you over. You interested."


"Well I have the contract here for your position and an advance check for twenty thousand dollars. I already looked it over and all you have to do is sign. But you can look it over yourself if you want."

"No need to I already know you got my back and the way you do business. That advance was all your idea."

Chelsea signed the contract and Max took the check out of the draw.

"Wait so what's the company?"


"Max!, I'ma kill you."

"Oh no you won't and don't worry the job is not a charity case okay. It's a real job position at the company. And I had it since I started it and I just couldn't give it to anyone. It really required someone I completely trusted. Who better than my best friend Chelsea."

"Thank you so much Max. Really I appreciate everything you've done for me."

"Hey what are friends for. You start Monday and your office is right down the hall from mine. And you can decorate it as you see fit. And you can kick up those Gucci's on your own damn vintage desk. "

Chelsea and Max hug.

"Okay girl you gonna make me cry and ruined my mascara. From the cardboard box I was picking out to the penthouse suite here come Chelsea."

"You are just too much for Gotham, you know that."

"You right but I'm here to stay anyway."

"Now there is just one more thing, pack a bag cause girl we going to Vegas and on the Wayne jet!"

"Ohh now I really get to see how yall Wayne's roll. Oh wait I don't need to pack. I'm already packed that's the benefit of being homeless for 48 hours."

"Girl your too much."

"Well in the words of Liberace honey too much of one thing is wonderful."

"I'm done I'm going to pack see you in a few."

Back At The Cave

Bruce begins investigating a second reporting of a missing woman found. Her body was discovered in a dumpster behind a motel. She was caramel and dark haired approximately weighing in at 125lbs. Brown eyed and petite she wore a ring on her ring finger on her left hand. Gotham police stated that she appeared to be strangled to death. But cause of death would not be know for sure until an autopsy was performed. Her description seemed to match that of the 30 year old woman named Sara. Whose newlywed husband reported her missing a week ago. He would be bought in to identify the body. She is now known as Jane Doe 2, as there was no identification on the body. Jane Doe 1 was found three days before. Police are reporting that there is no sure fact that the victims are connected. Although both women where found the same way in dumpsters.

Bruce took in a deep breath and began thinking. He was sure both women where indeed connected just by the way they where found. And even though there was a possibility that the perp was different in Gotham. The same crime usually meant it was the same person, all criminals had their own signature calling card. Dumpsters appeared to be this guys one. And this guy would surely strike again if both killings where only three days apart. He would keep both eyes on this case. Now was only a matter of waiting for the autopsy to be done and the victims identification to be put in the computer system for him to have more information. Bruce looked at the paperwork Max had sent him, and saw she was taking a trip to Vegas. That didn't sit well with him so he would keep eyes on her to make sure she was not in harms way. Bruce made a call.


"It's Bruce, you think you could do me a favor. It's family related."

"Sure thing."

"It's my daughter in law, can you keep eye's on her at Vegas. I'm afraid she may be in danger. And there is nothing I can do from here."

"No problem just let me know when to make the trip."

"In two hours. Make sure your not seen."


"And this is between you and I. No one not even Terry can know."

"Not a problem."

Back At Terry's & Max's House

Max had put her bag in the hallway of her office and went to her desk. Chelsea came up stairs and grabbed the bag to take it downstairs with her own. Max starred at the information about Vegas. The article was driving her crazy because she didn't know what she would find out. Just the words under the influence was scary. Her and Terry could have been poison with anything. One thing she was sure about was her gut feeling. Which was telling her that there was much more to the story than they knew. The flashbacks alone confirmed that, but what where they telling her. Was it Terry in the suite, or did she even see the suite at all. Would Terry even bring the suite, if they where going away together to celebrate their birthday's. Then it hit her something she forgot to even think of. Terry was planning that trip to Vegas before she knew. And he wouldn't bring the suite, if they where leaving Gotham to have a good time. And wasn't the something wrong with the suite in the first place. Max then remembered that the night before the trip. Terry had a rendezvous with Mad Stan, who damage the suite. Terry came by for her to clean his womb on his chest where the red bat symbol was. The whole circuit system was damaged. The suite was left with Bruce. Max picked up the phone and called Bruce.


"Bruce, the night before we left to go to Vegas. Do you remember it?"


"Did the suite get damage, and did Terry leave it with you."


Max immediately felt her head throb with a sharp pain. Closing her eyes and putting her hand to her head, she held on to it.

"Please tell me what happened."

"He was with Mad Stan that night, who blew up the entire circuit system. That took me three days to repair."

Max head throb more sharply as Bruce said the words. An image of someone in a bat like suite hovered over her. A red bat like symbol was on the chest. The face was covered and what appeared to resemble the cowl had no bat like ears. Then the image of the person held a needle up. Now as Bruce spoke the flashbacks where coming again. Faster and with pain as they flashed through her mind. Until suddenly Max banged the phone down on her desk. Bruce stop talking and listened for a second. He called out her named and the images stop. Chelsea was putting the bags in the hallway and her cell ringed. She answered and was happy. Unknowing what occurred upstairs she kept talking and told the person she was fine. Max put the phone back to her ear and said she was fine. That she only dropped the phone off the desk by mistake. She told Bruce thank you and that she would call him when she was on the jet. Back downstairs there was a knock on the door. Chelsea answer and hugged and let the the visitor in. Max knew now that not only was she raped, but drugged as well. And that Terry suite was with Bruce so it couldn't have been in Vegas with them. Taking a deep breath Max got up and heard Chelsea talking and walked downstairs. Asking who was she talking to before looking down to see Terry standing at the bottom of the double staircases. Shocked Max looked at Terry and wasn't sure if she was ready to see him yet. He looked as sexy as she could ever remember, head to toe. Dressed in black Jordan sneakers, dark blue jeans, a brown leather jacket. With an icy blue t-shirt to match his eyes, she could tell he been off work for a least an hour. She could smell him as she came down the stairs one step at a time. Honey suckle vanilla body wash danced off of him, and up her nose. And then she saw Terry checking out the luggage bags, he asked.

"Hey Max."

"Hey Terry, what brings you over here?"

"I live here, but I came to see how you are doing. You called out of work for the next two days. I was concerned, it's not like you to take off work. I usually have to force you."

Max looked down as Chelsea looked at Terry. Chelsea started to leave and Terry stopped her.

"Sorry bad choice of words. Chelsea please don't leave I don't want Max to feel uncomfortable around me"

"It's alright, it's not your fault what's going on right now."

"No it is, some of it at least. Max you gotta know that whatever is happening between us. I would never intentionally hurt you in any way. Something is happening in your mind that for whatever reason your body is fighting to remember more than mine. I'm just begging that whatever you may think of me or want to think of me. Just please Max don't think I would ever rape you."

Terry caressed Max's face and Chelsea smiled big and Max's mind did it again. Suddenly a flashed back hit her so hard she screamed out in pain and her feet gave out. Terry caught her and picked her up and put her on the couch. Max screamed again as Terry rubbed her head and Chelsea went to get a hot compressed to put on her head. Terry told Chelsea to stay with her because he had to call 911. Terry ran up the stairs so he could see Max as he was calling Bruce. Max said to Chelsea that she wasn't raped by Terry, it was someone else and they where drugged. Chelsea held Max's head and tried to help her best friend, as she called 911. Terry called Bruce and told him Max was having the head pain again but he was sure this time it was worse.

"Bring her to the manor now."

"Okay dad."

"TERRY!, Max's isn't breathing."

Terry jumped over the bannister and Chelsea eyes almost fell out of their sockets. Terry really was batman, because that jumped would have paralyzed any other man. Terry placed Max on the floor and performed CPR on Max and Chelsea went to answer the door. The paramedics had arrived to take Max to the hospital. After rushing her to Gotham hospital with Chelsea driving Terry's car behind. Terry and Chelsea had to wait in the waiting room while they worked on Max immediately. Terry called Bruce and told them they where at Gotham Hospital and he would call back with an updated. Terry hung up the phone and turned to look at Chelsea and said "how did the ambulance come so fast I was still on the phone."

"I had called them and said Bruce Wayne daughter in law was not breathing. I was right that name has all kinds of power. Because I knew you where on a different type of call."

Terry looked at Chelsea stunned and confused.

"You know."

"I've always known, but Max confirmed it last night. And besides anyone that could make that jump and live could only be you know who."


"Don't worry I won't say anything. Besides you guys are stuck with me now that I am the new VP at WayneGibson starting monday."

"Max gave you the job."

Then a doctor came out and said to Terry and Chelsea that he had some news about Max's condition.

"Mr. Wayne I am Dr. Daniels and your wife is in a coma and seems to have developed a massive blood clot in her brain causing brain trauma. We need to remove it if she is to have a chance to live. But your consent is needed due to a high risk of her not making it. But you must decide now as the surgery is an emergency."

"I don't understand how could this have happened, my wife has always been very healthy"

"We are trying to figure that out now, so we are running some tests. We are doing everything that we can but you must understand that there is a possibility we may be too late if we don't act swiftly. Time is everything and it's not on our side."

"And if she doesn't have the surgery?"

"She will die."

"Okay do it."

"Okay Mr. Wayne if you would please sign this permission slip."

Terry signs the permission form and sinks in the chair as Dr. Daniels leaves. Tears roll down his face and he can't believe the news he has just been given. Chelsea sits next to him and says

"Um hum, listen Ter while you where on the phone Max said to me that she remembered that she was drugged. She saw a needle in one of her flashbacks. And it wasn't you who raped her."

"Chelsea where where the two of you going."

"To Vegas we did some digging on the internet to find out some more information on what happened to you guys there."

"And what did you find out?"

"There was this article that said that you guys where under the influence while there and ended up in the Vegas Mary Memorial Hospital. But the hospital wouldn't say what was the reason you guys ended up there for."

Terry took out his phone and called Bruce and he answered.


"Dad Max might die and I don't know what to do I need your help."

"Okay Terry clam down and tell me what happened."

"The doctor said that she has this big ass blood clot in her brain causing brain trauma. And if they don't remove it now she will die. She's in a coma right now and I haven't even seen her yet."

"Who is the doctor?"

"Dr. Daniels"

"Okay Terry I want you to try and clam down. He is the best brain specialist in the world, he will take care of Max. I'm coming down there."

"No, wait I want you to check out something. Max was looking into what happened with us in Vegas. And there was a newspaper article that said we were under the influence. And ended up in the hospital with unknown causes. Max said that she remember seeing a needle and being drugged."

"I will look into it right now."

Okay call me back cause they saying I can see her now before she has the surgery."


Dr .Daniels escorts Terry and Chelsea in to see Max before her surgery. And while she looks beautiful still. She looks lifeless not moving except for breathing. Terry walks over to her on her left, and Chelsea on her right. Terry kisses her check and whispers

"You gotta fight, you hear me Max. With everything in you fight because there is no me in this world without you. Gotham can wait, I'll be here when you wake up I promise. I'll be a better husband, I just need you to wake up. Don't you leave me now. We just started, it's only been four months. We haven't even talked about a family yet. Your the only daughter Bruce knows. And what about Matt and my mom. And whose gonna sneak Ace those biscuits when Bruce's not looking. I love you."

"I'm here too Max and I love you."

Dr. Daniels came in with the other doctors and they wheeled Max away. Chelsea and Terry comforted each other in a hug as they watched.

Back At The Cave

Bruce made a phone call.


"Change of plans you're going to Vegas alone."

"What Happened."

"My daughter in law is in the hospital with brain trauma and I wanna know whose responsible for it Think you could use your skills to find out what happened to her and Terry in Vegas."

"Sure thing whatever you need Bruce. I'm on the next flight out. Let me change first."

"Thank you."


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